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Top 10 Outfits In Korean Fashion

We have reached an era, where Korean fashion culture has taken over the entire world. Ever since the music band BTS got popular, people have wanted to know more about the culture. It began with a small korean fashion band of seven, and today, people cannot tear themselves away from korean shows, music and even Korean Fashion. As time keeps going on Korean Skincare is taking over faster than ever.

Today in this blog, we will keenly observe Korean Fashion and trends. If you are someone who wants to get started with Korean fashion. You are at the right place!. This blog will wrap up everything you need to know about Korean fashion.

korean fashion

The Traditional Korean Fashion Outfit

The ethnicity of a place has a lot of relevance. More times than we realize,clothes represent so much. A bold lipstick shade goes way beyond its color. A bold lipstick very often has stood for confidence and power. History has witnessed women coming out to march for their rights wearing bold lipsticks.

Just like that all ethnicities have a way to claim their stories through clothes. In Korea, the traditional outfit is known as a Hanbok. Hanbok is a very colorful outfit. Even if

Apart from the cuts and stitches, the hanbok also comes in various beautiful colors these days. As the entire world is now into Korean Fashion culture, they have also tried to immortalize their traditions. As a result of which their govt and other bodies reduced the ticket prices to certain site seeing places, if worn a hanbok. While many people sport hanboks for cultural diversity, many others continue to wear what they like to these places.

women don’t wear it on a daily basis, they definitely wear it for special occasions.

The Colors

If you are a fan of “To All The Boys”, you might have come across the hanbok on one of those movies. The Hanbok is generally a two piece clothing. It consists of two pieces of clothing. The upper half is called a jeogori and the skirt. Nowadays, people don’t usually stick to the colors and what they depict. But, there was a time when Hanboks used to be a symbol of the marital status of a woman.

Small girls used to wear a yellow jeogori, with colorful stripes on the arms and a scarlet colored skirt for their birthdays. Similar to young girls, newly wed women used to wear green jeogori over scarlet colored skirts. For a woman who has been married for quite awhile now, they used to wear an Indigo skirt and jade green jeogori.

However, just like everywhere else, trends changed in the Hanbok as well. As time progressed they were made more comfortable. They are made in a manner, so that women can adorn it on a daily basis without any discomfort.

Apart from the cuts and stitches, the hanbok also comes in various beautiful colors these days. As the entire world is now into Korean Fashion culture, they have also tried to immortalize their traditions. As a result of which their govt and other bodies reduced the ticket prices to certain site seeing places, if worn a hanbok. While many people sport hanboks for cultural diversity, many others continue to wear what they like to these places.

Other countries and people also keep adding alterations to a Hanbok, which traditionalists refuse to recognise as a hanbok.

images 7

Korean Skincare

When it comes to fashion, skin, weight, body type, height and many more parameters start becoming really important. With the onset of the pandemic, another thing that got very trending is taking out time for yourself. Indulging in self care and self love became trends. So, all around the globe there are various steps and rituals when it comes to skincare. The one skincare routine that got really popular in Korean Fashion Skincare.

These routines are sometimes ten or even fourteen steps long. However, it might carry a lot of joy for a lot of people. But, the things about these steps might make you feel like you are repeating some processes a lot of times. It also becomes a lot more money and time consuming.

So, the first step to a Korean Fashion skincare routine is an oil-based cleanser, cleansers are more essential because they help in taking off the makeup and the dirt or dust that might have settled on your face with the course of the day. Like we mentioned earlier, some steps might be repetitive. So, the second step is cleansing again. The second one however, is not an oil based instead a foaming skin cleanser. Double cleansing is quite a good way to ensure that no residents are left behind.

Now, step three is exfoliating. There are various kinds of skincare products. They are essentially of two types: physical and chemical. Physical exfoliants have to be rubbed by you for a good 2-3 minutes for exfoliation, while chemical defoliants can be left alone for a good five minutes. Physical exfoliants can leave micro tears on your skin so chemical exfoliants are more preferable. So, pick a gentle exfoliator for daily use.

Step four is using a toner. Toning is essentially for hydrating the skin and also to balance your skin’s PH. Step five is essence, essence is a new thing nowadays. Essence is the next best thing. It heals and calms your skin. Essences are high in moisturizing components and also help to speed up cell turnover.

Step six is a serum. Serums are tiny magic portions. Different serums provide different benefits. You can explore the market and find out what suits your skin the best. You have to do a thorough research because some serums can be disastrous paired up, while others can be great pairs. So, you have to do some research before reaching out for serums.

Step seven is a sheet mask. Heat masks are drenched in serum and rich with vitamins and minerals that are good for your cheval. They’re also moisturizing, leaving your skin feeling smooth and supple.

Step eight, is using an eye cream. The skin surrounding your eyes is the first to age. Eye creams are designed to target wrinkles, dark circles, and crow’s feet around the eyes. They moisturize and soothe the skin around your eyes.

Step nine and ten are moisturizing and the most important SPF. SPF is something you can never afford to forget. It not only saves you from sun burns it also prevents skin cancer. Moisturizing your skin twice a day ensures it stays young.

Now, let’s look at the various trends in dresses.

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Oversized T-shirts and Shirts :-

Oversized t-shirts and shirts are liked by a lot of people in Korea. They are very comfortable to wear. Other than that, the weather in Korea is cold a lot of the time. So, baggy clothes are preferred by a lot of people.

Not only are baggy clothes a trend, they also carry it quite nicely.

Beige Colors

Korean Fashion people usually like to follow trends that are not very upbeat or flashy. Beige clothes are a safe bet under such cases. They look very fashionable and can be worn to multiple places. Beige shirts with striped skirts look great. So, you can opt for shades like beige or brown, all kinds of neutral tones are a thumbs up.

Trench Coats

As the weather starts to transition from spring to winterish, the trench coats can be seen making their way out. A lot of people might associate the trench coat with European fashion, but Korean Fashion people also increasingly sport the trench coat. They not only sport it, but also carry it quite well. People of all age groups can be seen wearing trench coats, in the winters and spring.

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Layering Up

Layering up clothes is another very popular trend amongst Korean Fashion.e They love wearing beige sweaters or a beige long dress over a white shirt.

It adds to the effect. It also looks very cute. Layering up is also a good way to ensure that you are not cold. So, it is fashionable as well as comfortable at the same time.


The winters in Korea can be pretty harsh, the temperature drops to as low as minus ten degrees. So, padding jackets are quite common amongst the people of Korea again. There are various kinds of padded jackets you can opt for. There are short padding jackets and long padding jackets as well.

Other than that, a lot of girls are still seen wearing short skirts under these padded jackets. Afterall fashion can mean different things to different people. Some People look at comfort as fashion, while others prefer looking good over comfort. We cannot really say which one is right.

Casual Wears

A lot of you might love wearing bold colors like green, blue, red, yellow and many more. However, Koreans have four colors that they love sticking to, these are beige, black, white and ivory. Like we have mentioned earlier, they don’t have very upbeat or flashy fashion trends. They prefer keeping it simple.

They like pairing up pastel colors with pastel colors. You can pair up beige with white or blackor even vice versa. After all, you don’t need bright colors to look good. Fashion has a lot to do with how you carry what you wear.

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They love to add volume to their clothes by accessorizing it. Hands full of rings is a common sight. Most men can be seen wearing earrings as well. So, even if their clothes are dull colors, the accessories make up for it.

You can add accessories to your fashion, if you wish to aim for a similar look.

Long Floral Dresses

Women can also be seen wearing long floral dresses in Korea. The dress goes beyond their knees, until the ankles. It has a V-neck and sometimes puffy sleeves. It looks very simple yet stylish. This one is also seen a lot.


Other than all the trends and fashion followed by Korean Fashion , that we have mentioned. People also start following looks or styles inspired by k-pop stars or movie actors. So what a popular show character is seen wearing can be seen on the streets as well. We hope you had a good time reading this blog and got all the information on Korean Fashion, that you were looking for.

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A dive into the exquisite 90s Fashion

90s Fashion

The Immortal Fashion Wave

The 90s Fashion style is evergreen. As we keep moving with time, we get a sneak peek of someone sporting that ultimately belongs to the 90s Fashion . For a Fashion novice, it might not all be very clear. After all, what is “90s Fashion”? This blog is all about Fashion trends in the 80s and 90s and who was considered a Fashion nova during those times.

A tale of its Fashion! 

The 90s were a time of change in the Fashion industry. Designers were exploring new ideas, and trends were emerging. One of the most popular trends was the rise of vogue. Vogue is a type of modelling characterized by its use of exaggerated and often outrageous images.

