Easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair: Waves Majestic

In this article, we are going to share easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair. Read this article till last.

Curls and waves are like magic wands… This hair spins you around like sparkle in the breeze, like a delightful flirtatious band… Finding daily hairstyles for curly frizzy hair or even trying to solve the puzzle- easy hairstyles for curly hair for school can be a task within itself to be frank. Managing the ‘noodle-mane’ as it’s hilariously known in the popular culture is a bit tiresome at times.  In this blog, we are going to discuss the fairy world of curly tresses…

Easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair: Celebrating the eccentricity

 It should be noted that curly hair has two main personalities (or so we found out with personal experiences). When going for an anticipated self styling session most of the time, they either go the huge husky way or they just plunge to stick-out in an eccentric look. But, that does not mean that you will have to make the ultimate adjustment and rely on the hot iron and other styling tools which may damage your beautiful curls and magical waves. After all the eccentricity of the natural curls itself is really enticing for its unpredictable natural form.

Spice up your Curls: Easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair

Choosing one of the easy hairstyles for a naturally curly hair black girl is far more of a task than finding a befitting one for a white girl. The texture, the formation, the grain, etc. of the hair all get dissimilar with differing races. That is why we find curly hair more in people of the black/brown ethnicity. Below are our suggestions of styles according to the length of your hair proportionate to the shape of your face.

Style your crimpy-tresses in short hair

Short curls have an individuality of their own. They are bouncy, they are springy and they have that free-spirited vibe. Add a trendy side-swept bang and you will always look runway ready. Mainly suitable for inverted triangular and diamond face shapes. To go the celebrity way punkish messy curls and statement front fringes with subtle highlights are a great pick.

Make it look fantastic in medium length springy waves

One of the most favored easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair little girl, this is the length most of the curly heads prefer. This style is neither too long and difficult to handle nor is too short on your head to make it look like a bird’s nest. But let’s say a bird’s nest has its charm. Tight spring, medium curls or loose waves, this length is a mid-way of both the worlds. If your hair is really thick, try feathering it or cutting it in a layered style. This way you get your thickness tames and at the same time your hair emulates the magic glow of curly chicness. The beach wave look or the runway style, curly medium extent hair is as spicy as a Naga-chili pepper.

Look smashing in your imposing long curly mane

Long curly hair in a blustery wave or in refined distinct curls or even with a rustic rushy-twist braiding is a sight to behold. One of the easy hairstyles for naturally wavy hair, it’s magical and gives you an enchanting charm of a mystical being. How royal does it look when you have your well-groomed curls in a long fall? Our top tip is that, to avoid your hair all looking husky and coir-like, try your hair in layering or a feather cut. Subsequently, your locks don’t lose their charm but you feel lighter and rejuvenated with your long curly mane.  This is one of the most popular easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair white girl/brown girls.

Done precisely: Styling the curly delight the right way

Undoubtedly, however we search for an answer or refer a tonne of media, styling curly hair is a task in itself unless your pay the saloons. But we are here to suggest you a few basic easy ways to grab your curls and do them right beautifully so much that the onlookers are left in awe.

The high pony

A real stylish style, this one is probably the most easiest of all. Comb your hair into a neat bunch or grab it with a messy look letting a few of your ringlets out, tie it higher than your ears (at the highest point of your head. Set your curls with a serum or a soft gel. You are ready to rock your waves in fashion. This is one of the chicest easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair.

High bun elegance

High buns are the epitome of grace. It carries class and finesse. As much as you are in a hurry, just a high pony, wrapping the loose curls around the base, a few bobby pins, and another hair tie tied around later, you have one of the easiest, go to hairstyles. In a rush or to a business meeting, on a sandy beach, or up in the misty mountains, this style is a safe haven for naturally curly hair belles.

The messy bun excitement

Nothing beats the elegance of a messy bun done properly with waves and curls set. But you know what’s the catch? Curly heads carry an extra advantage with this style. Obviously, all the ringlets and springs can be made of good use here with every of the natural waves and that adds an extra oomph to the elegance of this classy hair up-do. Without a doubt we say- this is the best of the easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair.

Fun with the half pony-tail/bun

A symbol of your carefree soul, this style is a savior for your midweek hair. You go on an errand to run or out for a jog, to the shops or to your class, just a half high pony, clearly, this will capture your heart in a wave. Just make sure that, when you part your hair, the line between the half-pony and the rest of the wavy ends should be in a clean line.

Fancy French braids

Definitely, a hot favorite among all hairstyles, this one gives you a fierce sporty feel at the same time has elegance and sophistication personified. Although this might be a slightly difficult style to master, once you get the hang of it you will never be in a fix on a bad hair day. For tight to medium packed curls, leave the ends of the braid tied up and loose. With this style you will never get tired of repeating it.

The breezy free flow

What can we say more about this style? Set you precious tresses in a proper curl style with a great quality serum or a soft hair gel and then leave it loose. Let the gentle wind lead your way… Let the feel make you say- let it go…  And let it go… Let your free spirit and your happy heart fill your time with joy and admiring glances.

The simple straight braid

This is a very basic lifesaver of everyone with natural curls. Differing from all other styles, this one is one of the first-ever hairstyles every one of us learns. Plain and simple, this hairstyle gives us the contained look on a bad hair day at the same time a great lean-on for an uncomplicated option when you are too lazy to do your tresses.


The curly manes have their own personality and moods. Interestingly, curly hair is like an individual on its own. Furthermore, it’s also interesting to know that around 68% of the world population carries a curly hair trait, whether their manes turn out springy or not. Clearly, curls aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Those who own a head full of them only know the pain they have in managing it. It should also be noted that, with a little bit of patience and self-care, the curly heads can bring in all the admiration with the magic of the springy tresses….

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