Long overcoat for ladies: Warming it up

What are they? The Long overcoat for ladies….

Interestingly the long overcoats made their firm mark on the world when this mode of coats became a status symbol of the rich or an iconic style depicted with the military uniforms. But as the time passed around the 17th century, overcoats became an accessible and reachable item for every social class. This led the development in terms of trends and style, making their mark especially for ladies as well as the long coat for girls. Interesting Fact: Also, it should be noted that at some stage in the Regency era, the long coats also underwent a transformation with their forms being more fitted (added with side-bodies, cut and fitted at the waist-line with the skirt part of the coat having a flared structure etc). These changes were in norm with the trend evolution that was taking the rounds in regards to female fashion. Some of their examples are the Paletot, the frock overcoat, the pleated structured long coat etc.

The design shake-up: Ladies long coat designs and over coat for girls… 

No matter what the design is, it’s the wearer that makes the piece stand out. You won’t have to spend a tonne of money to look great, just the right design and you are sorted out to sashay in your winter style. Having said that the cold-moths fashion is as much important for girls as it is for ladies.

Our Picks

Moving on, let’s now have a peek into the stylish world of long overcoat for ladies.


The Trench Coat

This is a structured style with great elegance and grace giving you an air of fashion supremacy. Let’s all agree to the fact that seeing a well fitted classic double breasted long over coat is an enticing sight. Starting as a male functional piece, this one has embraced the female silhouette so finely that all major designer/couture brands can’t get their winter line without adding one of these.

Parka long coat

Just your right comfort companion during the cold months, the Parka style is more ease-fashion rather than high-fashion chic. Just with the right amount of faux-fur trim and a quilting feature, this is a style that makes you a fashion icon where ever you go. To the college or shopping round-the-town or just a leisurely walk, the Parka long coat is a fine ladies’ companion (as well as for others too).

The Chesterfield style in wool

Used as part of the layering style or worn as a stand-alone piece, the Chesterfield style has as much history attached to it as much as it is a high-fashion statement. A great unisex style this was first blasted into prominence as a formal men’s overcoat one by the British around the 1840s. It was traditionally made with a velvet collar as a fashion element but now with the changing fashion and including the women’s style, this is an exceptionally adaptable design. Wear it to your business meeting or to a casual social affair, you make a mark with great prominence.

Boyfriend-overcoat style with a oversized twist

This style is a craze among the youth and others alike. Made in a vaguely outsized way, the boyfriend overcoat style gives you comfort over the restrictions of a fitted look. This style of women’s wear was made more widely reachable by Urban Outfitters, H&M, GAP etc when they began to sell pieces which made female fashion foray into a more unisex style of clothing and style. The Concept of a Boyfriend-Overcoat (or any other piece) is that you borrow a piece from your better-half/partner to wear publically cementing your relationship status as exclusive.

The Gilet trend with padding and long style

A style with the puffer look, this is one of the most comfortable items you can have in your long overcoat closet. Very utilitarian and trendy, the Gilet long coat is light weight adding to your comfort wear idea. Usually considered a body warmer casual style, nothing much makes it more stylish in casual elegance with this gilet trend.

A concluding reflection

This is also a fact that, if the winter coat fashion works for women, their miniature style always works for girls too. But to start with, let’s admit that 2020-2021 till now has almost been a total porridge. With the pandemic and restrictions, your wardrobe might need a overall face lift. Let’s start right with the woolen long coat for ladies as a first step, peeking into a few thoughts for a winter long coat closet change:

  • Let’s confess, we all need a new piece of winter jacket, and this season the Ladies long coat designs are a rave
  • Also, to have a polished final touch a great style with a winter coat is very useful
  • Choose your jacket bearing in mind if they are:
  • Temperate according to the climate (choose wooly, quilted, padded or warm lined ones)
  • Has the ease to be handled
  • Is handy and adaptable to your outfit
  • And above all looks good on you
  • Choose your overcoat for girls or the ladies one by:
  • Either really investing in a designer style
  • Or get a piece that your are sure will go with the trends and you can easily switch

Having said all these stuffs, let’s not forget the trend-forecast for 2021: Trench Coats are at the peak. And then there are the woolens and well-structured ones being your evergreen-classy choice.

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