It gained popularity in the 90s to express creativity and individuality. Vogueing is often seen as a form of self-expression and as a way to celebrate diversity. It is also seen as a way to challenge traditional ideas about beauty. The rise of vogue in the 90s was a response to the growing popularity of Fashion magazines. These magazines often featured models that were very thin and had perfect bodies.

The slaying Fashion rule

In the 80s, the Fashion world was ruled by capitalistic world leaders like Ronald Reagen and Margaret Thatcher. Under the rules of Margaret Thatcher, the UK experienced one of the biggest unemployment crises ever. The saying “Greed is Good” was infamous, and people believed in it in bulk. Even if they did not have the financial backing for themselves, they loved dreaming about and spending their time reading about and watching rich people live their lives.

Excess was needed to let the world know of your financial standing. People used to wear bright-coloured clothes and bright makeup, and their clothes used to have oversized silhouettes. The more you wear, the better. There was no such thing as more. The more you had of anything, the better. Rich, dense eyelashes with super furry headgears were more than welcome. You popularly needed an amazonian body type to sport the trends of the 80s Fashion era. 

bQOgkCnOM3sszKVYWlUAjl7I7ErbsO4RCcGvlFBBijUviyK 2YWg2qMrV8phBar0EtT4WWaBSEFNIAgvkQYDISpfQiMzqyPo70UjX0NVlmv7aXXePhWh0IpCp8Z2fuhETB3E0JgrVGaJjhOA Q

The Popular 80s Fashion Novas

Some of the most known famous Fashion novas of the 80s Fashion era were Madonna and Joan Collins. It is no surprise that Madonna’s “Material Girl” did so well during those times. It was an era where excessive Fashion trends drew a firm line between the rich and the poor. Another major popular concept of the 80s Fashion was undoing the harsh clothing practices like corsets, and so “power dressing” gained popularity amongst the working girls.

Jonna Karan was one of the most known and liked designers when it came to power dressing. Like a lot of people say, she understood the assignment. Power dressing was a concept where women wore comfortable and statement-making pants suits to work. However, they were ridiculous with shoulder pads and massive in size. 

Jonna introduced femininity to her designs of power dresses. She made them more comfortable to wear, soft, and easy to work in for women. However, this style did not make it to be one of the styles of a Fashion nova because most people were not working. It was simply not a popular choice because of a mass unemployment crisis.

The image above lacks a lot of flashy colours and quite nicely represents the early 80s Fashion trends.

Its trendsetting approach

Fast forward to the 90s Fashion century, and a lot has changed. Contrary to where greed played the centre stage for most of their lives in the 80s, the 90s was a lot more about caring and optimism. This is because Bill Clinton replaced Ronald Reagen, and Tony Blair took over Margaret Thatcher’s place. Very contrary to the previous leaders, they were very leftist in their thoughts, very young to lead nations. It was a decade of shame and regret over how much waste had been done in the previous decade.

It was all about saving the planet, saving trees, and saving animals. In the 90s Fashion, there was a lot more focus on real-life problems and real people. People still sported bright colours but overdoing it was not so in style anymore. Oversized silhouettes were only for weddings. 

The 90s Fashion were a lot more about comfort, convenience, and solving real-life issues. People took a lot more pride in being real and down to earth. The Fashion nova for the 90s Fashion was most definitely Kurt Cobain from the band Nirvana. 

Isn’t it obvious how repulsive the 90s Fashion generation was that they placed a person who is as simple as Kurt in place of Madonna? The flannel shirt was trendy during those times. Kurt made a simple thing as a flannel shirt a style statement by growing out his hair and pairing it up with ripped jeans. It was super simple, easy to recreate, and realistic.

The 90s Fashion

As mentioned before, Kurt Cobain’s flannel shirt style then became a Fashion statement. It went as far as to take over the runway Fashion shows. Models took to the runway wearing these and walking out—designers as successful and known as Marc Jacobs had an entire collection of the 1993 grunge collection. 

The grunge collection was all about flannel shirts paired with ripped jeans and high knee-length boots; perhaps even a sunglass may qualify. The ideal body required to sport this look was skinny, with bony shoulders and a clavicle ( a shallow chest), hip bones, and rib cage.

Another very popular Fashion trend during the 90s Fashion that drew inspiration from Kurt Cobain’s grunge look was the “Heroin Chic”; it was a highly Fashionable look. The models were made to look like they were up all night injecting heroin. Even though heroin was never cool, heroin chic seemed like a cool concept. 

The Fashion that went into War

Before we go ahead and look at how Fashion went ahead and had a transition in the 1970s, I am sure everyone is invested in knowing what happened to Fashion when the world underwent War. The answer is quite simple; Fashion went to War too. By War, we indeed mean the timeline between 1939-and 1945. Many people also popularly call it the 1940s. So, let’s take a look at what Fashion went through in the 1940s. 

For starters, every living being was a part of this War, perhaps in their own capacity, but you cannot say otherwise. Under such circumstances, even Fashion was at War, and it was winning throughout!. Men went on to fight these Wars, and women got behind War-related works; many even enlisted to join the military, and even more, had to put their education on hold for the time of the War.

AdN Yon Kb2sUXqigMyjwUk7gTqI Yj6UNRhXnXZtTXrKR grf5cq5vTdzw2BfDO0WV0vye7n a0QY YJN uERoSSiyuiA9WB7S BN9t1 fm7Q3AuO0vnWr3giWEips9PAUxZ204lX M1Vnnw

The Ideal look makeup-wise in the 1940s

The 1940s Vogue

The 1940s Ideal body type would be substantial, with broad shoulders, taut waistline, moulded hips and curvaceous legs. This was the perfect body type for adorning uniforms and strong attires. The Fashion nova for this would be Esther Williams, sporting the exact ideal body type during those times. Yet that was not the only Ideal Body type for the 1940s. There was one more, which was petite, cute and curvy, famously possessed by the actress Betty Grable.

The Ideal look makeup-wise would be pencil-thin eyebrows, with long fake eyelashes but only the top lid eyelashes, with a pinkish blush and red lipsticks; the hair would usually be tied up on the head.

The 40s typically had three styles; you see, those were War times, so moderations on clothing were closely monitored. Everything was taken into consideration, how much cloth you can use, how many buttons can be designated to one piece of clothing and much more. So the three typical types were 

1) Utility Clothing, this was to explain to people how much material they can utilize in their clothes 

2) Uniforms, of course, there were uniforms, those were War times, and uniforms were the most popularly worn clothing type. It was for people who enlisted in War-related work or duties or joined the military.

3) War Work Clothing, since everyone was indebted to play their parts during the War, War work clothing was also very much a need. These included overalls and head scarfs. This was primarily worn by women who showed up to factories to work, which men earlier handled.

The 1940s were all about feeling strong and being in control in the circumstances like those where everything was uncertain. As a result of these, the clothes mentioned above were trending during those times.

Another iconic look was called the rave look, which was very contrasting to the “cocaine chic,” which required a lot of black smudged makeup and a black outfit. The Rave look had a lot of colours like yellow and pink to add to it. By the end of the 1970s, all of these things had calmed down, and people had moved back to the 70s in terms of Fashion.

The Fashioning Conclusion

We believe there is nothing much to cover about 90s Fashion and the 80s Fashions, which owns bewildering and voguish energy and won’t lose their charm and adroitness no matter what. With astounding emerging styles and aesthetics in the 1990s, this time is referred to as the golden era in Fashion. 

The Wondrous Fashion Concept:

Fashion is nothing but a form of art, and no state of art truly ever expires. We see all forms of trends and clothing return from time to time, even in Fashion. It only becomes easier to break these trends down based on time so that we can increase relatability and connect it with a timeline. It also makes it convenient for us to pick which clothing era we would like to carry most of the time.

Thus, we hope our exquisite take on the 90s Fashion and 80s Fashion will help you achieve your desired Fashion statement from that era and transform yourself into a bold belle. Also, we are hoping that this blog will resolve all your queries about Fashion from the 80s and 90s Fashion .

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Top Korean Fashion Trends in 2022

Korean Fashion plays a major role in spreading the culture of a country across the globe. Due to the globalization, culture and lifestyle of one region are easily accepted by another region. The inspiring creativity in the fashion industry has left remarkable imprints in different cultures. Korean culture is also not an exception to it.

Korean fashion has also been able to break all the barriers and occupy an important place across the globe. With the increasing popularity of Korean movies and dramas, the Korean fashion industry has also been able to get the attention of people across the globe.

Korean outfits are almost loved by people of all ages. But Korean fashion has a different craze among the girls. Girls, almost in all countries prefer to include Korean fashion in their list of outfits or beauty products.

If you are also one of those girls who want to look classy by adding the touch of Korean fashion to your outfits, you must read this article.

Why is Korean Fashion Admired?

