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13 Different Types of Women Jeans in Which You Can Choose as Per Your Choice

You wear women jeans constantly, so why not study every one of the cuts and outlines? Or then again regardless of whether you think you know every one of the kinds of jeans, it’s as yet enjoyable to search for additional! There are numerous styles that can stir up some heated discussions. Are you team Low-rise or high-rise? Team long or cropped? Team wide leg or skinny? Honestly, you might be more team jeans nowadays, however you get what I mean. Best fashion designers in India are also working on it.

Jeans have been around for over a century (they were developed in 1873 to be accurate, because of Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis), so obviously there have been huge loads of emphases of the bottoms from that point forward, some more troublesome than others. In any case, assuming you really love all sets similarly—indeed, even low-ascent ones—you’ll want to continue to look to get your hands on some new jeans. Here, 13 unique sorts of jeans for ladies that you’ll need to add to your all around flooding denim cabinet. Also, in case you’re in the state of mind for considerably more look at this gathering of the best, first class jeans.

For as long as 150 years, jeans originally turned into an image for the working people, at that point an image of nonconformity and insubordination, and now a style articulation. Jeans have likewise developed from the standard regular laborer gave attire and now come in many styles. Jeans additionally arrive in a wide assortment of shadings, however blue actually stays the favored shade.

Types of Jeans for Women

1. Straight Leg Jeans

Straight cut jeans are a moderate cut that while not generally the most in vogue, isn’t really unpopular all things considered. It’s an exemplary cut.

What is straight leg Jeans?

The trouser leg is fairly predictable width right down the leg. It is tighter on the thigh, somewhat free around the calf and lower leg.

Straight Leg women Jeans

2. Skinny Cut Jeans

While thin fit jeans are sliced to the shape your butt and thighs, thin jeans take it to the following level by being tight in butt, thighs and whole leg. They’re basically denim stretchy jeans. The two people wear this cut. Indeed, they can be agreeable these days with the creation of stretch denim.

Skinny Cut women Jeans

3. Slim Fit Jeans

They’re sliced to fit snuggly around your thighs and butt. They release up a smidgen down the leg. They ought not to be mistaken for a thin cut, which keeps up cozy fit down the whole leg.

Women jeans

4. Loose Fit Jeans

The free fit hangs down low on your waste and offers abundant room in thighs. The leg opening may limit a piece.

image 73

5. Flared Cut Jeans

It’s tight on thighs and butt however flares wide at the base. The flare is more articulated than the bootcut women jeans. These were well known during the 1970s and were alluded to as ringer bottoms.

image 74

6. Bootcut Jeans

The bootcut jean has a viable application in that the base opening and calf region extends to oblige boots. The boot cut isn’t really as close around butt and thighs as the erupted women jeans.

image 75

7. Distressed Jeans

Bothered jeans are less a cut but rather more it’s alluding to a style. The style is a ragged look, regularly including tears.

Distressed Jeans1 1

8. Wide Leg Jeans

The wide leg offers a more extensive slice leg start to finish. They are wide at the thighs and base.

image 76

9. Mom Jeans

Wouldn’t you know it, the mom (and father) jean is in style. Stunning, correct? The name was pretty much as unflattering as the style. However, incidentally, presently the mom jean is in style. Go figure? It’s a free, awkward looking jean cut worn for comfort. Think dockers in denim. The butt is high, the zipper/front free, together making an unflattering look… aside from style truly is insight and if the high butt and the free front are up-to-date, it looks great, correct?

image 77

10. Low Rise Jeans

Low ascent jeans have a short ascent and site low on the abdomen. They can be a bootcut, straight leg, sweetheart, or thin women jeans. The name applies to the ascent as it were. Here’s a model:

image 78

11. High Rise Jeans

A skyscraper cut jean has an additional ascent in the seat so the gasp abdomen sits higher up. They can be a straight leg, thin, thin fit, and so forth Here’s an illustration of skyscraper thin women jeans:

image 79

12. Bell Bottom Jeans

This is a limit adaptation of the kick flare jeans. This kind of jeans has an overstated leg flare and generally accompanies low ascent jeans and ultra low ascent women jeans. The jean is fitting till the knee and afterward leg flares and the stitch makes a ringer shape.

image 80

13. Boyfriend Jeans

They’re free, open to relaxing pants without altogether tossing style to the breeze. They’re frequently somewhat upset, worn however have more give and room than thin or thin fit women Jeans.

image 81

These all are great choice of best fashion designers in India for you.

