Outfit Ideas to Wear on The First Date

Did he ask you out for a date? I know it can be very exciting and stressful at the same time. Making the first impression decides what the future holds for you. The first thing that hops into our mind is “What should I wear?” Wearing something extravagant is cool, but if it causes some discomfort and makes you conscious throughout the date is surely uncool. It’s all about you, girl! Your choice in the outfit will decide your confidence and that is everything needed for a date.

The most important thing to keep in mind before picking up your outfit is to consider the weather condition. Plus the date can be anywhere, in a bar for some drinks or a lunch date in an intimate restaurant or any other settings. With all these confusion in your mind, you will need a gorgeous and comfortable outfit to boost up your confidence. So, I’ve picked out 7 outfit ideas for women on how to pick the right fit for the first date.

Top 7 Outfit For Your First Date:

  1. Go all black with elegance
First date outfit

Are you looking for an elegant outfit for a late night date at the bar? This is what you are looking for. A black high-waist satin skirt with a matching black cami-top will pop out your figure and gives you a very elegant look. Add a pair of black high heels. I know, you will have second choice for choosing high heels for first date, but it’s worth it! Just say hi to confidence and rock the bar as you walk by like your own runway.

2. Minimal chic look


If you want to go for something casual and chic, pick white straight-jeans. For the top, choose a plain body hugging black or a pastel cardigan (keep a button or two unbuttoned, it elongates the neck and makes you look taller). The combo will give a taller silhouette plus, tying a thin satin scarf into a knit with adds more definition to the fit. Throw some tennis shoes or a pair of loafers to the mix to complete the look.

3. Romper and boots for spring

image 16

Do you want to look cute for your first date? Go for a romper, with minimal details and cool prints on the fabric. Add a pair of thigh high platform boots and it’s perfect for a spring date. The whole fit will make you feel as you are in your early 20s. It’s comfortable and those small feminine details of the outfit would be a perfect choice for a daytime date.

4. The retro bohemian girl

image 17

As a fan of retro and boho dresses, this is my favourite fit. This dress is a perfect mixture of both; pastels, bows and ruffles for a romantic summer day date. Not many people are a fan of gladiators, but boho dresses always fit perfectly with it. It gives a soft feminine but also a sophisticated vibe. Adding some minimal jewelry will add more definition to fit.

5. Vintage tee on leather and boots

image 18

Here is another vintage look but with contemporary mix! Anything vintage is so much in trend these days and we are not even mad about it. Pick a vintage t-shirt (oversized looks much better) and a leather skirt plus a Chelsea boot or a biker boot. That’s it. So simple but looks cool and trendy. Even if the date doesn’t work out, this will still be one of the coolest outfits in your wardrobe and probably the most comfortable fit of my list.

    6. Statement floral dress

image 19

Dresses with soft florals and ruffles are always a flattering choice for a date. The dress itself is romantic. Chiffon is an ideal choice of fabric for such dresses. It flexes the soft, flowy material perfectly blended with pastel or vibrant florals, displaying the feminine aesthetic. And it’s perfect for every date. From a beach date to dinner date, it fits every occasion. Finish the outfit with a pair of heels with thin straps.

     7.  Sporty date with sneakers

image 20

How about trying something sporty? If you like wearing athleisure, then this green mini dress with polo style button fastening will make a good sporty fit for you. Adding a pair of trainers and socks (preferably from the same brand) will give complete look. It can be super comfortable and also be cute at the same time. If you are a petite, this outfit is just for you!

These outfits might not be available everywhere but you still can try to copy or create your own style inspired from it. Believe me, you will not regret.

Well, the right outfit is not the only thing important. Makeup is also an important part of styling and it brightens the whole look. For a daytime date, keeping it minimum as possible is the best. Nude lipsticks and nude eyeshadow with a hint of blush will give a fresh look. And for a clubbing date, try something shimmery or bold for your eyes and leave the lips to lighter shade or vice versa. Avoid wearing super thick lipstick. It tends to crack after having a meal and that’s not something we would want to happen. These are just some basic rules to follow on a first day and make a good impression. Don’t forget to add your personal style and charm to everything and be more of yourself. Till then, Happy Dating!

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