Korean people are popular for their fashion trends. They are very sensitive regarding their dressing sense. Due to rapid industrialization, Korean people started focusing on improving their lifestyle which has got reflected in their outfits. Therefore, Korean fashion is also quite popular among the people of other countries.

Due to their impressive design and high standards, Korean fashion has become the limelight in the fashion industry in the whole world. Due to the economic advancement and rapid industrialization, South Korea often claims a spotlight at the global level. As a result, Korean fashion trends have also been able to attract people of all regions.

The world’s most popular Korean music band BTS has been able to attract the youths of the whole world. Since they have built a splendid fandom across the globe, Korean fashion trends have also become tremendously popular. Besides BTS, popular Korean movies, Korean drama and web series have also contributed a lot to the fashion trends at the global level.

Korean Fashion Trends: Girls Should Give a Thought

Your dress reflects your personality. Therefore you would also prefer to wear such an outfit that gives you a unique flair as well as a modern look. Girls are crazy for Korean fashion trends that can give them a perfect look. Most Korean dresses are comfortable as well as stylish which is one of the reasons for increasing popularity amongst girls.

If you really want to fall head over heels for your look after seeing yourself in the mirror, you should not miss trying the following trends:

  • Floral Patterns
Korean Fashion

Korean girls are often seen wearing their skirts having exquisite floral patterns that please the eyes of anyone. The colourful prints of floral patterns add an amazing style to the outfits. It is one of the most popular Korean fashion trends among girls. A black skirt has a colourful floral pattern with a white cardigan top that will never compromise in giving you a flabbergasting look.

  • Cropped Tops and Knee-length Skirt

If you want to see others clutch their pearls at your amazing look, you should not ignore this trendy outfit. Crop tops pairing with a knee-length skirt can give you an unparalleled look. It can be a perfect outfit whether you want it at a party or clad in as a casual outfit.

  • Floral Cocktail Frock

This can be an awesome outfit to attend any kind of plush party. Without getting glammed up with heavy embellishments, these floral frocks can give you a complete look. Whether you are with friends or family members this outfit is the best suited for every occasion that will never hesitate to give you an eye-pleasing look.

  • Shorts and Striped top

This outfit is quite common in Korean movies or web series. You can clad yourself in shorts paired with striped tops for a simple outing with friends. This outfit is the perfect choice for those who prefer to look more casual. It can also be a perfect dress if you travel to the beach and want to enjoy the powerful touch of sea waves.   

  • Oversized Sweater and Pleated Skirt

This is one of the trendy fashions applied during winter. When you go out in the winter evening an oversized sweater with a pleated skirt can be the perfect match to make your evening more colourful and warm. It can be a good choice for people of all body shapes. Since it will hide actual body shape, it can be the perfect choice for both skinny and obsessed people.

  • Ruffled Skirt

A ruffled skirt is an outfit you must-try being a girl. Besides giving you an astounding look it will also provide you with a great feeling of comfort. You can always wear these both at a party or while going for an outing with your friends. A ruffled black mini skirt paired with a blazer is always ready to make others envious of your look.

  • Distresses Jeans
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Distressed jeans can also be considered an important part of trendy Korean fashion which is quite popular amongst girls. This outfit is ready for any events you have to attend. But this mostly falls under the casual outfit. Denim jeans have to undergo many processes while doing distress. These processes include stone wash, acid wash and so on. Therefore mildly distressed denim jeans are also available in the market as they are prepared by using different processes. 

Mildly distressed denim jeans can also be perfect for you. It’s up to you whether you want mildly distressed denim jeans or not.

  • Shirt Dress

By donning this outfit you will look trendy as it is quite popular amongst Korean actresses. It is one of the most popular summer fashions amongst girls. But unlike western fashion, shirt dress in South Korea does not put much effort into showing their cleavage.

Therefore, Korean shirt dresses are often found in such a design that does not reveal body parts, especially shoulders and cleavage.

  • Dungaree Skirt

A dungaree skirt presents a perfect look with an oversized striped tee. You don’t need to worry much when you have to choose a casual dress if you have a dungaree skirt and an oversized striped tee. A knee-length dungaree skirt is also available in the market. But if you wear knee-length then you should pair it with a T-shirt covering the shoulder.

  • Royal Blue Cocktail Gown

If you want to look like a princess at the wedding of your best friend or someone special, a royal blue cocktail gown is the perfect fit for you. Choose this dress to grace the special occasion and to get an eye-pleasing look.

2000s Fashion Trends that were popular in Korea

There are many fashion trends that have made their way back which were once popular in Korea in early 2000. These trends continue to get constant approval and are still popular amongst girls. Some of these 2000s fashion trends are: 

  • Kang Kang Skirts

These skirts are still popular and are donned by girls across the globe. The Kang Kang skirt is suitable with any top. It will give an amazing look which can be another great casual outfit. Whether you go shopping or attend a friendly gathering, Kang Kang shirts will never leave you in regret.   

  • Jelly Shoes

Earlier this was particularly for kids. But after their increasing popularity, jelly shoes have also been manufactured for girls as well. Now jelly shoes are quite popular amongst girls. These shoes can be a perfect fit with almost any dress. But it looks awesome while wearing these shoes along with skirts.

  • Ties and Vests

Ties and vests were quite popular in the 2000s fashion industry in Korea. These fashion trends have come back again when some girls want to look like stylish school girls. Many school-going girls have made this trend popular again.

What is not accepted in Korean Fashion

There are some restrictions on Korean fashion trends. This is because of their deeply rooted conservatism in their culture or cultural taboos. Dress and culture are two sides of one coin.

Therefore it has been always an endeavour made by Korean people to keep their culture intact with the help of maintaining a fashion trend that is in compliance with the Korean culture and tradition.

Unlike western culture, some types of dresses are not allowed in Korean culture. Let’s see those fashion trends that are not allowed in Korean culture:

  • Revealing Shoulders

Korean dresses that reveal shoulders are rarely found in the market. Although some Korean clothes are found to be revealing one shoulder in modern times, it is barely found to reveal both shoulders. Therefore women in Korea get away with those attires that show shoulders.

  • Backless Clothing
uiEq7yG69JdbK948rvD adUQYqBbJCs

You will hardly find any dress that reveals the backside of the body. It is not allowed in Korean culture as well to show the backside of a woman’s body. Therefore most of the dresses are found covering the backside of the body.

  • Showing Cleavage

Although it is acceptable in western fashion, there is a restriction in wearing dresses that show cleavage in Korea. With the changing of time, some dresses are found in Korea that reveals cleavage. But women become careful while wearing these dresses.    

  • Bikini Swimwear

In Korean culture, women do not wear bikinis. Since Korean women are restricted from showing their upper body parts, wearing bikinis is not encouraged at all. Therefore shorts as swimwear are common among Korean women.

  • Leggings as Bottoms

In Korean culture, women do not wear leggings without bottoms. Women use leggings to wear under their other short dresses like shorts, shirt dresses etc.

Why is Korean Fashion Trends Unique?

Korean fashion trends have claimed to be unique in many ways. Because these fashion trends are different from the fashion trends of the rest of the world. If you go through the following points, you will be able to know why Korean fashion trend differs from others.     

  • Oversized Clothes

Oversized dresses are quite common among Korean women. Korean women use these clothing trends as casual outfits. Whether it be a sweater dress or coats or pants Korean women like to wear them in oversized form.

Many women also prefer to wear oversized attire with tight outfits like a loose shirt dress with skinny jeans. These oversized dresses are comfortable besides giving a stunning look.     

  • Cover Shoulders and Chest

A deep-rooted conservatism often gets reflected in the attire of Korean women. Women in Korea are generally not allowed to don such attire that reveals shoulders and chest. Korean culture always inspires women to look pure and want them to reflect moral values in their personality. Women in Korean culture are never expected to be taken a dim view of their personality.

Therefore, Korean fashion does not approve of dresses that show cleavage, shoulders and backside of the body of a woman.     

  • Reveal Legs

Although Korean culture is against revealing upper body parts, there is no restriction in showing the legs of women in Korea. You will find many dresses like mini skirts, shorts that allow your legs to reveal. But you will hardly find a dress that allows revealing your upper body parts.

Therefore it can be said to be a unique trend that may be hardly found in any other country’s fashion trends. Although women in Korea wear outfits that reveal their legs, most of the time they wear undershorts.

The Final Thought

Despite many cultural taboos prevalent in Korean culture regarding the outfits of women, still Korean fashion is evolving only because of increasing popularity. Korean fashion trends are highly appreciated and accepted across the globe due to their classy look and creative design. Another reason for admiring the Korean fashion trends is that most Korean outfits are comfortable. Women feel comfortable by wearing these fashionable and stylish outfits that also gives a trendy look.