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With regards to tracking down a dress to wear on a night out, the choices are unending. Best party wear dress compliments particular body types, climate and events, so it very well may be overpowering to attempt to handle the decisions alone. Here is your manual for every dress sort for any event.

Get best party wear dress online below:

image 55

1. T-Shirt Dress

 T-Shirt dresses are the one that you can go for when you’re venturing out to early lunch or the films. Similar as an ordinary T-shirt, the round neck and baggy outline sit simply over the knee. Obviously, you can likewise discover a T-shirt dress with a pencil skirt outline, yet the attention is on the T-shirt neck area. This look is ideal for any body type, so get inventive, as this dress is a genuine fresh start for any season!

image 51

2. Tea Length Dress

This exemplary style has its advanced inceptions from Edwardian occasions when texture became lighter which made it well known to wear inside, around companions, frequently while drinking tea. This outline has round trip skirt which hits at the mid-calf. A vintage-enlivened outline, a tea length dress is ideal best party wear dress for the individuals who are en route to a semi-formal occasion or wish to add some old style Hollywood show into their outfit.

image 41

3. Denim Dress

At the point when you’re not in the disposition to crush into your pants, slip on a charming denim dress! Similarly as the name proposes: this sort of best party wear dress is made of denim. It arrives in a wide scope of style, with long sleeve and traditional front or a pinafore with pockets.

image 42

4. Pinafore Dress

A pinafore dress is a strapless dress, collarless with medium-sized ties on the shoulders. You can wear it with a turtleneck under or a shirt. This charming minimal dress is an incredible method to grandstand your figure without pressing into something excessively close!

image 43

5. Bardot Dress

Named after the blonde sensation, Bridgette Bardot, this dress emanates wantonness and complexity. With an off-shoulder theme, such dresses are finished with a sleeve that sits just beneath the shoulders, giving you the feeling that you’ve slipped the sleeves off only a tad!

image 44

6. Long Sleeve Dress

For those crisp winter evening, settle on a dress with long sleeve. This style isn’t just a savvy decision for freezing evenings, but at the same time they’re unbelievably hot and charming. Long sleeved dress arrives in a scope of various outlines, so regardless of the thing style you’re pursuing, whether it be a bodycon, ball gown or a midi dress, there is an ideal thing for you! These dresses are ideal for the individuals who wish to keep their arms covered

image 45

7. Bell Sleeve Dress

A bell sleeve dresses distinguish itself with these unique sleeves finishing at the mid-lower arm or wrist, with a flare streaming down towards your hands. These sleeves are formed like a bell, consequently the name. Such best party wear dresses come in various outlines, yet the point of convergence is the sleeve.

image 46

8. Strapless Dress

Hotshot those flawless shoulders with the assistance of a strapless dress. The principal present day strapless dress is said to have begun during the 1930s by fashioner, Mainbocher. As the name proposes, this style has no sleeves or lashes, and it sits simply over the bust, depending on your body’s shape to keep up. If you don’t want to show skin, you can generally shake these dresses with a T-shirt under or a skivvy.

image 47

9. Handkerchief Hem Dress

Add a curve to the lopsided dress with a Handkerchief Hem Dress. These fixes are intended to seem like a few Handkerchiefs were held at the middle, streaming down in the skirt. The style of cloth trims can be found at any length, with any neck area. It tends to be unobtrusive or articulated, and is a lovely method to flaunt your exquisite pins!

party wear western dresses online india

10. Bandage Dress

Advocated during the ’90s by French originator Hervé Léger, the wrap dress has a comparable outline to the bodycon shape. In any case, its advancement is nearer to shapewear. The dress got its name because of its ‘bandage’ development, comprising of layers of weaved tape that embrace the bends taking all things together the correct spots. It considers one of the best party wear dress in India

best party wear dress in mumbai

11. Pencil Dress

On the off chance that you’re taking off somewhere and endeavoring to stun someone, the pencil dress is the one for you. This dress is named after pencil shape; a pencil dress is commonly nipped at the abdomen, with a sew that hits under the knee and have lace.

best party wear dress in delhi

12. Qipao Dress

This conventional Chinese dress dates directly back to the seventeenth century during the Manchu rule. Stunning in structure, the Qipao features a high neck and a straight skirt. By and large made of silk, they are done with weaving. The cutting edge Qipao got notable in the West during the 1920s, and features a high cut on one of the two legs, with a wide scope of sleeve types. These all are best party wear dress in Delhi, India.

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How to Look Gorgeous with Best Bridal Earrings!!!

best bridal makeup in India

Earing is important part of Best Bridal makeup in Delhi!!!

