Progression of Fashion Icons And Bits of Sprinkled Ideas

The Continuation about fashion icons: Discovering ideas, experiments and new bits fall into the puzzle

(Introduction: Continuing the thoughts from the last article, here in this bit we examine how style progressed for the humans unknowingly. This gradual and slow shift in the lifestyle in-turn gave birth to new style fashion icons even without knowing the changes they were making. Fashion in those times was not even a remote idea nor had it caught the attention of the mass. But in reality people making an effort to look good, appear better and stay fine was infact an evolving fashion subconscious awakening.  Furthermore, humans had begun to evolve as a species itself. From a single race of beings, they were ready to take the center stage to the most ‘expansive evolution’ the universe had yet seen. So it was an inevitable hidden fact that ‘fashion too had its pre-historic evolution’ not seen yet, not understood yet but it was happening then and there.)

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It is not yet explained when the actual word ‘Fashion’ was bought into usage, but the essence and core of it has been there from the time humans started to beautify themselves (or even earlier than that). We might never know the origins of the real conception of the concept of fashion icons dating far away behind time. But the fact that we see decorative items tracing back to the start of humanity is a good base. Interestingly, we can assume that fashion, fashion icons and styling was atleast a tiny part of our ancestors of those eras.

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Also it’s an awe-moment when we reflect on the instances when early humans swapped over their animal-skin scabbard to get some shiny stones for adornment to the ultra-humans in modernity (where they exchange virtual currency amassing possessions that may or may not be a pressing requisite for their existence). This is just an illustration to show how the naked pre-historic humans have advance and progressed to be the sophisticated recent version that we are today. Furthermore, shopping (or searching in those times) was basically done to get what was an immediate necessity for survival. Or let’s say getting something a bit extra as a guilty pleasure. It’s in stark contrast to our present point where things have moved into a materializing diversion where gathering affluence and belongings are just done for a higher rank in the public eye. This is such a severe disparity to the instance when our archaic ancestors measured an extra lustrous chunk or an inversely warped shoot a sign of riches. (In a lightened sense our forefathers might be rolling in their graves seeing this current situation). Taking all the above into consideration, its quiet a no brainer to understand that fashion statements and fashion icons have been an interest from the earliest eras.

Connecting the dots:

As an instance, let’s consider the detail that a contemporary plain sleeveless sheath tunic/pinafore. This may be a successor to the first ever attires (in a right shape) that the humans might ever had (fluid to a definite extend, uncomplicated to craft and very effortless to handle). This makes us conclude that, out of every effects and impact that can be made on the thought of the progression of fashion, basics and early utility styles will alwayshave an impact on the fashion icons and thus influence the general mass. Equally, the life of the modern man has seen a growing swell into the back-to-the-roots/nature statement. Fashion too is taking this affirmation sincerely and is in a comfortable pre-historic/retro chic element in almost all of its aspects. Interestingly for many, when the expression ‘Fashion icons’ is made, it simply denotes to a term in connection with the clothing and gear worn. But, what numerous don’t know is that this word has developed in leagues ahead from the time when it was related to just a clothing to cover the body. Today fashion icons connects the dots of all things related to garments, its subsidiaries and everything linking a general human lifestyle.

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Also, its quiet intriguing to think that the first ever humans (be it our prehistoric forefathers to HomoSapiens ancestors and every of the other species in our evolution) would create something out of their helplessness and it would continue to influence our lives millions of years after. Be it the primitive bark kilt or the leaf tunic to the most modern silk sarong and the wool dress, progression of fashion, its icons and the uses have come a very long way with the basic concept of its use staying almost the same.

Also, early humans just used embellishments as a little extra to their urgent inevitability like a shiny pebble as a closure to their primeval shift or a patterned root to hold on to their rough made animal skin skirt. But today the evolution of fashion has reached to such a stage that diamonds hold a silk shirt together and a platinum belt decorates the waist of a cashmere skirt. In a way it’s so magical at the same time really mystifying to see this patterned advancement of a fashion statement.