If you also want to attract people with your charming look, you may try any of the Korean outfits that you feel will suit you.

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Prime Style Slay: Dresses for mature women

In this article, we are going to share dresses for mature women. Read the article till last to get a clear vision.

Dressing up or choosing an outfit is a celebration of one’s self irrespective of any age, any sex, or anything for that matter. But importantly, selecting the right dress is the right way to be worth a million bucks. Let us put it right in here and now- “You dress in an outfit that you absolutely desire. Nobody can take that away from you if your confidence is shooting through the sky with the way you look”.

Also, dresses for women over 45 shouldn’t have a tag on them with outrageous restrictions, because age is just a number. Let your mind be young and you automatically look and feel the same too.

Dresses for mature women: Thinking a deep thought???

It should be noted with a special sense that all of the below suggestions are for reference and

dresses for mature women

inspiration. We always will encourage you to wear what makes you happy and self-confident. Style yourself like a diva. Clearly, that will give you the upper hand. Going on, along with staying relevant in trend, special occasion dresses for older ladies carry a special flare.

  • In particular, your attires should show out their strong points and splendor supporting the personality of the wearer.
  • Furthermore, your individuality should aptly blend into the dress you wear not the other way around
  • In addition to this, your body shape should be flattered not boxed-out.

The knowhow of Dos and Don’ts: Dresses for mature women

We are more than content to help you put together a fashionable wardrobe regal like a queen yet free-spirited like a free butterfly. Let us look at some points of interest that you should stay clear of while

Prime Style Slay 2 1

choosing dresses for women over-45. Also, let’s make it a point to know how to wear your attire with grace after you reach your golden age getting the badge of a mature woman.

  • Do It Right…
  • Go for fabrics that make your skin happy. Some of them might be a tad bit expensive but make a good impression. Also they help your skin breath.
  • Style it right. Make sure your whole outfit gives a sensible chic look not a mismatched stance.
  • Make sure you know your own style stance. Dress in a mode that makes others say that’s the original her in a positive light. Collect basic wardrobe essentials.
  • They might not be of your everyday use but comes in handy when in a sudden need for dresses for mature women.
  • Be brave enough going the mix and match route.
  • Style yourself with an effortless poise mixing designer items and non designer good to bring out a rustic charm. Casual summer dresses for older ladies is one such option to create your own twist.
  • Nail your everyday closet items with ease. Make sure they are comfortable, long lasting and of a great quality.
  • Experiment with statement accessories and stylish footwear. Interestingly, these two staples can make or break your whole look.
Prime Style Slay 3 1
  • The Don’ts points…
  • Do not we mean do not go for attires those are too clingy or tight. This makes you look too desperate in an attempt to look younger
  • Clearly avoid being too much of a matching statement. Be it either a print or the colour or any pattern; make sure your whole outfit doesn’t look too matched up like a uniform.
  • Without a doubt please steer away from items that don’t fit you with ease. They might be the most fashionable or the trendiest, but if it doesn’t fit move it away.
  • Last but not the least; make sure your shape wear is of a good quality. This helps in eliminating your bulge and lumps related with growing age.
Prime Style Slay 4 1

Our choices: Celebrating dresses for women over 45

These choices are mainly for women over the age of 45. While we give our picks here, let us not forget the fact that these ones can be worn irrespective of age. Wear something that celebrates the original you and makes your confidence go up and higher. Also make sure that the dress you choose flatters your shape, not drowns you in it.

  • The classic denim and top

Who can deny the charm of this classic mix? This has the right stamp for splendor among the dresses for mature women. A fine blue/black denim-trouser in the right-fit paired with a cream/pearl/white top or a plaid shirt does the right classic-classy-trick.

Prime Style Slay 6 1
  • A sensational Shift dress

An epitome of a dress for comfort and ease, the shift design is a must-have essential for women over 45. Wear it as a dress or couple it with faux-leather/denim tights as a long loose top, it is comfortable, always in trend, and is a fancy piece of trustable clothing. Without a doubt, this design gives you one of the most casual vibes but can step up the game when worn with sparkles for accessories.

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  • Hug your curves in a fit and flare

One of the most popular styles for celebratory attires (across all age groups) in dresses for mature women, the fit and flare are like a fairy godmother. This design is a huge boon for ladies with fuller figures as well as it is for others. Obviously, this design is made in a way to create an hourglass figure for the wearer. Importantly please make sure your dress is at least calf level to avoid looking too showy. At a party or an intimate celebration, a gala or a festive get-together, this design is your best friend if styled in the right way.

  • Classy Sheath all the way

This one choice is for those ladies who have a proportionate body. Class encompassed all the way among the dresses for mature women, this enhances your curves in the right places and glides your body giving a lean look illusion. Absolutely an unfussy style, this one can make your workwear look a million bucks and at the same time give you a divinity-like chimera for an after-party. An epitome of elegance, this design is a safe pick to look regal as well as bring out the lady boss in you.

  • The boho-elegance

This style never goes out of acceptance, gives you a rustic charm, and makes you look really cool. A layered/tiered midi/maxi skirt, a fine crisp white tank top, and a denim/faux leather jacket give you that right old Hollywood vibes. Charming and fine, this outfit idea vibes in right with the right cool-chic lady look being a great option for summer dresses for mature women.

Prime Style Slay 7 1

Last but not least…

Finally, in conclusion, you should be wearing your attire with grace instead of your attire wearing you down. It’s through the mature age that women mostly settle down in fashion thinking of the opinion of others. We say you don’t have to settle down forgoing your fashion dreams. Below are some tips, tricks, and picks that will help you form your wardrobe with a chicness and royal flare that others will envy you for your trend choices. Apart from this let us also state here that even though these preferences are for dresses for mature women, all these selections are aptly happily applicable for dresses for women over 35 too.

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Long overcoat for ladies: Warming it up

Taking the season’s cue

Autumn is at the door step and winter will follow very soon. In the wink of an eye, you won’t even know when you have started unpacking your warmies which had been tucked far away to the corner of the wardrobe for the season. If we look down the fashion lane, the long coats have been preferred for centuries, with their acceptability starting with the French and the English and then spreading their trendiness around the world.

woolen long coat for ladies

What are they? The Long overcoat for ladies….

 Interestingly the long overcoats made their firm mark on the world when this mode of coats became a status symbol of the rich or an iconic style depicted with the military uniforms. But as the time passed around the 17th century, overcoats became an accessible and reachable item for every social class. This led the development in terms of trends and style, making their mark especially for ladies as well as the long coat for girls.

Interesting Fact: Also, it should be noted that at some stage in the Regency era, the long coats also underwent a transformation with their forms being more fitted (added with side-bodies, cut and fitted at the waist-line with the skirt part of the coat having a flared structure etc). These changes were in norm with the trend evolution that was taking the rounds in regards to female fashion. Some of their examples are the Paletot, the frock overcoat, the pleated structured long coat etc.

Warming it up Long overcoat for ladies 2 1

The design shake-up: Ladies long coat designs and over coat for girls…

No matter what the design is, it’s the wearer that makes the piece stand out. You won’t have to spend a tonne of money to look great, just the right design and you are sorted out to sashay in your winter style. Having said that the cold-moths fashion is as much important for girls as it is for ladies.

Our Picks

Moving on, let’s now have a peek into the stylish world of long overcoat for ladies.

  • The Trench Coat

A realistic and comfort oriented design piece, the Trench coat started as a military utility and then developing into a fashion item. Now a designer feel statement, this item is considered a transitional piece where you can ease yourself with the late summer-autumn-winter part. What

Warming it up Long overcoat for ladies 3 1

is more interesting is the fact that the trench coat has attained the high-fashion staple standing considering its humble armed-forces beginning. So it’s safe to state here that if you don’t have one of these, grab a piece at the next chance you get.

  • Woolen long coat for ladies

This is a universal classic item where ever winter wear is applicable. Be it the high-fashion cashmere or your hand woven woolen long coat style, anything made from a great quality wool will always have a prime spot amongst the highest designer statement. It is of the key importance that you make sure your wool is of the finest quality, of the best make and above all is collected ethically, rest you leave it to your on the long overcoat for ladies style to pull in all the approval.

  • The classic double-breasted style

This is a structured style with great elegance and grace giving you an air of fashion supremacy. Let’s all agree to the fact that seeing a well fitted classic double breasted long over coat is an

Warming it up Long overcoat for ladies 4 1

enticing sight. Starting as a male functional piece, this one has embraced the female silhouette so finely that all major designer/couture brands can’t get their winter line without adding one of these.

  • Parka long coat

Just your right comfort companion during the cold months, the Parka style is more ease-fashion rather than high-fashion chic. Just with the right amount of faux-fur trim and a quilting feature, this is a style that makes you a fashion icon where ever you go. To the college or shopping round-the-town or just a leisurely walk, the Parka long coat is a fine ladies’ companion (as well as for others too).

