Fresh Floral Trends:  Incorporating Blooms into Your Spring Outfits

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Floral Trends

‘This the time for spring. It’s the time when Mother Nature comes back to life after a multi-momth slumber. So, naturally, it’s the season for flowers to pop up everywhere. Flowers are bright and uplift the spirits. So, why not capture some of that vitality and life in your wardrobe this spring? You’ll gain important insights into incorporating floral patterns into your spring outfits in this article..

Why You Need Floral Prints in Your Wardrobe This Spring

As it turns out, floral prints make for the perfect spring outfits during any season of the year for any year. Yes, they always stay in style. The reason is that they are versatile. A bright pattern of flowers and leaves on a dress does more than look nice and makes you stand out. It also excites your mind and the mind of the viewer. That puts both of you in a much better mood.

Floral patterns and prints also work well with various fabrics – from cotton to denim and mixed materials. They are super affordable as well.

How Did Floral Prints Get to Be So Popular?

A trip back in time in a time machine will give you great insights into how floral prints became so popular. It appears that the Ancient Egyptians were putting floral designs on many of their clothes, especially their spring outfits. The reason that floral fashion took off back then is that it had a religious significance.

The lotus flower, especially, was a central part of Ancient Egyptian religion since it was associated with their myth of the creation of the world.

Interestingly enough, trade across The Old Silk Road was what made floral fashion trendy in the West during the High Middle Ages. Vasco Da Gama brought colorful glazed floral patterned fabric back to Portugal in 1498. The flower patterns on clothes became trendy in Renaissance and Modern Europe.

Various Floral Print Styles

Here’s a list of floral print styles that you can use to spruce up your spring outfits this year:

  • Liberty – these consist of small, compact, loaded, and detailed floral designs. They were inspired by a British department store.
  • Paisley – many believe that they are Persian. However, the name is inspired by a town in Scotland. It consists of tear-shaped flowers that are decorated by multi-colored swirls and dots.
  • Retro – the flower children of the 1960s probably wore outfits with these floral designs. They were also stylish in the 1960s and 1970s. They consist of densely packed, multi-colored, and muted geometric flower designs and patterns.
  • Baroque – people wore these during the Baroque period of the 1700s. They have complex and geometric floral designs that contrast each other with complementary colors.
  • Calico – these come from a town called Calicut in India. They have small and delicate brightly colored floral designs.
  • Vintage – you know an outfit has this floral pattern when you see flower patterns and designs with irregular shapes on it. The patterns are often complex. When combined, they represent the delicateness of a woman.
  • Acanthus – these floral shapes are inspired by the Acanthus plant that’s native to the Mediterranean. The flowers are often round.
  • Arabesque – the flower designs and patterns are inspired by Middle Eastern flowers and designs.
  • Ditsy – these bright-colored flowers get you ready for spring.

How You Successfully Pull off the Floral Look

Here are some pointers if you’re eager to break out the floral fashion spirit in your wardrobe this spring.

  • If you’re going to wear a floral dress, the trick is to go all out and go bold. If you’re going to be dressing up a bit for the office, wear flower-inspired spring office outfits with more neutral tones since the office has traditionally been more conservative.

    While you’re at it, don’t go overboard with the size of the floral designs on your outfits. Remember the Goldilocks rule and choose flower prints that are of medium size. The last thing you want to do is make a bold fashion statement at your office.

    The same dress will work when you’re not in the office. But remember to dress it up a bit with flat and bright shoes and a tassel bag. All of that will work wonders when attracting people’s attention to yourself this Spring.

    It’s not wise to wear too long of a dress when the temperature rises. For best results, opt for a knee-length floral dress.
  • Flower tops – if ever there was a spring outfit that said ‘flower power’ it would be the floral top. You will find that a fancy floral top will work wonders when dressing up a nice floral dress or embellishing a flower-designed skirt.

    If you want to go bold, then large and brightly colored flowers rule. However, if you want to be more modest, then a dress with smaller flowers is enough. If you’re going to be wearing a flower top with a skirt, consider the type of skirt you plan on wearing. You can wear a sleeveless floral top with a single and bright-colored skirt.
  • Flower skirts – you can buy or find many different kinds of floral skirts, either in the thrift store or in your closet. Have an open mind since there is no such thing as the ‘standard’ flower skirt.

    You can wear a mini, midi, or maxi-length skirt with confidence this spring. If you’re petite, a mini or midi floral skirt should work wonders. You may need a maxi-length skirt if you have a larger size though. If you’re going to wear big and bold flowers on your spring outfit, make sure that there’s enough spacing between them

    You can wear smaller flowers, just make sure that they are darker in color.

    Believe it or not, you can actually pull off the casual look with a nice flower skirt. Just wear a plain and simple white top and white sneakers with it.
  • Flower pants – you can wear these as part of your spring outfit ensemble this year. Remember to pair these with simple shirts, shoes, and
  • Floral accessories – these will work with any floral outfit this spring. Just make sure to keep them simple.


Flowers are bold and bright. That’s why floral patterns in clothing will never go out of style, especially not in spring outfits. You can wear them with confidence this spring season now that you have more insights into them.

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