Choosing the Right Bridal Makeup
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Choosing the Right Bridal Makeup

May 21, 2020

The wedding season is ON, and if you are a bride-to-be, we can truly understand the options and confusion you are going through. Especially as a bride, one thing is always on mind: Choosing the Right bridal Makeup in Delhi. Every bride wants to have the best sparkling look on the big day. Choosing the right makeup is as essential as selecting the right MUA.

To be the real star on your big day, be sure to choose the best bridal makeup according to the weather to look your best. So, we have created a list of trendy makeup looks to choose from for your big day.

Right Bridal Makeup

1. Soft dewy makeup for best bridal makeup in Delhi

Right Bridal Makeup

This makeup look is the trendiest one as nowadays brides don’t want to put on heavy makeup.

If you want to look like a princess with a minimal or no-makeup lookthis makeup is for you.

Day Functions – Best for Summer Season – All Skin Types

Light makeup with pink lips that highlight your original beauty gives you a natural, subtle and breezy look. It is best suited if it’s a day function. This look can be done in any season, but looks great if it is a summer wedding. It goes well with pastel shade dresses.

And don’t worry about your skin type, as this makeup looks magical on all skin types.

2. Shimmery makeup

Right Bridal Makeup

Glitters are always in trend. It is a modern-day best bridal makeup in Delhi. It highlights your facial features, especially your eyes. You can even experiment more with your eyes to look bold and beautiful. Eyes are always the most eye-catching. The bold dark colours of this makeup make your eyes look even more sparkling and eye-catching. With the combination of glittery eyeshadows and winged eyeliner, this makeup is best for night functions as best bridal makeup in delhi.

Women who want to look bold on the big day can go for this type of makeup.

Night Function – Best for Winters – All Skin Types

This makeup looks good on dark shade dresses. You can opt for this in any season, especially the winter season. This makeup suits all skin types may it be dry, sensitive, or normal skin.

3. HD makeup

Right Bridal Makeup

If you love to get clicked with all the blemishes on your face hidden, this is best bridal makeup in Delhi, India. It gives you a flawless look for hours.

It hides all the lines on the face and makes your face camera-ready for the whole day.

Day/Night function – Best for Summers/rains – All skin types (Preferred for oily skin)

This best bridal makeup in Delhi does not give the bride an over-bright look, as it looks quite natural. It can go for both day or night functions. It is best for oily skin types as it makes your skin sweat-proof for hours. Brides with other skin types can also opt for it without doubt. This makeup can be used for any weather but is best for humid or hot weather as it does not let sweat appear on the face.

4. Airbrush makeup

Right Bridal Makeup

The name says it all. No sponge or brush is used on your face. Airbrush paints your face for a brightening look. This makeup is silicon-based, which makes it really long-lasting. It gives a fresh look to your face all the time.

This makeup gives you a little hefty bridal look.

Night function – Best for winters – Not for Dry skins

Go for this makeup if your wedding is in winters but avoid in summer or rains. Airbrush makeup feels a little heavy in humidity. Preferably, choose it if it is a night function. This makeup can suit all skin types, but girls with dry skin should avoid it as the product may begin to flake. On one side, it gives a smooth finish but can also create spots and flakes if not applied properly.

5. Matte makeup

Right Bridal Makeup

You love bold colours? Are you not afraid to experiment with your skin? Then, this bridal makeup is for you.

Most popular makeup of the season to make you look stunning.

Day/Night function – Any weather – Any Skin Type

It gives a toned-down appearance to the bride. It retains natural texture, yet it illuminates the skin under strong lights. Matte products enhance the look. It goes well in any weather and on any skin type. As this makeup is all about bold colours, and you love that spicy bold look, go for this to get a magical new look. This look is suited for any season.

6. Smokey makeup

Right Bridal Makeup

What about looking graceful and powerful on your special day?

Those who prefer dark colours like black, grey, or brown must opt for this look.

Night Wedding – Any Season – All Skin Types

Eyes and lips are the main focus in this makeup. Sexy dark eyes and bold lips give a dramatic look. It is a chic makeup style that looks great with bold red lips and can complement almost every colour on wedding attire. Smokey makeup look is best for a night wedding. Go for this look in any season. It is suited to all skin types also.

We hope you got to know a great deal about the right best bridal makeup in Delhi for you. Choose the right makeup based on your skin, weather, and your dress. Apart from all that, don’t forget to pamper your skin with a healthy diet and a lot of water before your big day. Hydrated skin looks flawless.

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