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Fashion has always been in the blood of our ancestors, in a primitive way. And with that they found ways of expressing themselves apart from paintings and carvings. Subsequently, little by little our modern way of fashion had its evolution too making our ancestors and our predecessors mini fashion icons. Making a conclusion, let’s put it this way- For our forefathers, “while art and its ancillaries weren’t adequate in passing on the thoughts of a new found liberated psyche, fashion was the subsequent switch to embrace on to. Nevertheless, it’s an indisputable actuality that art and fashion co-inhibit in the carefree universe of imagination and expressions irrespective of the era it is in”. Whether it is the BC or the AD episodes, humans will forever be entwined with art and fashion. Fashion is a term where ideas go forth and back to be influenced and to influence, and this process will be in the mode of continuity as the inspirations have the mystic power of arresting concepts from the start of time

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What It Means to Be a Blogger: Sandeep Rai Weigh In on Fashion Influencer’s Big Question

fashion icon in india

We take a closer look at how the blogging industry is defining style in its own terms. Read on for an answer to this with our conversation with India’s most loved male influencer and fashion icon in India, Sandeep Rai.

1. Hi Sandeep, tell us about how it all started and how your journey has been till now ?

My journey started as a fragrance collector/blogger back in 2013-14 when the niche fragrances scene was very closed in India. I started collecting niche/artisanal fragrances from all around the world. Initially, I used to review them and slowly my reviews started to pick up and I was getting featured on a lot of perfume websites. I was into photography since I was a kid so that came in handy and in 2016-17, I founded my own blog During that period I was writing for a lot of magazines about grooming and fragrances. Fashion came pretty late and most of my knowledge about it came from my dad, reading blogs and watching YouTube. Later when I discovered Instagram my website transitioned into it. Having a background in photography helped me creating visual content that was Insta aspiring, I was very late in the game hence I quickly figured out that to make a mark in this industry I had to do something different. Combining content that is at par globally with a little bit of product knowledge helped me get noticed by brands. Before I knew it, I was collaborating with all my dream brands. But, the core values still remain the same to this day. I am still aspiring to create the highest quality of content possible and constantly trying to innovate with new hobbies. The recent addition to it is that I started working with a lot of spirit brands. I see that this industry has a lot of untapped potentials. We have worked with major spirit brands, bars, and bartenders and I am excited to see where it leads.

2.  A change you’ve seen in the digital blogging space since you started out your journey? How has this space evolved for men as well?

The blogging space has changed a lot, new avenues have opened up, there is an audience for every segment. A lot of new platforms have surfaced and they are all unique in their own way. The creators are not limited or restricted to the kind of content they create. Earlier the hurdles were regarding initial investment to start a blog but now you can literally create an Instagram account and start creating content from home. You are no longer dependent on publishers or sponsors to create the kind of content you believe in. Recently the boom of Clubhouse which is an audio-based app and considered by many as the next big thing has provided a new fresh way to create and consume content. Talking about the space for men and how it has evolved, I can say that it has come a long way. When I started my journey there were men bloggers in our country but still, the notable names were only a few. Since then a lot of talented content creators have emerged. In an industry that is still female-dominated, we can now see men have also started to rise in numbers. Many who earlier considered this as a hobby or a side hustle are actually taking it up as a full-time job and treating it like a legit business. Many brands have started to come around and collaborate with influencers and bloggers. They have started seeing the value in working with us. There is still no notable name in our country who has made it big globally in this segment so I think it still has a long way to go.

fashion icon in india

3. Tell us about the moment when you felt that this is it; people have started liking you and are getting inspired by your work?

I did a little series on Delhi, where we tried to show the hidden gems of Delhi with an element of fashion, some of the posts from that series got viral. The feedback I got was really positive and I think that gave me some visibility and confidence. A lot of people I met after that knew me as the guy from the Delhi series. Slowly that changed once I started doing a lot of sartorial fashion and I started getting a lot of attention for that. I regularly get DMs about how my page has inspired them to start something of their own which is extremely satisfying.

4. Can you give us an insight into social media platforms that only an Influencer can know?

Generally, the social media platforms are very democratic everyone has a similar kind of access but the way we see things in it are different you always have to be on your toes to catch trends and read insights to constantly know what your audience relates to and then amalgamate it with your creativity to create the end product. A lot of things are seen from a business perspective too.

image 2

5. Having a large fan following and being a public figure, what kind of responsibilities do you have & how do you make use of this fame as a fashion icon in India?