Is it genuine that you are proposing to tie a bundle this wedding season? Taking everything into account, well done on your new beginning! While this day is presently so unprecedented, what makes it extensively more outstanding for the woman of great importance to-be is her wedding lehenga, beautifying agents and marriage diamonds. This time our style experts plunked down to bring to you the best marriage studs contemplations that we spotted on various women and started to look all idealistic at. They will tell you best bridal makeup in India. Here, we are going our best picks for all season.

Top 13 Latest Bridal Earrings That Give You Perfect Look!

best bridal makeup in delhi
1. Jhumkas is India’s Favorite Bridal Earrings

This woman of great importance eliminated our hearts with all of her wedding looks. Everything from her outfit to beauty care products and pearls was no not by and large wizardry! Talking about her enormous day look, she picked these bewitching jhumkas in the shade of gold. Rani pink dabs around the end made her pearls supplement her stunning outfit.

best bridal makeup in delhi
2. Pretty Golden Ones Adorned with Green Emeralds!

Her bands just as her entire embellishments set eliminated our breaths! All decked up this flawless standard red lehenga, this woman of great importance picked all splendid stone-studded roof apparatus loops charged with bottle green globules at the base. Their smiles, clearly, make this one all hearts!

circle earring with valuable stone for bridal
3. Circle Earrings Are Our Go-To Option On Normal Days

Circle bands should be the most versatile sort of studs that exist. You can style it up for the most part or casually as per the occasion and voila! This woman of great importance picked to not go OTT on her colossal day and chose valuable stone studded circle bands and they didn’t perplex!

image 29
4. Gorgeous Bahubali Earring with Peacock Motif

Bahubali circles have been controlling the Indian wedding style scene since the opportunity the film came out. While we can’t get enough of the lovely styles the originators have devised, this one, explicitly, has been on our minds from the time we took a gander at it. The Golden arrangement upgraded with pretty ruby emerald and pearls is basically incredibly beautiful.

image 30
5. Cluster Earrings for The Uber Cool Modern Brides Out There!

If you wind up being the person who acknowledges that restraining it would be ideal or basically don’t want to go OTT on any of your wedding limits, there can’t be a prevalent choice. Bundle bands like with one accommodate a too current splendid look without choosing its standard part. It is perfect part of best bridal makeup.

image 31
6. Moving Simple Bridal Earrings for Brides

Gosh! Is it genuine that she isn’t just so delightful? We are so captivated by her entire look! Her Golden jhumkas enhanced with rubies looks astonishing with her pastel marriage lehenga that she chose to wear on the most euphoric day of her life!

image 32
7. Charming Piece of Jewelry is Ideal for a Bride for Her Day!

The woman of great importance chose to wear this long dangler band on her large day close by her Kundan jewelry making us faint over her look. Her totally done make is further making us heart this look!

image 33
8. Chandbali Earrings with Pearl Detailing

This woman chose to wear these studded pearl separated Bahubali circles on our mehndi and gave us a wedding desire to add to this summary. For women who need to go all fabulousness and own their remarkable day, this one is a flat out need endeavor!

image 34
9. Gajra Infused Bridal Earrings

We are totally fascinated with this idea! This woman of great importance solidified her headgear, that is, a pretty gajra with her fundamental pack studs and it looks just so dazzling.

Golden Dangler Circle with Valuable stone1
10. Golden Dangler Circle with Valuable stone

Her Golden dangler circle upgraded with valuable stone is ideal for women who need to excitement up their look with their enhancements anyway don’t wish to eliminate all the thought from the outfit and beauty care products. The pearl determining around the completion of the loop make this one no not by and large a showstopper.

image 36
11. Diamond Studded Hoop Earrings with Floral Design

How essential yet stunning is this arrangement wore by any woman on your enormous day. The splendid stud is charged with pretty spots and ghungroo at the base. Goodness! Additionally, uncommon notification: Her make has our hearts!

image 37
12. Latest Earrings as a Best Bridal Makeup in Delhi

Gone are the days when women were picking significant pearls on the aggregate of their wedding limits, the present-day women need to make some great memories on their excellent day and they lean toward keeping it light, especially on their Haldi and mehndi. These light loops look great just as won’t be a desolation with all the moving that you are expecting!

image 38
13. Enchanting Danglers Perfect for You Happy Brides Out There!

