Trendy work clothes on a budget: Style it Right

Clearly, fashion is a thing that is on a very fast move. Because, not only our situations have been a bit stagnant due to the pandemic, but also working from home has made us adapted to our lounge wear too. Now that work is being resumed, we have the work-clothes-dilemma to tackle.

Trendy Work clothes on a budget: The Novel Regular

Offices have re re-opened so has the work re-started. Next will come the question- How to dress to work now? Indeed, trendy office wear is always a winner and to have multiple pieces only adds to the acceptability. Without a doubt let us say that to find relevant, trendy and comfortable office clothes is a tad bit difficult. They would either be too expensive or on the other hand they might too or be of ill quality if cheap.

Our thoughts: Trendy Work clothes on a budget

Going to work or office, which too feeling good and dressed up finely is a memory to be cherished. You might dream of having a really presentable wardrobe but with a limited/tight purse string. What are you to do? Women’s office wear is no joke, as is not the price.  Here are our two biggest tips to take the reign:

  • Firstly, never ever fall in a debt building your so called office-wardrobe.

(No unnecessary credit card uses, no borrowing money that may take the sweetness of your first salary away or even no begging from the bank-of-parents).

  • Try buying pieces in a span of few weeks.

This supports your need and is soft on your bank balance. Also make sure your outfits are picked in a way that they can be mixed and matched. Interestingly, this way you get two sets of clothes but can style five sets out of them.

The concept: Creating a stylish Work Wardrobe…

Interestingly finding good office-wear is like finding a treasure. Here are our suggestions on what to do while settling in a new work environment.

  • Get to know your work place. What is acceptable, what is not etc? It usually takes a couple of days or say a week, but to now the taste of your job place is the key to build up your outfit closet. Till then go with the safe subtle choices.
  • Also it should be noted that your work should speak the loudest and your attire should create the perfect backdrop to it.
  • Pricey or trendy work clothes on a budget; a conservative work place or a relaxed job set-up, make sure your attire is always trendy, with a smooth line, having a refined grace and has always a classy air. This itself brings in a superior feel and ups your work morale.

Women’s Office Wear: The How-to towards a stylish work clothing closet…

Firstly let us not forget the fact that a rich and nicely presentable office wear set is not necessarily going to be hugely expensive. A little bit of intelligent shopping and a quick spot of clever styling will go a long long way. Start with

  • Firstly, a fewer number of items and as you go further (later getting your salary and saving) gradually build a bigger dress selection.
  • Importantly, on your first purchase (keeping in mind your need of trendy work clothes on a budget), just buy items that may keep you professionally clothed for a week or 10 days at a stretch.
  • Clearly make sure that all these of trendy professional clothes are able to be styled in a mix-and-match way. Obviously, in this way you get another 7 to 10 outfits, thus making

    your options from the initial 10 to around 15 to 20. For example: at first you get a skirt-suit set and a formal shirt and trouser set. You mix the skirt from the suit set and the top from the trouser set and furthermore create another couple of outfits, thus increasing your options.

  • Definitely, it’s a really weird situation when you are forced to wear an outfit twice even in a span of two weeks. Such is the modern situation where you get judged on what you have on. But following this simple combination method with the neutral pieces, you don’t have to go through that shame. Infact, you will have more options than others and at the same time you keep your bank-account happy too.
  • Visibly, you stay ahead of the game this way and subsequently will get your styling and women’s office wear at ease.

Easy peasy breezy- Waltz to owning a prosperous set of trendy professional clothes

First and foremost, this is our major tip to owning a great work wardrobe. Whether it’s a male closet or a female one… Let it be a synchronized group of trendy work clothes on a budget plus size or a set of work-place outfits for normal sizes… Always remember:

  • Without a doubt, for eternity and every single time choose classics (timely pieces with good endurance) for the all-formal sharp look
  • Consequently, go for fast fashion styles and trendier FAD looks to add the spice of fashion to your informal/semi-casual job clothing breakfront.
  • Importantly, always create a go-to capsule wardrobe for your work wear and break them as follows for your ease of choosing and staying in relevance.
  • Conservative/Business Office Wear (Sharp suits, power-dressing style pieces etc.)
  • Relaxed Formal/Smart Casual Wear (Calm look formal attires in calmer shades, pastel feel etc.)
  • Semi-Formal work wear(Pointed feel denim in classic shades, chic crisp tops/fitted shirts in pastel, black and white shades etc.)
  • Casual work attires (Brisk dresses, decent cut and safe length outfits, harmless and polite prints, acceptable shades etc. )
  • Going through all of these options, please make sure your outfit choices are neither too loud nor too scandalous for a decent work environment. Thus you grab your trendy work clothes, have a fine job outfit selection and stay ahead of the game still with a contented bank balance.
  • Also, buy all of your outfits as separates, in different neutral colours (especially the formal office wears). This helps in freely building up different attires with mixing-and-matching. The same goes for other job work wears too.

Where to: Finding trendy professional clothes

Finding trendy work clothes on a budget is quiet easy these days. Here are few of our alternatives:

  • Thrift Stores (Never compromise on quality primly while thrifting)
  • Online Fashion finds (Amazon, ASOS, H&M, Myntra, Flipkart etc. Here too make sure of buyer reviews and product rating stars, etc)
  • Budget buy stores (J-Crew factory, H&M, Next, Old Navy, Target, Loft, Primark, ASOS etc.)

You may find even a bigger deal in your local store, but the prime focus should not only be on you budget but also a comparatively good quality of your purchases too.

Finding your way…

As it is, Offices/Work has gone digital in the past two years. Our lives are returning to the new-normal and with caution we move ahead. Also let’s get the first thing sorted- Trendy professional clothes to wear to the workplace. We really hope this thread above has gives you a light on making trendy work clothes on a budget, a part of your life… Sway with grace… Be the shining star at your work place…

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