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The wedding day is that special day where each and every single bride dreams of looking a million bucks… Like a reverie of panache… Like a mystic beauty of majestic elegance… To standout amongst the sea of well dressed, a bride not only needs an elegant dress but also a well done styling. Here in this blog we give you some ideas on how to do bridal makeup step by step with a magic touch of professionalism.

Nuptial styling according to us: understanding why and how to do bridal makeup step by step

It should be noted that every wedding occasion marks the time when a blushing bride feels like a deity. Also, she should be made to feel the same as it’s her special day and she is the focus of attention.

The Essence: It is an understatement to say that doing a HD bridal makeup step by step rightly or having an elegant hair style makes-or breaks a bride’s look. This is because these two play a very quintessential role in the whole styling apart from the actual wedding dress.

The Concept: Be it an English wedding or an Asian nuptial, an Oriental marriage or an African ceremony, the bridal make-up concept is universal. It not only enhances a bride’s regal flare but add the right spice to the whole ceremony. On normal days where every lady is a queen, on her wedding day she should be the empress. In addition to all these keeping a personal bridal makeup kit items list at hand is always worth it. While you will have a back up in the absence of your make-up artist, you will also have the assurance of covering a backing if in make-up crisis.

How to do bridal makeup step by step: A reference

Having spoken about the what, whys and when of bridal make up, let’s see the ‘how’ face of it.  Having already suggested on using a professional person to take care of you bridal look, go for doing it alone if you have the confidence. Here in this section on how to do bridal makeup step by step we give you a timely guide on self handling the situation. Make sure you emulate radiance and be the gorgeous self you always are. Let your better half be stunned at you ethereal sight. Here is our version of a simplistic elegant answer on how to do bridal makeup step by step with pictures to show you the way. With a great reference from Lakme bridal makeup step by step, let us start our approach

Cleanse your skin

For a really healthy after skin condition and for a fine hold of your carefully done makeup, you should always deep clean your skin beforehand. Not only this gives you a radiant final glow but also your hide will thank you eventually. Use clean water and a mild soap or a mild face wash/cleanser for this. Make sure to clean every part of your skin where ever the makeup is to be applied.

Put in your primer

Finally, it’s time to start the actual process of transforming the beauty in front of you into a queen. Begin your bridal transformation by spreading a lean coat of primer on your skin. Unlike other occasions, please make sure the primer is applied evenly. Clearly, this is to make sure of the long lasting effect of your total make-up transformation with a durable application. Importantly, primer is a must have if you bear a combination type of skin.

Attending your under eye area

With the preparation done for your makeup to be applied, make sure you give importance to your eyes. Especially with the hectic lives we live, many of us will have eye bags and dark circles under our eyes. Here comes the life saver- the concealer the very best answer to all such worries. Apply it evenly and blend it in with an egg sponge, making your eyes pop out in vibrant radiance. This also is very useful in a full day set-in against a dull climate.

Applying the base foundation

With all the steps above, we hope that you are following our answer on how to do bridal makeup step by step.  Now, let us concentrate on the base of all make-up- The foundation. Without a doubt an anti-aging foundation will keep your make-up highlighted at the same time will take care of your skin. Again, make sure it is applied evenly as a blotched make-up will make you look part of a horror movie in contrast to your dream of being angel like. Use the ever trusted tips of your finger to mix and spread it equally. This will give it a well innate creamy touch. Moreover, attend to your jaw line too during this step to give a sharp feel to your facial structure.

Emphasize your eyes

Following the above step, you can move on to your eyes now. A bridal make-up is much appreciated when there is drama to the eyes. They should shine like jewels on your special day. Applying a highlighter in tune with your outfit adds in the right spark. Then apply a smudge-less waterproof eyeliner to outline your eyes. Finish the styling with a majestically tinted eye shadow with light translucent glitter detail to make your eye makeup take a dramatized smoky twist.

Volumise your lashes

Now that you have handled your eyes, turn your attention towards your eyelashes. This is one of the less emphasized but most important turn on the in-demand HD bridal makeup step by step. Give equal attention to your brows and eyelashes for a definite rich style. Many experienced make-up artists recommend that you volumise your lashes with the faux-lash extensions to increase the length or dimensions. If you don’t want that you can also try using volumising mascaras too which are waterproof.

Set-in your make up and add the final touch up

Obviously, it’s time that you are mostly moving towards the final stages on how to do bridal makeup step by step. Now you can start to add the last bit of makeup styling by

  • Putting on a pink shaded blush and a harmonizing tinted lipstick synchronizing with your wedding outfit.
  • Importantly applying a colorless lip gloss will make your lip shade pop out in freshness.
  • Absolutely use a highlighter on your eye-corners, brow bones and cheek bones for an added prominence for a diva like outcome.
  • Last but not the least, set all of your makeup in using a nude shaded talc or face powder. This will help locking in your makeup and will give a long duration to it.

Our concluding thoughts

And to lock in a bride’s goddess look following an elegant and simple bridal makeup step by step look is quintessential.  Furthermore whilst in the wedding attire and then being active in the reception, the bride will need to hold the trustable hand of her refreshing make-up. So either you do it yourself following on how to do bridal makeup step by step or hire a professional. Just, make sure you sore up and high; shine like a princess; rule like a queen; conquer every heart like an empress on your wedding day.

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