We understood we had the chance to add this one to the once-over when we took a gander at it. The commendable blend of gold and red in Indian Bridal wear makes this the best one on the overview and goodness! We cannot indicate her awesome smile. Earing is important of best bridal makeup in Delhi

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20 Different Types of Crop Top To show Up Midsection in Style

best fashion bloggers in delhi

The exceptionally on-pattern style, Crop tops has taken hearts of each young lady and plunged itself to be the closet staple for summers. We are here to crush the apprehensions off to wear crop tops. The most complimenting styles show up lovely on a lady’s body. It is choice of all best fashion bloggers in delhi. The styles are fun and super stylish. They come in all shape and size. We needn’t bother with more motivation to possess them in light of the fact that here are various kinds of crop tops that will allow you to figure out your own best.

image 5

1. Off Shoulder Crop Tops: Preferred Choice of Best Fashion Bloggers in Delhi

The off shoulder style has fallen sleeves from the shoulders. The bewitching reach shocks us with its style signal and the way to talent this gaze is to group upward as an easygoing outfit.

image 6

2. Unsettle Sleeve Crop Tops

Be the sweet young lady you have for a long while been itching to claim the unsettle sleeve dark crop top. The head-turner style has unsettles sewed on to the sleeves that take a sharp edge for a companion’s gathering.

image 7

3. Knit Crop Tops

The knit crop top is planned with agreeable sew texture which keeps you warm inside. The stretchy texture allows you to keep your head in the style game and sparkle while you pair it with white jeans and tennis shoes.

image 8

4. Henley Crop Tops

A Henley crop top as a rule comes in weaved texture with short length. It’s an absolute necessity need to shake the warm climate and it generally looks incredible when worn with calfskin shorts.

image 9

5. Mock Neck Crop Tops

Planned principally for comfort during winters, the counterfeit neck crop top has neck protracting outline. The mixed drink prepared clothing adds to the style and serves to be a well-suited makeover for all.

image 10

6. Tie Crop Tops

The tie crop top has bunches to be tied at the back or once in a while at the sleeves. This crop top style offers a free-lively expression in style and is an unmistakable decision to convey bohemian vibes.

image 11

7. Scoop Neck Crop Tops

Experience the profundity in neck area and parade that cleavage unquestionably with the Scoop Neck Crop Top. Update your super cool look saying yes to this style and see it be the closet victor.

image 12

8. Choker Crop Tops

The nearby fitted style worn around the neck currently comes in crop top plan as well. The choker crop top plays into the nerve and accents more because of the plan. Its ideal chance to wear the style for get-together.

image 13

9. Halter Crop Tops

Offer self with strap style crop top that allows you to support the back. The bunch at the back gives out an unmistakable proposal for you to kick in the style for candle light supper.

image 14

10. Lace Up Crop Tops

The rich and tasteful texture when mixed into a top gives a cheeky touch to the look because of trim like plan The ribbon up crop top seems glitz as your pair it with high midriff jeans and give more slam with wedges.

image 15

11. Cut-out Sleeve Crop Tops

The crop top has removed plan on the sleeve. The luxurious vintage style yield will loan you with stunning style call as you combine the solid subject with strappy tights.

image 16

12. Caged Crop Tops

The caged crop top allows you to kill the club as you wear this style with small skirt. The style has ribbed style on the top and the confine look adds a novel touch.

image 17

13. Peplum Crop Tops

The top flares from the midsection and thus it’s called peplum crop top. Hit the dance floor wearing this and hotshot your moves and bends with sizzling fitted jeans and stilettoes.

image 18

14. Twist Front Crop Tops

Add intriguing layers with the bunch style front top. The style has subtleties like turns on the texture. Be a piece of a luxury look this end of the week with executioner top and dark pants to go. It is really comfortable for all best fashion bloggers in Delhi

image 19

15. Crochet Crop Tops

Made with yarn texture, this crop top style comes in sheer plan. Wear your bralettes and overlay this style to get an ideal sea shore search for summers. Best fashion bloggers in Delhi will suggest you for it.

image 20

16. Metallic Crop Tops

Welcome on the late evening claiming the bling style crop top that highlights metallic plan in crop way. Club it with calfskin pants as your ideal ally for the night out with your accomplice.

image 21

17. Leather Crop Tops

The grit style top awards you with leather quintessence. The scorching crop top clears its direction and sets your style ablaze as you wear it to evening party.

image 22

18. Chain Mail Crop Tops

The crop top typically has sequin style enumerating with chain ties. This crop top seems provocative and allows you to take the action as you rock it at a get-together.