  • The Chesterfield style in wool

Used as part of the layering style or worn as a stand-alone piece, the Chesterfield style has as much history attached to it as much as it is a high-fashion statement. A great unisex style this was

Warming it up Long overcoat for ladies 5 1

first blasted into prominence as a formal men’s overcoat one by the British around the 1840s. It was traditionally made with a velvet collar as a fashion element but now with the changing fashion and including the women’s style, this is an exceptionally adaptable design. Wear it to your business meeting or to a casual social affair, you make a mark with great prominence.

  • Boyfriend-overcoat style with a oversized twist

This style is a craze among the youth and others alike. Made in a vaguely outsized way, the boyfriend overcoat style gives you comfort over the restrictions of a fitted look. This style of women’s wear was made more widely reachable by Urban Outfitters, H&M, GAP etc when they began to sell pieces which made female fashion foray into a more unisex style of clothing and style. The Concept of a Boyfriend-Overcoat (or any other piece) is that you borrow a piece from your better-half/partner to wear publically cementing your relationship status as exclusive.

  • The Gilet trend with padding and long style
Warming it up Long overcoat for ladies 6 1

A style with the puffer look, this is one of the most comfortable items you can have in your long overcoat closet. Very utilitarian and trendy, the Gilet long coat is light weight adding to your comfort wear idea. Usually considered a body warmer casual style, nothing much makes it more stylish in casual elegance with this gilet trend.

A concluding reflection

This is also a fact that, if the winter coat fashion works for women, their miniature style always works for girls too. But to start with, let’s admit that 2020-2021 till now has almost been a total porridge. With the pandemic and restrictions, your wardrobe might need a overall face lift. Let’s start right with the woolen long coat for ladies as a first step, peeking into a few thoughts for a winter long coat closet change:

  • Let’s confess, we all need a new piece of winter jacket, and this season the Ladies long coat designs are a rave
  • Also, to have a polished final touch a great style with a winter coat is very useful
  • Choose your jacket bearing in mind if they are:
  • Temperate according to the climate (choose wooly, quilted, padded or warm lined ones)
  • Has the ease to be handled
  • Is handy and adaptable to your outfit
  • And above all looks good on you
  • Choose your overcoat for girls or the ladies one by:
  • Either really investing in a designer style
  • Or get a piece that your are sure will go with the trends and you can easily switch
Warming it up Long overcoat for ladies 7 1

Having said all these stuff, let’s not forget the trend-forecast for 2021: Trench Coats are at the peak. And then there are the woolens and well structured ones being your evergreen-classy choice.

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What to wear on a first date in winter: The First Date Journal

Wants to know What to wear on a first date in winter? Read the article completely.

A Wintry Date:

Year 2021 is a mix of emotions. We are getting used to the pandemic, at the same time we are living the new normal (sans the social interaction on a larger scale). Out of most of the predicaments of our new lives, socialization and relationship camaraderie has suffered a significant distancing. Also, its fashion and trend time; so let’s spice things up a bit and see first date outfits guys love as much as the girls.

The first date jitters: What to wear on a first date in winter?

Leave your online persona to the side and make it work with the first look and a warm chat. But all this

what to wear on a first date in winter

while, please make sure you keep all the pandemic safety rules by hand.

All can give you deep advice, but when you see your date for the first time in person, what can be more petrifying? Their first impression of your or your first thought on them. People say looks shouldn’t matter in the long run, but the initial thought leaves an ever lasting impression of you. So dressing up is a really great idea to make a mark on your date’s mind. But choosing your date outfit is really tricky… you will have a thousand questions running through your mind… will he/she like it? Am I over doing it? Is my outfit upto the mark? Etc. etc. etc… Interestingly, there are many of an option to get you dressed to impress and give you that aura of grabbing one of the classic classy winter dinner outfits. Also, can you really believe that even your comfy pair of denim trousers can help you nail that winter date outfit ideas bugging your mind. Whether it’s one of the first date outfits guys love or the pretty lady like date dress choice, here we discuss our favorite picks, which are

The First Date Journal 2 1
  • Easy to access
  • Unproblematic for your wallet
  • And at the same time, give you the shine of a star at ease and radiate your effortless confidence.

The solution, our tips…What to wear on a first date in winter?

Make sure that you keep your originality and don’t fake another persona of yourself. For instance, please do not tire yourself and make the effort to look a sexy siren if in originality you are a tomboyish style of girl. In the same way, don’t make yourself a subtle dude if you are a flamboyant kind. Make yourself clear and let you date decide their thought on seeing the genuine you at the first meeting itself..

Before foraying into the main outfit ideas let’s understand the concept a bit better. There are a few points that you should always keep in mind like:

The First Date Journal 3 1
  • Always keep a couple of go-grab-go outfits. It can be
  • Either a very comfortable yet presentable dress/semi-formal style attire (for casual events)
  • Or a very slinky and swanky style garb (for elegant occasions)

This way you can be prepared for a solution to the thoughts of winter dinner date outfits (guys or ladies) or the attire to go out at any time of the day with your potential match.

  • Furthermore, your aim should be to make your date remember you for your personality not the over the top outfit you have worn.
  • Also be aware that your pretty dresses/outfits for the warmer months have to be tweaked according to the winter times otherwise you will be a frozen Popsicle instead of a sizzling one.

Having said that, let’s look at a few ideas on what to wear on a casual first date female winter as well as

The First Date Journal 4 1

what to wear on a first date in winter guys.

  • The evergreen classic- Blue/Black denim and a nice fit top.

Nobody can go wrong on this combination. Also, to make it a tad bit sophisticated, pair it up with a fitted blazer, and there you are ready to be one hue blazing flame guys and gals. Best for a casual first date, match it with a good pair of shoes and a statement wrist watch, your date is going to fall flat for you

  • Leather style stance

Leather is one such item that hugs you warm during the cold months, so when in doubt on what to wear on a first date in winter, this style give you major trend goals and at the same time keeps your fashion timeless. A leather dress/skirt style for the ladies and a leather trouser/jacket form for the guys show out your inner luminary. But be sure not to go OTT.

The First Date Journal 5 1
  • An all black statement outfit

This is also a classic date outfit option irrespective of the season. In addition to this, winter, black and chic is a magical combo. So whether its your black silk slip dress or your black silk-shirt and tweed pant combo, you look right out of the runway. Add elegant minimalist accessories and you nail your heavenly look.

  • Long Sleeve vintage knitted sweater outfits

A unisex style, long or short this is a great pick for your winter dinner date moments. A knee length sweater dress/ ankle boots combo or a dapper sweater shirt/ corduroy trouser mix elevates your inner icon in great finesse.

  • Trendy detailed Cardigan or a fitted sweater garb with chunky combat style boots

Nothing beats the winter fashion when stylish trends and comfort is married. A statement

The First Date Journal 6 1

cardigan is a priced procession when it comes to your dinner date winter outfit ideas. This gives you warmth and at the same times keeps you high in the charts of choosiest fashion ideas. Chunky boots are so in that no matter what gender you belong to this is a chic great pick to pair it with your tasteful winter dinner outfits.

  • Fur chic

Fur was considered a taboo item with the ethical way of social responsibility towards animals. But don’t be saddened anymore as faux-fur is a rave especially when it comes to deciding on your first date outfits during the colder months. As a whole outfit (tamed of-course) or trimmed along your regal attire, faux-fur is an enticing fashion statement to keep it fashion trendy.

  • The tailored classic suit style

No one can ever beat the acceptability of a crisp tailored suit attire. It’s so magical and enticing with its clean cuts that you don’t have to put much effort even with dressing up. Keep it classy

The First Date Journal 7 1

and minimalist and your date is sure to call you for a second time.

The above mentioned seven outfit choices are just suggestions out of a whole load of options, but these ones are easy to grab and are present in most of your closets. Having said that, make sure your Winter date wardrobe has these items too like- Statement jewelry, A bit of sparkly make-up, Trench style coats, the Knee high boots, comfy heels (women) and dapper blucher, Oxford or Loafers (men’s). Keep all of these at hand and your are ready to sparkle your way to your matches’ heart on your first date during the winter season.