 I think it is the responsibility of every creator to treat their audience with respect and treat situations with an unbiased view. Try and promote positivity. A lot of people try and jump on trends and sensitive issues with a motive to gain out of it at the expense of promoting negativity that makes the whole experience very toxic. It is very easy to feel full of air because social media provides you a lot of instant gratification but the trick is to not take it for granted. There is social responsibility when you have a big audience to treat situations with sensitivity and not make the environment extremely political.

6. The world has changed with the pandemic and everyone has accepted the new normal. What is the new approach/idea to keep moving in the new age of digital media?

Pandemic has sped the influx of digital media but we cannot deny that the digital storm was taking place anyway. More and more things are moving to digital platforms, social media influencers are the new age celebs now. With it, a lot of business opportunities are coming their way. The industry is still settling to this new norm but the new approach is something that everyone is still trying to figure out. In my view being conscious about the content you create and consume is the way to go forward. “Patience is the key in the age of trends”. 

image 3

7. What do you do to make your content unique from others as a influencer and fashion icon in India?

I think it is quite different from many creators in my niche since I never give in to trends. You will never see me doing a “5 Date night outfits” or “Sneeze Challenge” type of content because I am terrible at those. Kudos to the people who can do it, I actually envy them. So, I think staying true and being myself reflects in my content. Other than that, I never compromise with the quality and production of my content. People follow me to see “my kind of content” and I never take it for granted.

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Niki Mehra Is Raring To Build Her Own Unique Legacy

Best Fashion Icon in Delhi

It takes a lot to rise from the ashes, achieve your goals and give back to the world as Niki Mehra has. She is an independent, strong-headed woman who has made it into the fashion industry good for herself by simply believing in herself as a best fashion icon in Delhi, India. She has a story that cannot be restricted to a page. But here is a little something for you to get inspired by as Niki divulged into conversation with us.

1. Hi Niki, we’ve seen you grow & your journey is so inspiring for the youth as a best fashion icon in Delhi. Whichever field you step into, you face it. Tell us about how your journey had begun and has how been till now?

Well, it dates back to my college days. I was in the middle of pursuing my master’s program in economics when I realised my dreams and aspirations were changing and I was no longer happy with where I was. I took the leap of faith, switched, and started my career in fashion from scratch.

The journey has been rewarding, to say the least, but that’s always the case when one chases and believes in their dreams.

Best Fashion Icon in Delhi
2. Tell us about a change you’ve seen in the digital blogging space since you started out your journey as a best fashion icon in Delhi? How has this space evolved?

The blogging space has evolved tremendously both here and globally. Especially 2020 taught us the importance of authentic organic content and one change I see visibly is influencers trying harder every day to show their real not so perfect life over the perfect Instagram life we all developed over the years.

3. What was that moment when you felt that this is it; people have started liking you and are getting inspired by your work?

It was when I started my #NMRethinks fashions series on Instagram. It was a completely selfless, 100% organic series for my audience to help them with their everyday fashion insecurities and to help them feel and look confident without spending money. They really connected with it and the amount of love I received was immense!

Best Fashion Icon in Delhi
Niki Mehra- Fashion Icon

4. Can you give us an insight into social media platforms that only an Influencer can know?

The biggest learning and “secret” if you want to call it is evolving. Social media algorithms are designed for the viewers. They show you who you love what you love and that keeps changing. So influencers need to constantly adapt to market taste.

5. Having a large fan following and being a public figure, what kind of responsibilities do you have? And how do you make use of this fame?

A large audience always comes with accountability. If we can influence someone’s choices in what they wear, use or eat, then we have the social responsibility to influence them in the correct direction. This is why my team and I always promote brands if we or anyone in our family is an existing user of the brand and has had a good experience.

Best Fashion icon in Delhi

6. The world has changed with the pandemic and everyone has accepted the new normal. What do you think is the new approach to keep moving in the new age of digital media?

With the pandemic, like we have seen the importance of the digital world increased multifold. The pandemic made all of us self-reliant and led creators to adopt a more we are a one-man army approach. We were creating content from our homes on our phones. And our viewers responded. So there has been a visible shift in putting oneself out there more without overthinking it and most importantly, keeping it simple.

7. What do you do to make your content unique from others?

We take pride as a best fashion icon in Delhi in being the first ones in the Indian blogging industry to start a fashion hacks series where we try to make both high fashion clothes environmentally viable by showing how to reuse them in unthinkable ways and slow fashion brands more economically viable by styling them in unique ways

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