Tips To Follow While Buying A Samsung Washing Machine

samsung washing machine

samsung washing machine

Samsung Washing Machine Models differ from each other depending on their features, washing capacity, and load and function. Few unique features are temperature control, washing programs, quick features. Many machines are also having a child lock feature in them.

Two Basic Types of Samsung washing machines

  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • Fully-Automatic washing machine

What Is A Semi-Automatic Washing Machine?

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine requires more manual work. It has two tubs in it. One tub is for washing and the other for drying.

In this type of washing machine, you need to fill water, add soap/detergent, drain out the dirty water, unload the wet laundry, and put it inside the dryer tub.

It is quite time-consuming. But the good feature of this is, they are energy efficient as they consume less electricity and need less water.

Features To Look For Before Purchasing A Semi-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

  • Hexa-Storm Pulsator – this allows a multi-directional water flow for a thorough wash
  • Double-Storm Pulsator – this feature creates a powerful water current that helps move the laundry around the drum.

What Is A Fully-Automatic Washing Machine?

Fully – Automatic Washing Machines, as the title implies, the laundry process takes place automatically just by the touch of a button. It does not require any manual transfer from one tub to another. These washing machine types are much simpler in function compared to semi-automatic washing machines.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machine is more beneficial for those buyers who are generated with time and prefer a streamlined process. However, these types are much more expensive.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machines Are Of Two Types

  • Front Load Washing Machines
  • Top Load Washing Machines

In a Front-Load Washing Machine, the laundry goes into the washing tub from the front end, unlike the top-load machine. These machine types are becoming extremely popular nowadays. These machine types come with a variety of washing options and good cleaning abilities and are gentler on clothes too. They usually use less water and come in an elegant design.

It can be kept in any kitchen top or any utility space enhancing the look of the area. These washing machine types are a bit pricey.


Features To Look For Before Purchasing A Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

  • AddWashTM – this feature of Samsung Allows you to add more detergent for load laundry wash.
  • Ceramic Heater – this feature allows the washing machine to heat the water used for the laundry wash.

Top-Load Washing Machines are the traditional type of washing machine. In this type of machine, the laundry is to be put inside through the top end. You do not need to bend down to put the laundry into the drum; therefore they are a good option for buyers having any mobility issues.

Top-Loading washing machines are cheaper compared to Front-load washing machines.

Features To Look For Before Purchasing A Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

  • Digital Inverter Motor – this feature helps drive the drum, reducing friction in the washing machine motor.
  • ActivWash+ – this features a built-in sink in a wavy pattern at the bottom along with a water jet button. This feature helps to soak and scrub tough stains and allows you to hand wash delicate clothes.

While you go for purchasing a Samsung Washing Machine apart from the above features you also need to keep in mind the following-

Washing Machine Capacity – It is measured in Kilograms. The more the Kilogram is the more laundry it can hold at a time.

Size and Measurement of the Washing Machine- Dimensions vary from one machine to the other. Do double-check the width and height of the machine before you buy it. Otherwise, you will end up purchasing something that does not fit in.


These days the selection of washing machines has become tough because of the range of washing machines. So while buying a washing machine must get in touch with the Samsung washing machine service center because the Samsung washing machine service centre all the executives are friendly who help you with all kinds of issues related to the washing machine purchasing.

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