image 23

19. Lace Crop Tops

The lace crop top has a transparent that lets the texture and the style show up absolutely heavenly. Wear your inners without any timid and convey respecting vibes to all with it.

image 24

20. Cut Out Crop Tops

The stunning cut out style crop top draws everybody with its tempting appearance. The cut out plan top features cuts on the style and makes it an ideal outfit with an amazing touch. It is perfect choice of best fashion bloggers in Delhi

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Niki Mehra Is Raring To Build Her Own Unique Legacy

Best Fashion Icon in Delhi

It takes a lot to rise from the ashes, achieve your goals and give back to the world as Niki Mehra has. She is an independent, strong-headed woman who has made it into the fashion industry good for herself by simply believing in herself as a best fashion icon in Delhi, India. She has a story that cannot be restricted to a page. But here is a little something for you to get inspired by as Niki divulged into conversation with us.

1. Hi Niki, we’ve seen you grow & your journey is so inspiring for the youth as a best fashion icon in Delhi. Whichever field you step into, you face it. Tell us about how your journey had begun and has how been till now?

Well, it dates back to my college days. I was in the middle of pursuing my master’s program in economics when I realised my dreams and aspirations were changing and I was no longer happy with where I was. I took the leap of faith, switched, and started my career in fashion from scratch.

The journey has been rewarding, to say the least, but that’s always the case when one chases and believes in their dreams.

Best Fashion Icon in Delhi
2. Tell us about a change you’ve seen in the digital blogging space since you started out your journey as a best fashion icon in Delhi? How has this space evolved?

The blogging space has evolved tremendously both here and globally. Especially 2020 taught us the importance of authentic organic content and one change I see visibly is influencers trying harder every day to show their real not so perfect life over the perfect Instagram life we all developed over the years.

3. What was that moment when you felt that this is it; people have started liking you and are getting inspired by your work?

It was when I started my #NMRethinks fashions series on Instagram. It was a completely selfless, 100% organic series for my audience to help them with their everyday fashion insecurities and to help them feel and look confident without spending money. They really connected with it and the amount of love I received was immense!

Best Fashion Icon in Delhi
Niki Mehra- Fashion Icon

4. Can you give us an insight into social media platforms that only an Influencer can know?

The biggest learning and “secret” if you want to call it is evolving. Social media algorithms are designed for the viewers. They show you who you love what you love and that keeps changing. So influencers need to constantly adapt to market taste.

5. Having a large fan following and being a public figure, what kind of responsibilities do you have? And how do you make use of this fame?

A large audience always comes with accountability. If we can influence someone’s choices in what they wear, use or eat, then we have the social responsibility to influence them in the correct direction. This is why my team and I always promote brands if we or anyone in our family is an existing user of the brand and has had a good experience.

Best Fashion icon in Delhi

6. The world has changed with the pandemic and everyone has accepted the new normal. What do you think is the new approach to keep moving in the new age of digital media?

With the pandemic, like we have seen the importance of the digital world increased multifold. The pandemic made all of us self-reliant and led creators to adopt a more we are a one-man army approach. We were creating content from our homes on our phones. And our viewers responded. So there has been a visible shift in putting oneself out there more without overthinking it and most importantly, keeping it simple.

7. What do you do to make your content unique from others?

We take pride as a best fashion icon in Delhi in being the first ones in the Indian blogging industry to start a fashion hacks series where we try to make both high fashion clothes environmentally viable by showing how to reuse them in unthinkable ways and slow fashion brands more economically viable by styling them in unique ways

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Lipstick: A Make-up Must

Lipstick is our “go-to” makeup item every time we step out of the house. It has been the foremost fashionable style of makeup for several decades. And women have always loved this small make-up essential. Lipstick helps a woman to achieve the preferred look for best bridal makeup in India and it also highlights the features. Lipstick not solely enhances beauty, it even comforts the lips by keeping them hydrous and soft. Furthermore, it helps to decorate your smile. So, holding in mind all these benefits of this tiny handy tool, we must always opt for the right lipstick that suits us best according to our skin tone and in steps with the season. 

