How Mobile App Gamification can make a Difference to your Business?


Mobile applications have become a prominent part of our everyday life. They facilitate users to order food, book travel, listen to music, transfer money, and do many other tasks within the blink of an eye. Since the PlayStore and App Store are already flooded with millions of apps, it is not easy for a startup mobile app to grab the attention of its potential customers.

However, by following the latest trend, gamification, in the mobile app development industry, you can make your app stand out. Didn’t believe us? Well, read this complete article to know what impact the technology can leave on your mobile app. But before we mention the same, let’s read a bit more about the mobile app gamification.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a powerful and effective technique to attract, engage, and retail customers. It involves implementing or applying fun elements, which are usually added in gaming mobile apps, to the technology applications. These elements encourage users to use the app more often. This method deals with the users‘ minds.

Benefits of Gamification

Gamification brings elements like social media interactions, rewards, progress charts, competitions, scoreboards, and other more to an app to entertain and engage the app users. It renders the following benefit from the business perspective:

  1. Positive app reviews or feedbacks
  2. Makes your app search-engine friendly
  3. A powerful social media existence without putting any extra effort
  4. Attracts new users to the app and then retain the existing ones
  5. Boosts user engagement and decreases bounce rate
  6. Happy and satisfied customers

How Gamification Techniques Can Be a Game-changer for Your App?

Check out the top gamification techniques that can make your app a chartbuster in front of your targeted audience:


Giving exciting rewards to your frequent users motivates new users to visit frequently. Think as a customer’s point of view, if you will get certain points, which can later be used for purchasing different products, on visiting an app every day, what would you do? Definitely, you will visit as it will not cost anything. So, this is how it works for other users.


Organizing a quiz for your app users can also do wonders in terms of engagement and retaining. For example, you can organize a quiz asking questions about technology, fashion, or any topic (depending on your app category) to engage users and offer them rewards. They will definitely invite their other friends to play the same.


Getting a badge from an app delivers a good feeling, which further motivates them to participate in future challenges or competitions. Therefore, badges are also a successful gamification tool.

How to Build an Effective Gamification Strategy?

Like other marketing tactics, gamification also needs a well-planned strategy to be executed in a pre-defined manner. Here is how you can create the one that can bring the desired outcomes:

  1. Set your goals
  2. Recognize your potential customers
  3. Find out what they expect from an app like yours
  4. Integrate exceptional features to your app
  5. Make it simple yet attractive
  6. Find out how you can make your app entertaining
  7. Add bonus or rewards system or referral programs
  8. Get the feedback from your audience and plan your moves accordingly

Top Gamification Tools

Most of the mobile app development companies are using tools like Amazon GameCircle, Apple’s Game Center, and Google Game Services for adding gamification to an app. These tools are a perfect option to integrate rewards, bonuses, scoreboards, and other gamification methods to the app.

If you are new to this field and don’t have any idea of how gamification works for a mobile application, then find a custom mobile app development companythat can do this for you.

Final Words

Gamification act as the most effective marketing strategy for your app. It makes an app worthy not just for the users but also for a search engine. The main benefit of this tactic is that it brings humongous customers to your app, which in turn increases its value. Besides this, gamification also improves user engagement that helps in turning your visitors into customers. To know more about the technique, give this article a read.

On the other hand, if you want to make the most of gamification for your startup mobile app, then reach out to a reliable Android app development or custom iPhone development company. You can also hire mobile app developers for the same. Whatever among these two options you choose, just make sure you have a clear picture of your business goals and the app requirements.