Top 10 Outfits In Korean Fashion

We have reached an era, where Korean fashion culture has taken over the entire world. Ever since the music band BTS got popular, people have wanted to know more about the culture. It began with a small korean fashion band of seven, and today, people cannot tear themselves away from korean shows, music and even Korean Fashion. As time keeps going on Korean Skincare is taking over faster than ever.

Today in this blog, we will keenly observe Korean Fashion and trends. If you are someone who wants to get started with Korean fashion. You are at the right place!. This blog will wrap up everything you need to know about Korean fashion.

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The Traditional Korean Fashion Outfit

The ethnicity of a place has a lot of relevance. More times than we realize,clothes represent so much. A bold lipstick shade goes way beyond its color. A bold lipstick very often has stood for confidence and power. History has witnessed women coming out to march for their rights wearing bold lipsticks.

Just like that all ethnicities have a way to claim their stories through clothes. In Korea, the traditional outfit is known as a Hanbok. Hanbok is a very colorful outfit. Even if

Apart from the cuts and stitches, the hanbok also comes in various beautiful colors these days. As the entire world is now into Korean Fashion culture, they have also tried to immortalize their traditions. As a result of which their govt and other bodies reduced the ticket prices to certain site seeing places, if worn a hanbok. While many people sport hanboks for cultural diversity, many others continue to wear what they like to these places.

women don’t wear it on a daily basis, they definitely wear it for special occasions.

The Colors

If you are a fan of “To All The Boys”, you might have come across the hanbok on one of those movies. The Hanbok is generally a two piece clothing. It consists of two pieces of clothing. The upper half is called a jeogori and the skirt. Nowadays, people don’t usually stick to the colors and what they depict. But, there was a time when Hanboks used to be a symbol of the marital status of a woman.

Small girls used to wear a yellow jeogori, with colorful stripes on the arms and a scarlet colored skirt for their birthdays. Similar to young girls, newly wed women used to wear green jeogori over scarlet colored skirts. For a woman who has been married for quite awhile now, they used to wear an Indigo skirt and jade green jeogori.

However, just like everywhere else, trends changed in the Hanbok as well. As time progressed they were made more comfortable. They are made in a manner, so that women can adorn it on a daily basis without any discomfort.

Apart from the cuts and stitches, the hanbok also comes in various beautiful colors these days. As the entire world is now into Korean Fashion culture, they have also tried to immortalize their traditions. As a result of which their govt and other bodies reduced the ticket prices to certain site seeing places, if worn a hanbok. While many people sport hanboks for cultural diversity, many others continue to wear what they like to these places.

Other countries and people also keep adding alterations to a Hanbok, which traditionalists refuse to recognise as a hanbok.

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Korean Skincare

When it comes to fashion, skin, weight, body type, height and many more parameters start becoming really important. With the onset of the pandemic, another thing that got very trending is taking out time for yourself. Indulging in self care and self love became trends. So, all around the globe there are various steps and rituals when it comes to skincare. The one skincare routine that got really popular in Korean Fashion Skincare.

These routines are sometimes ten or even fourteen steps long. However, it might carry a lot of joy for a lot of people. But, the things about these steps might make you feel like you are repeating some processes a lot of times. It also becomes a lot more money and time consuming.

So, the first step to a Korean Fashion skincare routine is an oil-based cleanser, cleansers are more essential because they help in taking off the makeup and the dirt or dust that might have settled on your face with the course of the day. Like we mentioned earlier, some steps might be repetitive. So, the second step is cleansing again. The second one however, is not an oil based instead a foaming skin cleanser. Double cleansing is quite a good way to ensure that no residents are left behind.

Now, step three is exfoliating. There are various kinds of skincare products. They are essentially of two types: physical and chemical. Physical exfoliants have to be rubbed by you for a good 2-3 minutes for exfoliation, while chemical defoliants can be left alone for a good five minutes. Physical exfoliants can leave micro tears on your skin so chemical exfoliants are more preferable. So, pick a gentle exfoliator for daily use.

Step four is using a toner. Toning is essentially for hydrating the skin and also to balance your skin’s PH. Step five is essence, essence is a new thing nowadays. Essence is the next best thing. It heals and calms your skin. Essences are high in moisturizing components and also help to speed up cell turnover.

Step six is a serum. Serums are tiny magic portions. Different serums provide different benefits. You can explore the market and find out what suits your skin the best. You have to do a thorough research because some serums can be disastrous paired up, while others can be great pairs. So, you have to do some research before reaching out for serums.