SUMMER 2021 is approaching, and here are few shades that are progressing to be in trend this summer as a best bridal makeup in India. These must-have lipstick shades are :
  1. Velvety red

The most attractive colour for lips is, undoubtedly, red. It is the hot favourite colour of the season for all women. It is usually said,“ WHEN IN DOUBT, WEAR RED.” Red is for every woman. It is classy, elegant, and trendy. Red is the colour that suits all skin tones, be it fair, medium, or dark. Red colour matches any and every affair as well, be it hanging out with friends, a date night, office meeting, or a wedding function. Truly, the power of red is undeniable. You can go for minimal makeup if you are using red shade because this colour in itself is so attractive to make you look bold and beautiful. It is perfect option for best bridal makeup in India  

best bridal makeup in India

2. Passionate purple 

Are you a confident, strong, bold, and mysterious woman? This shade of lipstick is for you, then. It gives you an ultra mystifying look. Shades of purple are universally flattering and suit every skin tone. There is a wide range of shades of purple like lavender, lilac, violet, and plum. Different shades of purple are for unique skin tone women. Fair skin tone women can choose light shades like lavender, lilac, and medium, and dark tone women can choose bold dark shades like violet and plum. This colour is so bright to look like a piece of jewellery you have worn. Since it is a dark shade so less makeup would work to make you look classy and eye-catching.

best bridal makeup in India
best bridal makeup in India

3. Millennial Pink 

This colour is so powerful to let you quit the favourite red. Pink has the most exciting range of shades from pastels, romantic, blush to deep, dark, and bold colours. Different shades of pink make you look different every time. You can look cute or romantic or elegant and bold by choosing different shades of pink lipstick. Pink is mostly for fair to light skin tone women.

You can make people turn their heads with this pink colour. With all these variations, you can opt it for any occasion. With light shades of pink, you can wear pastel shade dresses and look summer-ready. Dark shades of pink can highlight your facial features more. It is good option in best bridal makeup in India

best bridal makeup in India

4. Ultra nude

Nude is the shade of lipstick that matches your skin tone. It gives you a simple opaque look. It is a shade you can carry in your day-to-day life, as it is the best colour for summers. It gives lips a more natural, creamy, and soft look. 

This shade is so adjusting to match every skin tone. It is one of the most compelling shades. Everyone wants to feel light and natural in summers. Hence, it is a must-have colour for all women. Especially it would be in trend in the coming summers. 

Yes!! This one is definitely the shade for women who do not like heavy or dark lip shades. Moreover, it is best suited for young, college-going, or even office-going women.  

best bridal makeup in India

5. Beachy peach

Peach colour is an immensely eye-catching colour. It is for fair skin toned women. Those fair-toned women who love to go for brown shades, this is the best option to choose. It has a texture of pink in it with a bit of light shade. Bold makeup goes well with this shade of lipstick. This shade helps to enhance eyes by giving them a smokey look and bold best bridal makeup in India and brightens the smile with beautiful lips. 

best bridal makeup in India

So, these are the shades that are going to trend this summer. Be wise to choose the right shade of lipstick for your lips based on your skin tone. The right choice can make you look elegant and beautiful, but the wrong choice can spoil your look. If you are going to get marriage, You can choose in them for best bridal makeup in India So, choose this chief fashion accessory to enhance your beauty and look every time you step out. 

image 67
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Sporty Looks: The Latest Fashion Trend

In today’s fashionable world, every woman wants to have a perfect body shape. Now, staying healthy is not a factor depending on women’s age, profession, or culture. Every woman wants a fit and healthy body. These are following best fashion designers in India. Enthusiasts are investing their time regularly in yoga, dance, gym, or personal training. But, a predominant thing for gym-goers is to look sporty as well as new-fashioned. Serving the current needs, different kinds of sportswear are in trend. No doubt, now fashion and sportswear go hand in hand. And the best part is that the sporty look is not only for exercise but also for fashion seekers. Different sportswear options work not only for gymming purposes but also for a day out, camping, college, or even for office-going women.

Some of the trending sporty looks are recommended by Best Fashion Designers in India :

  1. Cool jeggings

One of the sports trends is wearing skin-fit jeggings, which come in thousands of prints and colours. Choose it according to your choice and see yourself in a cool and sporty look. One can even carry a top or tee with these jeggings and shoes. It makes you look quite fashionable and gives you a comfortable feel as well. A cap can work as a cherry on the top of the cake. This look can go well for a day out with friends.

Best Fashion Designers in India

2. Craze for neon colours

Neon colour is taking over the world. Be it pants or tops, neon is the most likely colour in trend. Earlier, the girls were crazy for black and white, but now neon pink, neon green, and neon blue are the hottest and favourite colours. Neon colours have exploded in the market and dominated the boring usual sports uniforms. These colours give you an attractive look. Well! Who does not want to look glamorous while being fit? It is preferred by many Best Fashion Designers in India.

image 52

3. Track pants

If you love to carry casual styles, this option is definitely for you. You can put on this style for a gym day or even for an office day. Yes, even for the office hours! Are you amazed and happy to know this? Track pants go best with trainer shoes if you are going to the gym. And if you are going to the office, team up these pants with heels and a jacket and crop top or tee. It gives you a stylish and relaxed look. Other than this, you can carry this style for a college day or a casual hanging out day.