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How to dress to College- Styling the modern day normal student life…


Are you searching on how to dress to college in 2021? In this article, we are going to share everything with you.

how to dress to college

It is the argument of some that you should not care how you dress to college but rather the focus should be on the classes. But let us put it this way- dressing up and being presentable has a psychological side that many don’t realize. Looking good and feeling stylish doesn’t need a hefty price tag, but rather how you do does matter. On a drab day, you dress good or you see someone dressed well- your mood is uplifted instantly. But at the same time, your studies should also be given importance. Moreover taking the effort to dress presentably also respects the ambiance of the institution you are studying at. It brings more uniformity and positivity to the air. Whether it be the uniform of the institution you are in or the casual laid-back dress code, having a style goes a long way. Let’s see today the concept behind the thought ‘How to dress to college?’, and how symbolic is it…

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Comfort marries Easeful Style: How to dress to college?

As mentioned before, dressing up or looking good does not require a tonne of money to be spent. But rather styling them properly and laying them rightly also is classed as a positive act. Before we look at a few of the college girl dress styles and how to dress in college, male let’s see the grounds on why you should be dressed up for your classes when the actual physical college beings. We aren’t preaching that you should wake up before the break of dawn and spend an entire couple of hours getting ready to put up a show of grandeur on your college grounds, at the same time our opinion is that the thought of looking well-dressed is very important too on a social aspect. Let’s examine three main why’s (of looking chic and smart to class) bring in positivity.

Blog 7 How to dress to College 2 1

You look good

When take the ‘How to dress to College’ thought seriously and turn up spruced-up and comfortable, you feel good for looking good yourself. Your self-esteem is higher and your social acceptability is upped. This in turn gives you a positive boost psychologically and your performance improves. Not only that, you encourage others to look well too, especially if your styling comes in a budget yet in a trendy look.

It shows your respect to your institution and your tutor/teacher

Blog 7 How to dress to College 3 1

Turning up to your college dressed shabbily or mismatched (however expensive the outfit is) gives utter disregard to your authorities. It gives you an air of dismissive mentality and careless attitude. It even shows the low regard for your Alma mater and your teacher.

This is our opinion: even it is a simple pain kurthi or a plain pair of the jeans-tee combo,

  • Wear it clean and crisp,
  • Accessorize it elegantly
  • Move respectfully

This makes you emulate the feel of admiration you show your surroundings, your academy and your seniors, and above all your teachers.

Your focus is contained and pleased

Blog 7 How to dress to College 5 2

Wearing something that is lovely not only makes the onlookers accept you but also brings in you a sense of self-awareness making you completely pleased with yourself. This in fact makes your focus clearer and sharper. 

Let us look at it this way: if the whole bunch at your college is dressed up in a simple-chic-pleasing way, it brings in more uniformity and at the same time makes you a lot more productive with your studies as well as with your general life.

Let’s shake up our ‘at-home blues’. It is time to get out and move to college- safely, responsibly, and at the same time presentably.


Let us see a few approach tips for college girl dress styles and how to dress in college, male. Although these are a few tricks on looking good but not weighing heavy on your bank, a tad bit of styling thought can add an extra oomph to whatever outfit you choose to wear.  How to dress to college?!

Blog 7 How to dress to College 6 1

should not be a question thought anymore, but it should rather be a statement now that we are going out. So let’s fail the oppression of the virus that made us cooped up at home and let us show the responsible way to live safely at the same time celebrating simple trends and their richness

Be it a college girl dress style or the thought of wondering how to dress in college, male, there are a few basic pieces that can be applicable in a general sense. These can be considered your wardrobe staples when it comes to your college life.

  •  Neutral or pastel shaded ethnic wear like Kurt has/Kurtis, Dresses/Salwars (for females), Harem trouser styles, etc (mix and match is a great option here. A couple of tops and a common bottom goes a long way)
  • A set of formal wear or two (Suit set, Formal Sari (cotton, linen, jute, etc), a simple shirt-trouser pair, etc.)
  • Simple, plain, comfortable T-Shirts, tops, and jeans (not too loud prints, blingy or decorated)
  • A pair or few alternatives trousers to jeans (palazzos, bootlegs, khakis, etc. in comfortable designs and material
    Comfy scarves, cardigans, and jackets (Ethnic, fusion, western, etc.)
  • Easy footwear (not too tight, not too high, not too flashy)
  • Trendy but chic and minimalist accessories (like bracelets, ear studs/hoops, sunglasses, handy backpacks, pen pouches, water carriers, etc.)
  • Last but not the least- Masks (Comfortable, breathable and safe)

These should not only be your college essentials, not your only options but they are just a few suggestions for you to consider. Make your mind a trend factory, try out different styles, mix and match what already is there, find new ways to wear that’s already with you and worn before… Make it ethical, make it enjoyable and make it feel easy- you automatically will get your answer on ‘How to dress to College’ now that the new college-life is here after a couple of years of hiatus.

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Famous Female Fashion Designers in India

Steering the Change… Bringing in empowerment… Famous Female Fashion Designers in India

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” Coco Chanel

Fashion brings in dimensions of creativity that enhances our lives changing the perspective of imagination. And to the creators of this fashion, they are a way of expression, to show how each idea evolves from a bud of thought to a full bloom of the final product. Indians have always been lauded for their creative experiments and majestic outcomes regarding everything including fashion and its elements (however simple they are or how rich they look). Irrespective of the gender, this land has bought out some of the top most famous fashion designers in India with critical acclaim on an International dais.

Top Indian Female Fashion Designers:

Celebrating the female empowerment of the Indian fashion panorama, we have picked a few notable International Indian presences from the above mentioned turf. Let’s have a look at some of the Famous Female Fashion Designers in India (who just with their sheer headwork and talent achieved soaring heights) though this piece of write-up

1. Ritu Kumar

ritu kumar

One of the most sort after and firm names among India’s famous fashion designers, and starting with the most humble beginnings, Ritu Kumar has always been vocal on how we can be successful even with the tiniest of the set up.

Beginning her career in Kolkata (West Bengal) with bridal wear and evening clothes, Ritu Kumar just had a couple of tables and a hand-block print appliance when she started in the

1960’s. It is from there that she grew her business now branched internationally with her designs celebrated by common people and celebrities alike.

Known mostly for her affirmation towards natural fabrics and advocating for traditional prints, her weaving approach has captured the Haute Couture/Couture style in frenzy. Ritu Kumar is a well known label known for creating the fusion style in the traditional saree look, making it more appealing to the younger generations, although western wear is also a prominent element in her lines.

Ritu Kumar has made such a huge impact so much that she was awarded with the most prestigious award of ‘Padma Sree’ in 2013 for her tremendous contributions. No wonder why she is one of the best and famous fashion designers in India.

2. Ritu Beri

ritu beri

Widely and prestigiously known as the Donatella Versace of India the Indian Fashion industry, Ritu Beri is a fashion maestro and a huge impactful presence of the industry. With the experience of the national and international fashion scene, she always thrives to bring the nation’s elements of tradition and culture through the contemporary ideas and fundamentals.

Interestingly, Ritu Beri is an alumni of the National Institute of Fashion Technology graduating being part of their first ever batch in 1987. She started her fashion journey with creating eclectic and assorted designs with her friends and family being her first customers. This appreciation went on with her creating her first clothing line ‘Lavanya’ in 1990.

Prestigiously, is was the first ever fashion designer from India

  • To grace promostyl’s magazine Acustyl (a go to for fashion trends worldwide)
  • Being awarded the Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Government (2010)
  • Awarded The Lady of the Order of Civil Merit by the Spanish Government (2014)
  • Initiated into the Power Brands Hall of Fame (2016)

Also Ritu Beri in 1998 bought her Luxe Collection to Paris through a show thus becoming the first ever Indian to make that mark. Mainly with an atypical funky spice, Ritu Beri designs draw inspiration from cultural vivaciousness of different places she travels and their architecture as well as their pop enriching sway.

3. Neeta Lulla

neeta lulla

One among the top fashion designers in India, Neeta Lulla creates magic in each of her every design pieces with awe and an imperial flare. She is one of those magical presences that make most of our Bollywood costumes look regal, rich and majestic transforming them into iconic pieces. With a humongous total of 300+ Bollywood flicks in her kitty, she is one of the go-to choices of lavish and royal wedding outfits for brides choosing Indian wear.

Neeta is a vocal advocate of the ‘Paithani’ (a silk weaving technique using the ancient art of tapestry merging threads of dual shades also including gold and silver threads all woven in unison to create the perfect art in Silk). Giving boost to pull this skill into the main stream, Neeta Lulla displayed her collection ‘Paithani’ (incorporating this technique) at the Make in India inventiveness in February 2016 To further the art of design/media with a proper industrial understanding, she has set up a joined venture, the ‘Whistling Woods International’ a school of fashion providing sort after education in fashion, media and their allied subsidiaries. Neeta Lulla is always lauded as one of the best and top fashion designers in India.

4. Anita Dongre

anita dongre

Initially named as the AND Designs India Limited, the fashion house rebranded itself as the House of Anita Dongre in 2015.