Step seven is a sheet mask. Heat masks are drenched in serum and rich with vitamins and minerals that are good for your cheval. They’re also moisturizing, leaving your skin feeling smooth and supple.

Step eight, is using an eye cream. The skin surrounding your eyes is the first to age. Eye creams are designed to target wrinkles, dark circles, and crow’s feet around the eyes. They moisturize and soothe the skin around your eyes.

Step nine and ten are moisturizing and the most important SPF. SPF is something you can never afford to forget. It not only saves you from sun burns it also prevents skin cancer. Moisturizing your skin twice a day ensures it stays young.

Now, let’s look at the various trends in dresses.

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Oversized T-shirts and Shirts :-

Oversized t-shirts and shirts are liked by a lot of people in Korea. They are very comfortable to wear. Other than that, the weather in Korea is cold a lot of the time. So, baggy clothes are preferred by a lot of people.

Not only are baggy clothes a trend, they also carry it quite nicely.

Beige Colors

Korean Fashion people usually like to follow trends that are not very upbeat or flashy. Beige clothes are a safe bet under such cases. They look very fashionable and can be worn to multiple places. Beige shirts with striped skirts look great. So, you can opt for shades like beige or brown, all kinds of neutral tones are a thumbs up.

Trench Coats

As the weather starts to transition from spring to winterish, the trench coats can be seen making their way out. A lot of people might associate the trench coat with European fashion, but Korean Fashion people also increasingly sport the trench coat. They not only sport it, but also carry it quite well. People of all age groups can be seen wearing trench coats, in the winters and spring.

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Layering Up

Layering up clothes is another very popular trend amongst Korean Fashion.e They love wearing beige sweaters or a beige long dress over a white shirt.

It adds to the effect. It also looks very cute. Layering up is also a good way to ensure that you are not cold. So, it is fashionable as well as comfortable at the same time.


The winters in Korea can be pretty harsh, the temperature drops to as low as minus ten degrees. So, padding jackets are quite common amongst the people of Korea again. There are various kinds of padded jackets you can opt for. There are short padding jackets and long padding jackets as well.

Other than that, a lot of girls are still seen wearing short skirts under these padded jackets. Afterall fashion can mean different things to different people. Some People look at comfort as fashion, while others prefer looking good over comfort. We cannot really say which one is right.

Casual Wears

A lot of you might love wearing bold colors like green, blue, red, yellow and many more. However, Koreans have four colors that they love sticking to, these are beige, black, white and ivory. Like we have mentioned earlier, they don’t have very upbeat or flashy fashion trends. They prefer keeping it simple.

They like pairing up pastel colors with pastel colors. You can pair up beige with white or blackor even vice versa. After all, you don’t need bright colors to look good. Fashion has a lot to do with how you carry what you wear.

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They love to add volume to their clothes by accessorizing it. Hands full of rings is a common sight. Most men can be seen wearing earrings as well. So, even if their clothes are dull colors, the accessories make up for it.

You can add accessories to your fashion, if you wish to aim for a similar look.

Long Floral Dresses

Women can also be seen wearing long floral dresses in Korea. The dress goes beyond their knees, until the ankles. It has a V-neck and sometimes puffy sleeves. It looks very simple yet stylish. This one is also seen a lot.


Other than all the trends and fashion followed by Korean Fashion , that we have mentioned. People also start following looks or styles inspired by k-pop stars or movie actors. So what a popular show character is seen wearing can be seen on the streets as well. We hope you had a good time reading this blog and got all the information on Korean Fashion, that you were looking for.

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Top Korean Fashion Trends in 2022

Korean Fashion plays a major role in spreading the culture of a country across the globe. Due to the globalization, culture and lifestyle of one region are easily accepted by another region. The inspiring creativity in the fashion industry has left remarkable imprints in different cultures. Korean culture is also not an exception to it.

Korean fashion has also been able to break all the barriers and occupy an important place across the globe. With the increasing popularity of Korean movies and dramas, the Korean fashion industry has also been able to get the attention of people across the globe.

Korean outfits are almost loved by people of all ages. But Korean fashion has a different craze among the girls. Girls, almost in all countries prefer to include Korean fashion in their list of outfits or beauty products.

If you are also one of those girls who want to look classy by adding the touch of Korean fashion to your outfits, you must read this article.

Why is Korean Fashion Admired?