Track pants look stylish with a loose zipper. It gives a funky look. Most of Best Fashion Designers in India suggest you.

image 77

4. Crop tops

Crop tops are redefining fashion with fitness. Crop tops are very stylish and easy to carry. It looks good with skin fit high waist jeggings or jeans but looks best with shorts. This look has been spotted on many celebrities also. Going hiking or camping or even for a party, this look is your all-time saviour. This trend is famous among college-going or young girls and Best Fashion Designers in India to look like a diva. Just one thing, choose this trend keeping a check on your body type. If you have too many bulges on your tummy, this look may prove a disaster as well.

image 78

5. Gym tights with tank top

Girls who are looking for an ultra-fabulous look, just go for this sports look. It is the best option for women to improve their workout performance. You can choose a simple sports bra and a tank top over it. It is specifically for working out as it lets your arms breathe and remain free while your stomach is covered.

image 55

6. Jacket with legging and top

Another thing in trend is jackets. Generally, Best Fashion Designers in India prefer to have a jacket over jegging and crop top to have a more stylish and comfortable look. You can go for a 3 or 4 piece set with a sports bra, shorts, leggings, and jacket. It can be a routine look, and a small addition of a little more stylish jacket can also go for a party look.

You can look like a pro in these sportswear options recommended by Best Fashion Designers in India.

image 79

One main thing to keep in mind while choosing any of these styles is the right size. Just go for the perfect size for you. Oversized or over small sizes can spoil your look, and you can’t feel comfortable in those wrong sizes. You must not forget to club good sports shoes or any other footwear with this sportswear. All this would complete your look and sparkle wherever you go. These all are recommended by Best Fashion Designers in India.

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show stopper dress in delhi
show stopper dress in mumbai

Hello readers !!! You all must have come across the saying “Art has always inspired” Just yo know trending, see show stopper dress.

Fashion since times immemorial”. This complete set of a gathered skirt and a short jacket or show stopper dress with a peter pan collar works wonders for Indian evening get-togethers. It’s a total limelight seeker piece just like show stopper dress in India. The ensemble is a basic fusion silhouette in bright Indian palette. It’s a complete silk ensemble with gold tested zari accents. Lots of people might be thinking what a gold tested zari is?

The answer is it’s a quality of zari which never goes discoloured after frequent washes. As this particular article glorifies handlooms , one of the most beautiful textile practices, I would like to mention that the fabric for the skirt and the jacket has been woven by skilled weavers of West Bengal with an indigenous weave of the area called “Jamdani”. It is a traditional folklore being woven in the region since ages. It make show stopper dress. The focus is on the handwoven fabric with basic cuts. And yes, handloom pieces need some extra wash care. They should always be drycleaned. No home or hand or machine wash please!!##

show stopper dress

So what actually Jamdani weave is?

• It is a supplementary weft technique of weaving, where the motifs are produced by an extra weft, in addition to the standard weft that holds the warp threads together. The standard weft creates a fine, sheer fabric while the supplementary weft with thicker threads add the intricate patterns to it. Each supplementary weft motif is added separately by hand using individual spools of thread.

show stopper dress in mumbai

• Speciality of the weave is the motifs always float on the fabric with the help of extra threads.

• Motifs are somewhat geometric,as you can see in the pictures, though lots of designers are actually experimenting with floral,tribal and stylized motifs too.

So,once the whole yardage of fabric is woven then they come to the cutting table in the workshop for show stopper dress to actually get stitched and finished.

The whole process is time consuming as it takes near about a month for the weaver to weave the specified yardage. Even before that ,geometric floral motifs are developed on paper. After all these steps the garment is actually ready for sale. This process of converting thoughts to paper arts and then to eventual outfits give an amazing satisfaction.

show stopper dress in Delhi

So people, its time to make a fashion statement with intricate handloom pieces which also provide our skilled weavers and kaarigars their daily bread. Fashion Icon always loves such dresses.

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Choosing the Right Bridal Makeup

The wedding season is ON, and if you are a bride-to-be, we can truly understand the options and confusions you are going through. Especially as a bride, one thing is always on the mind: Choosing the Right best bridal Makeup in Delhi. Every bride wants to have the best sparkling look on the big day. Choosing the right makeup is as essential as selecting the right MUA. 