An assorted mix of ideas, vibrant inspirations and vivacious designs, this brand brings out the zing in each individual wearing their designs. Ms. Dongre today has 3 different fashion line-ups (the original signature line Anitha Dongre, AND – the western wear line and the boho-chic line Global Desi) under her brand along with the jewelry line.

A very much sort after choice among the Vegans, this brand had banned animal leather or any products that comes from any living creatures. Richly motivated by the vast original folk culture of our land teamed up with modernity and contemporary likes, her high-end designs and custom fashion had a huge international demand too. No wonder why Ms. Dongre is one among the most chosen top female fashion designers in India.

5. Masaba Gupta

masaba gupta

Counted as one among the top fashion designers in India, Masaba Gupta was introduced to fashion at a very tender age. She has been around the industry and made her mark (aged just 19) with her collection ‘Kattaran’ in 2008 when she showcased at the Lakme India Fashion Week under the mentorship of the famed designer Wendell Rodricks.

Well known for titling her collections with artsy names inspired from art and music, her collections are a royal blend of contemporary inspirations, ethnic trendiness and a regal panache of individuality. Masaba uses silk, cotton and chiffon in her designs extensively with exclusive prints and drapes to enhance the womanly outline. She also introduced the hijab-saree collection in 2018 which was for Muslim women who wanted their hand at the exclusive Indian fashion.

A known hot-pick for modern-ethnic wear she makes sure the wearer smiles from their heart when choosing her designs. Interestingly, it is a fact that Masaba Gupta is the first ever top Indian fashion designer to showcase her collection by a fashion show entirely through Instagram.

6. Anamika Khanna

With a history in classical dance and art, Anamika Khanna had what it required when she decided to step into the colourful world of fashion and styling. Working mainly from her fashion studio in Kolkata, Anamika Khanna has been credited as the first fashion designer of India to own an international fashion label (Ana mika).

anamika khanna

Also adding to her accolades, she has been covered by the much coveted Business of Fashion for her highly praised works amalgamating Indian traditions, textiles and practical rudiments with western elements, cuts and outlines.  Starting her calling in 1988, Anamika Khanna had a huge partnership with British Luxury Department Store- Harrods succeeding her 2005 London Fashion Week participation.  Besides that, she is said to be the first top female fashion designer from India to showcase her work at the Paris Fashion Week (2007) along with the Indian fashion king Manish Malhothra. Anamika has also been featured in the high-status fashion prints like Vogue, Vogue Best Buy, Glamour etc.

Incredibly motivated by Punk style and Goth look, her designs are interwoven with the Indian touch evolutionalising the typical Indian wear with spunk. Also adding to her credit is the conceptualization of the various eclectic saree drapes like the two-pallu dhoti drape, tulip wrap, wavy swathe etc.

7. Falguni  Shane Peacock

falguni and shane peacock

The dynamic duo of the Indian fashion scene and the strongest power couple designer duo, Falguni and Shane Peacock have been in the industry for more than 15 years. The wife and husband double act design team is not anything but a power bank of majestic ideas and elegant concepts. Measured as a legendary pair, these two are not short of any critical acclaim or international success and is seen as one of the top fashion designers in India.

With an out-of-the-box design image, their efforts have been fruitified with their global success being able to deck stars like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Prianka Chopra etc in their designs. Their brand stands out amongst others with concepts based on a fusion of unexpected designs and creative flare of stylized impressions. Each of their design pieces has an aura of a theatrical view towards fashion.

A versatile brand, they sign each of their creations with elaborate ornamentation, sheer fabrics and very bold prints. With the Falguni Shane Peacock brand, even raciness starts to feel ladylike. Such is their magic of creating delightful conceptions. This clarifies on why she is one of the top fashion designers in India along with her husband as a duo.

8. Anaita Shroff Adajania

Born into a Parsi family in Mumbai, Anaita had her first break into the fashion scene when she started with the popular fashion magazine Elle in 1996 when this was launched first in India. Then she moved on to becoming the highly prestigious Fashion Director at Vogue, the Indian chapter.

anaita shroff adajania

A trained designer, she owns the Style Cell and is a recurring Bollywood fashion prime choice. She has been mainly praised for her design creations/Styling in movies like Dhoom (1 and 2), Love Aaj Kal, Cocktail etc.

Interestingly, Rolling Stone covered her work which was also done by Vogue, Elle, L’Officiel etc. This in-turn shows us her national and international acceptance of her designs and styling. Anaita has also appeared in a few successful Bollywood flicks too.

9. Ranna Gill

Graduating from her fashion studies in New York in 1990, Ranna Gill had her industrial experience at Ralph Lauren and Donna Karen before making her trip back home. It was in 1996 that she returned and launched her own fashion label ‘Ranna Gill’ soon after. Her international fashion exposure gave her that striking advantage of understanding both the worlds and amalgamating them intelligently into enticing pieces of fashion and beauty. Her designs are a sight to behold and she is one of the top most famous dress designers in India of our times.

Ranna Gill is a vocal advocate of uplifting the traditional Indian design basics like colours, cuts etc. and mixing it with striking silhouettes of designs getting them an alluring end result. It should be noted at she is considered as one of the fairy Godmothers of Indian fashion design being one of the founding members of FDCI (Fashion Design Council of India).

ranna gill

Frequently Ranna extracts her inspiration from the traditions and culture of her home land (India) and her Alma-Mater New York (upper side) making her designs a good blend of both the regions. This in turn makes her every Couture collection a much desired piece of grand work. It’s to her honor that we call her among the best fashion designers in India.

10. Surily Goel

Counted as one among the best fashion designers of India, Surily Goel is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (LA). Starting from there she launched her own fashion label ‘Surily’. The appreciation of her works paved way for her to enter the glitzy world of Bollywood Fashion by styling Preity Zinta for the hugely hit movie Salaam Namaste in the year 2005.

Debuting her presence at the prestigious Lakme Fashion Week (2006), she made her runway unveiling with the collection ‘Roses Forever’. With the backing of the star actors, Salman Khan, Malaika Arora and actress Neelam she made sure her presence was recorded at her initial initiation (into the fashion week world) itself.

Surily Goel has trained under the man himself, Mr. Manish Malhothra who requires no other introduction. It’s fair to say that this period of training gave her the push and experience which she has shown in her later years working with high profile clients and prestigious patrons.

surily goel

 A coveted stylist and designer, Surily Goel has made her royal mark on the Indian fashion scene with her graceful designs and imposing styling.


These female fashion designers mentioned here are not the only best ones out there, but we have just picked a few whose lives and success tales would inspire us no matter what. India is a land filled with passionate talent, and the fashion industry isn’t an exception. It’s really an insight and an awe inducing thought that all these strong women have bloomed from basics irrespective of how their situations were. Hope this article helps in shining light on the women empowerment and the strong idols that the Indian fashion scene has for us- them and many more…

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The Fashion Growth – Shifting Fashion Traits

Fashion in its advancement: Motivated…. Erudite…. Urbanized… On the move….

(Introduction: Is it not a worthy look back at our changing fashion preferences that we stand in awe of how long we advanced methodically? The Fashion Growth has had an amazing graph climbing up with each passing era. From the start of humanity to the pre-historic ages and then carrying along into modernity, our procuring habits and methods have been on a constant growth spurt. This in-turn has been a speeding up factor for the essence of fashion evolution with a skyrocketing fashion development. Also, if we have a closer look at how things have developed, we can infact see the steady climb. Even though it might sound exaggerated, it’s a true fact that fashion, its development and evolution has seen many a curvy road on its path to development. From the early humans going around searching leaves and barks to cover their body, to people exchanging their goods to purchases make on the hawker stall to the set up of specialty clothing shops and travelling to our modern times when the internet gives you the option of purchase from home… Not only fashion, but our whole lives have been on a rollercoaster ride (it’s a no brainer just to understand the exact core of our journey from the Homo-Erectus to Homo-sapiens and every stage before and after with an open mouth and a huge intrigue …)

In this article, let’s examine how the development and advancement of the lifestyle of humans has changed for good and is still continuing to change. Fashion is an integral part of our lives today. Whether it be the baggy trousers and tanks we wear at home (comfort wear) to the fitted dresses/suits we dress ourselves in (for a formal occasion)… Whether it is the opulent attire we deck ourselves with (for a celebratory occasion) or the comfy satin pajamas we relax to sleep (sleep wear)… Fashion growth has been in such a way that you have a special outfit for each moment you live. Infact it’s really intriguing to think that, this stage of fashion and lifestyle was preceded with a time when a straight dress or a simple set of shirt and trousers was all what you needed throughout the day from dawn till dusk.