Korean people are popular for their fashion trends. They are very sensitive regarding their dressing sense. Due to rapid industrialization, Korean people started focusing on improving their lifestyle which has got reflected in their outfits. Therefore, Korean fashion is also quite popular among the people of other countries.

Due to their impressive design and high standards, Korean fashion has become the limelight in the fashion industry in the whole world. Due to the economic advancement and rapid industrialization, South Korea often claims a spotlight at the global level. As a result, Korean fashion trends have also been able to attract people of all regions.

The world’s most popular Korean music band BTS has been able to attract the youths of the whole world. Since they have built a splendid fandom across the globe, Korean fashion trends have also become tremendously popular. Besides BTS, popular Korean movies, Korean drama and web series have also contributed a lot to the fashion trends at the global level.

Korean Fashion Trends: Girls Should Give a Thought

Your dress reflects your personality. Therefore you would also prefer to wear such an outfit that gives you a unique flair as well as a modern look. Girls are crazy for Korean fashion trends that can give them a perfect look. Most Korean dresses are comfortable as well as stylish which is one of the reasons for increasing popularity amongst girls.

If you really want to fall head over heels for your look after seeing yourself in the mirror, you should not miss trying the following trends:

  • Floral Patterns
Korean Fashion

Korean girls are often seen wearing their skirts having exquisite floral patterns that please the eyes of anyone. The colourful prints of floral patterns add an amazing style to the outfits. It is one of the most popular Korean fashion trends among girls. A black skirt has a colourful floral pattern with a white cardigan top that will never compromise in giving you a flabbergasting look.

  • Cropped Tops and Knee-length Skirt

If you want to see others clutch their pearls at your amazing look, you should not ignore this trendy outfit. Crop tops pairing with a knee-length skirt can give you an unparalleled look. It can be a perfect outfit whether you want it at a party or clad in as a casual outfit.

  • Floral Cocktail Frock

This can be an awesome outfit to attend any kind of plush party. Without getting glammed up with heavy embellishments, these floral frocks can give you a complete look. Whether you are with friends or family members this outfit is the best suited for every occasion that will never hesitate to give you an eye-pleasing look.

  • Shorts and Striped top

This outfit is quite common in Korean movies or web series. You can clad yourself in shorts paired with striped tops for a simple outing with friends. This outfit is the perfect choice for those who prefer to look more casual. It can also be a perfect dress if you travel to the beach and want to enjoy the powerful touch of sea waves.   

  • Oversized Sweater and Pleated Skirt

This is one of the trendy fashions applied during winter. When you go out in the winter evening an oversized sweater with a pleated skirt can be the perfect match to make your evening more colourful and warm. It can be a good choice for people of all body shapes. Since it will hide actual body shape, it can be the perfect choice for both skinny and obsessed people.

  • Ruffled Skirt

A ruffled skirt is an outfit you must-try being a girl. Besides giving you an astounding look it will also provide you with a great feeling of comfort. You can always wear these both at a party or while going for an outing with your friends. A ruffled black mini skirt paired with a blazer is always ready to make others envious of your look.

  • Distresses Jeans
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Distressed jeans can also be considered an important part of trendy Korean fashion which is quite popular amongst girls. This outfit is ready for any events you have to attend. But this mostly falls under the casual outfit. Denim jeans have to undergo many processes while doing distress. These processes include stone wash, acid wash and so on. Therefore mildly distressed denim jeans are also available in the market as they are prepared by using different processes. 

Mildly distressed denim jeans can also be perfect for you. It’s up to you whether you want mildly distressed denim jeans or not.

  • Shirt Dress

By donning this outfit you will look trendy as it is quite popular amongst Korean actresses. It is one of the most popular summer fashions amongst girls. But unlike western fashion, shirt dress in South Korea does not put much effort into showing their cleavage.

Therefore, Korean shirt dresses are often found in such a design that does not reveal body parts, especially shoulders and cleavage.

  • Dungaree Skirt

A dungaree skirt presents a perfect look with an oversized striped tee. You don’t need to worry much when you have to choose a casual dress if you have a dungaree skirt and an oversized striped tee. A knee-length dungaree skirt is also available in the market. But if you wear knee-length then you should pair it with a T-shirt covering the shoulder.

  • Royal Blue Cocktail Gown

If you want to look like a princess at the wedding of your best friend or someone special, a royal blue cocktail gown is the perfect fit for you. Choose this dress to grace the special occasion and to get an eye-pleasing look.

