Pastel Outfit Trends for Spring

As the spring arrives with joy, love and growth, the time to dump our winter clothes into the archived section of the closet also gets closer. And how about we replenish our spring wardrobe with soft- hued outfit for this season.

As the 80s and 90s trends are taking over the world again, pastel outfits with vintage and contemporary touch are no exception either. And we are not mad about it. Pastels are an ideal choice for spring as it’s soothing and fresh just like the season. Also pastel outfits can give you a cute look even in the scorching heat of summer.

Pastel clothes never fail to please our eyes but sometimes it can be quite tricky to pull off pastel color outfits and look trendy at the same time. You will buy a pastel top because it is cute but at home you will realise you don’t have a jean or anything that matches with the top. Another challenge is picking the right pastel color as per your skin tone. Sometimes soft hues can make your skin look dull and you will not want it to happen of course. So I’m here with some ideas to make a look with pastel outfits that will help you to pick the right outfit for this spring.

Top 8 spring outfit:

  1. A Pale Yellow Dress
Spring outfit

Shades of yellow is a summer delight. And pale soft yellow is at the top of our list. The light yellow flaunts the freshness of the dress and is a perfect choice for a sunny day-wear. From going on a brunch or shopping date with your girlfriends to attending college, it will definitely give a stylish and fresh look.

Styling tip: Wearing minimal golden jewelry will brighten up the look. Gold and yellow is always a win-win combination.

2. Pastel jeans and Crop top

spring outfit

Wearing colorful jeans doesn’t seem to go out of fashion at all. Mint green is a classic pastel colour and it’s perfect for the season. Pairing up with a white or beige crop top will give a soft look. Crop top with high waisted jeans will make you look taller and we are always up for it.

Styling tip: Keep the jeans to the ankle and pair it with  sneakers.

3. Preppy Look with Pleated Tennis Skirt

image 8

There is no way we can turn a blind eye to pleated tennis skirt fashion. Tennis skirts give a cute but with a hot vibe altogether. And a lavender one can make an effortlessly adorable fit. Pairing with a white oversized t-shirt and socks and chuncky shoes, is all we deserve to have in our wardrobe.

Styling tip: Keep the hair and makeup minimal to get a soft girl look.

4. Blazer Dress For Work

image 9

Let’s be honest, at one point or other, we keen to clad like a boss and girly to work at the same time. And finding the right outfit to meet all the needs can be very tough. A pastel blue blazer dress will be an ideal choice. It has both, sophistication and a soft look that we want. Style the dress with a pair of sexy pumps and some silver jewelry.

Styling tip: Opt for neutral makeup and wearing a watch will be a smart move.

5. Dreamy Pink Casual dress

image 10

An ethereal shade of baby pink dress with ruffles and detailed embroidery, illuminating a subtle yet freshness in the look. Pastel and ruffle look so lovely together. Another perfect fit for day wear. Wearing a lace-up gladiator will make a wholesome look.

Styling tip: Adding some rose gold jewelry would give more compliment to the look.

6. Pastels, Camisole and Jeans

image 11

A soft mint green camisole top would be an easy experiment of the trend. Coupling with a pair of light blue jeans and tucking in the top. With some minimal jewelry, it would give a casual but dreamy look. The pastel green can be refreshing and the lace details in the top would effortlessly look chic. And the fun thing is, any pair of footwear would look beautiful with the fit.

Styling tip: Wear a pair of golden loop earings to draw more attention to the face.

7. Pastels for the Club

image 12

Up next on our list, we have a quirky tie-dyed printed satin wrap-dress with turquoise blue and apricot comb. It’s a perfect pastel outfit for a party or late night date. The unique colour combination and the silhouette of the dress is quite sultry and stylish and would definitely turn all the heads.

Styling tip: A pair of sexy high heels is all we want with the dress and some petite jewelry to complete the iconic look.

8. Elegance and Satin Shirt

image 13

A satin mint green shirt is charming enough to make a soft fashion statement. If you are looking for something elegant then this is what you are looking for. Pairing with a high waisted neutral tone trouser or a pair of white straight fit jeans will give a decent look. The cool undertone of the shirt is perfect for daytime date or lunch with family. Pick a pair of high heel pumps that would give a lean figure and add more elegance to the look.

Styling tip: Play with jewelry. Undo a button or a two and wearing a necklace with a pendant will definitely give a chic look.

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