lifestyle of humans

As the humans evolved and the lives began to change, a shift of growth and development was being bought into motion. The whole lifestyle was undergoing changes so it was inevitable that the developing fashion quotient was also shifting. It was time humans needed to have a maturity in their fashion growth and taking cues they needed to move ahead. As already spoken, fashion didn’t only mean clothes. But also it had a broader meaning of complementing the style that came as a whole package to being dressed up according to the shifting styles. Also, when fashion was growing into the next phase shopping sense also had its intensification. Interestingly, it’s captivating at the same time inspirational to think that our shopping behavior (what started as foraging then developed into a barter system going on which then developed into selling (corner shops > General shops > specialty shops > designer style > online shopping > going on and on…) on different mediums) has changed so far that we sit at home without breaking a sweat and shop up a storm online, delivered at your door step. In short, you can be in your lounge wear and shop from the most exclusive designer places with your shopping item delivered at your door. Who could have thought this was even a distant dream a decade back. This is the power of the expansion, where you get inspired from the past and utilize the cues to make your fashion enjoyable in the present and future.

online shopping

When its fashion (dresses, accessories, footwear and everything complimentary), shopping is a beautiful inevitable part of it. As brought up earlier, shopping (or rather basic survival) in early ages was to go around searching and hunting for things. That could have been the food to stay alive, things to cover the body against external elements or even to find something interesting to deck the self with (a shiny stone, a crooked rock, a patterned leaf etc. etc.). Then comes the stage when stalls and shops were set up according to the era and its requirement. This escalated the fashion growth and trend consciousness where super specialty stores and locations were set up for each element of the outfit. Fashion even began to be classified according to the exclusivity. From Ready-to-Wear common commodities to Prêt-e-Porter (affordable designer range) to Couture (high-end designer) to Haute-Couture (one-off custom made), the ranks of fashion ranges have been born with the former the most available and affordable to the latter the most exclusive and extremely expensive. Infact, this shines such a huge light on the extreme differences in human development and progression. From the moment in time a simple river pebble was a show of status to our times when a single stud of precious stones/metals costs millions, it’s only a wait to see what advancements our future might reveal. But it is also worth saying that humans understand the importance of being in harmony of nature and going back to simple basics.

fashion evolution

This fashion evolution is not just happening in a far off land unknown, but it had its fruition bringing in changes in every part of the world. Be it the changes to the lifestyle, the changes of the season or even the changes according to the shifting circumstances around the world, fashion is on a constant development and it will continue its growth. Humans have actually highered beyond thoughts (from the first Dryopithecus (first ever ancestor of man and apes) to the most updated version of Homo-Sapiens (us all)), that we are now experts in taking the right cues from our experiences and moving ahead with renewed answers. Definitely fashion has taken its big nod and is surging ahead with full force ready to influence the future with its style, beauty and ethical awareness. Above all, it is really safe to say with the shifting traits of modern fashion and taking inspiration from the past, Fashion has a beautiful journey forward…. To give us that beauty in substance… Motivating the ones around and spreading hope through other elements of our lives…

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Why Most of the Fashion Today is NOT Sustainable

We all know why being sustainable is important, but why has it been difficult for some brands and customers to have this eco-friendly approach in fashion? Sustainable in fashion industry means to adopt practices at each stage of garment production and distribution that do not harm the environment in any manner. With the use of organic fabrics such as cotton, hemp, jute, silk, etc., natural dyes, biodegradable and recyclable raw materials rather than chemicals, plastics and other environmentally harmful products, the garment can be tagged as sustainable.

So, when we know that these clothes that are made from organic fabrics that do not cause any harm to the planet and are also categorized as green clothes, then why is it difficult for most of the fashion brands to manufacture and distribute these eco-friendly clothes?

The main reason for many fashion brands to follow unsustainable practices is that most of the customers want trendy clothes at cheaper prices. Many shoppers want clothes in trend at a low cost so that they can discard them after wearing them for few times, then switch on to new trendier clothes again at lower price. The amount of money required to purchase organic textiles and raw materials is much higher than the purchase of synthetic fabrics and plastics. Hence, the cost of the product becomes higher and is displayed with even higher price tag.

Therefore, the sustainable outfits do not come with low price; they are quite costlier due to the organic materials used in them. As they come with a good price tag, customers do not want to discard them when the trend changes nor do they want to wear them because this trend no longer exists. So, most of the customers cannot afford to purchase these costlier clothes with every new trend as the trends change every coming week. This is the one of the primary reasons why many brands tend to stick to the non-sustainable way of manufacturing clothes as it provides stylish fashionable clothes at affordable price to the customers.

This quick change of trends is called fast fashion. Fast fashion leads to wastage of natural resources and energy as the new collection of fast fashion brands comes every week. This leads to unnecessary continuous consumption and wants which is not beneficial for environment.

Sustainable Fashion Brands.

fashion brands

Many brands are in support of practicing sustainable activities in the production of garments. These fashion brands use raw materials that are organic and recyclable in their manufacturing process. The brands who have come forward in this are Levi’s, Puma, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein etc. Indian brands such as Liva, Insom, B Label and many more are completely eco-friendly fashion brands.

However, brands such as H&M are not completely hundred percent sustainable but in some percentage they are. H&M uses around 50 percent of sustainably sourced material in the production and is also in a mission to make these green clothes available at reasonable price.

How we can be Sustainable as consumers?

We all know that garments made with eco-friendly practices are sustainable. But, as consumers what can we do to maintain sustainability? Here comes the list for all the customers who want to go green with fashion.

  1. Shop from Sustainable Brands- Buy your outfits from sustainable brands and labels. This would be the first step towards sustainability as a shopper. As the environmentally friendly outfits usually come with good price, keep good care of them to be used for longer period.
  2. Repair or Redesign- When your outfit is torn out or you are bored of its design then don’t discard it, rather get it repaired or redesigned. In this way you will be to use more and more of it.
  3. Don’t throw but pass on the outfit- When you really want to get away from an outfit in your wardrobe then don’t dump it in trash. Just donate it to a needy one or pass it on to a second hand shop. Until the outfit is wearable and is in good condition, you can also offer it to your siblings, friends or anyone who would be eager to have it.
  4. Give your torn out clothes for recycling- If your clothes are torn out in a way that they can neither be repaired nor redesigned nor in a position to be given away to someone, then pass them on to a collection point so that they can be recycled. In this way your completely worn-out outfits can be used in production of new garments or in some other textile materials.
  5. Can Buy Second Hand Outfits- To lower down the production of new clothes, you as a customer can also consider having some clothes on rent, sometimes exchanging or borrowing garments from siblings, friends and relatives for different occasions. You can also buy high quality second hand or vintage clothes. This will not only put a halt to excessive production of garments but also it will be pocket friendly in some ways.
  6. Buy only when it is required- Because of fast fashion that brings new collection in ever coming week, customers want to have all the new trends in their wardrobe. Also, because of social media likes, they don’t want to repeat the outfit and this is why people are crazy about shopping and posting their pictures in a new outfit with new trend. Today the trend should be sustainable to save the planet, to save nature and too save the healthy life. So, it required to put a stop on unnecessary shopping and to buy when you actually need an outfit

What can Brands be sustainable?

brands be sustainable

After understanding that what customers can do to promote green fashion, let’s see what brands can do for the same. Here comes the list of some ways that fashion brands can follow to e called sustainable fashion brands.

  1. Be Organic- Brands can use fabrics and raw materials that are sourced organically from nature instead of harmful chemicals. Also they should use natural dyes can be used for dying fabrics, biodegradable and recyclable materials in the production of the garments. From designing to manufacturing to transportation and distribution of the clothes, sustainable fashion brands should follow eco-friendly measures.
  2. High Quality and Timeless Designs- Fashion Brands in order to be sustainable should opt for designs that are timeless and evergreen, that do not have any effect of whatsoever the trend is going on they are wearable in all occasions. High quality will ensure the durability of the garment.
  3. Promote Slow Fashion- As discussed above, fast fashion leads to more and more production and wastage of items. Every new week we see new garments in the stores of fast fashion brands, which is not that necessary. This also leads to exploitation of labour. If we look at traditional way of slow fashion, in which only two collections are launched in the entire year that is spring and autumn collection, leads to no wastage and no needless production and consumption.
promote slow fashion

Now we understand deeply about the benefits and ways to follow sustainability in fashion. It will be fruitful for all of us if we start following the practices to save our environment from now. We should fulfill our needs but not at the cost of our environment and future generations. The complications will come while implementing the sustainable routine, but with every challenge comes the solution. If many people are following it then why can’t we all? Big fashion brands should come forward with green fashion approach as they are the leaders and have the power, money, resources, worldwide reach and can come up with alternatives to implement the sustainable practices. This will inspire other brands too and slowly all brands and customers will think of eco-friendly clothing.

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