2000s Fashion Trends that were popular in Korea

There are many fashion trends that have made their way back which were once popular in Korea in early 2000. These trends continue to get constant approval and are still popular amongst girls. Some of these 2000s fashion trends are: 

  • Kang Kang Skirts

These skirts are still popular and are donned by girls across the globe. The Kang Kang skirt is suitable with any top. It will give an amazing look which can be another great casual outfit. Whether you go shopping or attend a friendly gathering, Kang Kang shirts will never leave you in regret.   

  • Jelly Shoes

Earlier this was particularly for kids. But after their increasing popularity, jelly shoes have also been manufactured for girls as well. Now jelly shoes are quite popular amongst girls. These shoes can be a perfect fit with almost any dress. But it looks awesome while wearing these shoes along with skirts.

  • Ties and Vests

Ties and vests were quite popular in the 2000s fashion industry in Korea. These fashion trends have come back again when some girls want to look like stylish school girls. Many school-going girls have made this trend popular again.

What is not accepted in Korean Fashion

There are some restrictions on Korean fashion trends. This is because of their deeply rooted conservatism in their culture or cultural taboos. Dress and culture are two sides of one coin.

Therefore it has been always an endeavour made by Korean people to keep their culture intact with the help of maintaining a fashion trend that is in compliance with the Korean culture and tradition.

Unlike western culture, some types of dresses are not allowed in Korean culture. Let’s see those fashion trends that are not allowed in Korean culture:

  • Revealing Shoulders

Korean dresses that reveal shoulders are rarely found in the market. Although some Korean clothes are found to be revealing one shoulder in modern times, it is barely found to reveal both shoulders. Therefore women in Korea get away with those attires that show shoulders.

  • Backless Clothing
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You will hardly find any dress that reveals the backside of the body. It is not allowed in Korean culture as well to show the backside of a woman’s body. Therefore most of the dresses are found covering the backside of the body.

  • Showing Cleavage

Although it is acceptable in western fashion, there is a restriction in wearing dresses that show cleavage in Korea. With the changing of time, some dresses are found in Korea that reveals cleavage. But women become careful while wearing these dresses.    

  • Bikini Swimwear

In Korean culture, women do not wear bikinis. Since Korean women are restricted from showing their upper body parts, wearing bikinis is not encouraged at all. Therefore shorts as swimwear are common among Korean women.

  • Leggings as Bottoms

In Korean culture, women do not wear leggings without bottoms. Women use leggings to wear under their other short dresses like shorts, shirt dresses etc.

Why is Korean Fashion Trends Unique?

Korean fashion trends have claimed to be unique in many ways. Because these fashion trends are different from the fashion trends of the rest of the world. If you go through the following points, you will be able to know why Korean fashion trend differs from others.     

  • Oversized Clothes

Oversized dresses are quite common among Korean women. Korean women use these clothing trends as casual outfits. Whether it be a sweater dress or coats or pants Korean women like to wear them in oversized form.

Many women also prefer to wear oversized attire with tight outfits like a loose shirt dress with skinny jeans. These oversized dresses are comfortable besides giving a stunning look.     

  • Cover Shoulders and Chest

A deep-rooted conservatism often gets reflected in the attire of Korean women. Women in Korea are generally not allowed to don such attire that reveals shoulders and chest. Korean culture always inspires women to look pure and want them to reflect moral values in their personality. Women in Korean culture are never expected to be taken a dim view of their personality.

Therefore, Korean fashion does not approve of dresses that show cleavage, shoulders and backside of the body of a woman.     

  • Reveal Legs

Although Korean culture is against revealing upper body parts, there is no restriction in showing the legs of women in Korea. You will find many dresses like mini skirts, shorts that allow your legs to reveal. But you will hardly find a dress that allows revealing your upper body parts.

Therefore it can be said to be a unique trend that may be hardly found in any other country’s fashion trends. Although women in Korea wear outfits that reveal their legs, most of the time they wear undershorts.

The Final Thought

Despite many cultural taboos prevalent in Korean culture regarding the outfits of women, still Korean fashion is evolving only because of increasing popularity. Korean fashion trends are highly appreciated and accepted across the globe due to their classy look and creative design. Another reason for admiring the Korean fashion trends is that most Korean outfits are comfortable. Women feel comfortable by wearing these fashionable and stylish outfits that also gives a trendy look.

If you also want to attract people with your charming look, you may try any of the Korean outfits that you feel will suit you.

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