To be the real star on your big day, be sure to choose best bridal makeup according to the weather to look your best. So, we have created a list of the trendy makeup looks to choose from for your big day.

1. Soft dewy makeup for best bridal makeup in Delhi

This makeup look is the trendiest one as nowadays brides don’t want to put on heavy makeup. 

If you want to look like a princess with a minimal or no-makeup look, this makeup is for you.

Best bridal makeup in Delhi
Day Functions – Best for Summer Season – All Skin Types

Light makeup with pink lips that highlight your original beauty gives you a natural, subtle and breezy look. It is best suited if it’s a day function. This look can be done in any season, but looks great if it is a summer wedding. It goes well with pastel shade dresses. 

And don’t worry about your skin type, as this makeup looks magical on all skin types.

2. Shimmery makeup

Glitters are always in trend. It is a modern-day best bridal makeup in Delhi. It highlights your facial features, especially your eyes. You can even experiment more with your eyes to look bold and beautiful. Eyes are always the most eye-catching. The bold dark colours of this makeup make your eyes look even more sparkling and eye-catching. With the combination of glittery eyeshadows and winged eyeliner, this makeup is best for night functions as best bridal makeup in delhi.

Women who want to look bold on the big day can go for this type of makeup.

image 41
Night Function – Best for Winters – All Skin Types

This makeup looks good on dark shade dresses. You can opt for this in any season, especially the winter season. This makeup suits all skin types may it be dry, sensitive, or normal skin.

3. HD makeup

If you love to get clicked with all the blemishes on your face hidden, this is best bridal makeup in Delhi, India. It gives you a flawless look for hours.

It hides all the lines on the face and makes your face camera-ready for the whole day.

image 42
Day/Night function – Best for Summers/rains – All skin types (Preferred for oily skin)

This best bridal makeup in Delhi does not give the bride an over-bright look, as it looks quite natural. It can go for both day or night functions. It is best for oily skin types as it makes your skin sweat-proof for hours. Brides with other skin types can also opt for it without doubt. This makeup can be used for any weather but is best for humid or hot weather as it does not let sweat appear on the face. 

4. Airbrush makeup

The name says it all. No sponge or brush is used on your face. Airbrush paints your face for a brightening look. This makeup is silicon-based, which makes it really long-lasting. It gives a fresh look to your face all the time. 

This makeup gives you a little hefty bridal look.

image 43
Night function – Best for winters – Not for Dry skins

Go for this makeup if your wedding is in winters but avoid in summer or rains. Airbrush makeup feels a little heavy in humidity. Preferably, choose it if it is a night function. This makeup can suit all skin types, but girls with dry skin should avoid it as the product may begin to flake. On one side, it gives a smooth finish but can also create spots and flakes if not applied properly.

5. Matte makeup 

You love bold colours? Are you not afraid to experiment with your skin? Then, this bridal makeup is for you. 

Most popular makeup of the season to make you look stunning.

image 44
Day/Night function – Any weather – Any Skin Type

It gives a toned-down appearance to the bride. It retains natural texture, yet it illuminates the skin under strong lights. Matte products enhance the look. It goes well in any weather and on any skin type. As this makeup is all about bold colours, and you love that spicy bold look, go for this to get a magical new look. This look is suited for any season. 

6. Smokey makeup

What about looking graceful and powerful on your special day? 

Those who prefer dark colours like black, grey, or brown must opt for this look.

WhatsApp Image 2021 02 09 at 9.36.46 AM
Night Wedding – Any Season – All Skin Types

Eyes and lips are the main focus in this makeup. Sexy dark eyes and bold lips give a dramatic look. It is a chic makeup style that looks great with bold red lips and can complement almost every colour on wedding attire. Smokey makeup look is best for a night wedding. Go for this look in any season. It is suited to all skin types also. 

We hope you got to know a great deal about the right best bridal makeup in Delhi for you. Choose the right makeup based on your skin, weather, and your dress. Apart from all that, don’t forget to pamper your skin with a healthy diet and a lot of water before your big day. Hydrated skin looks flawless.

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5 Fashion Trends To Rock The Casual-Chic Style

After the end of the dark tunnel called 2020; this year, we are finally beginning to see the light. There’s a new normal that we have to follow while meeting our near and dear ones or plan small gatherings for the biggest of events. But we can still enjoy casual outings or vacations once in a while, keeping the protocols in mind, of course. While the fashion world has been tranquil over the last year, you can gradually start flaunting your looks for a low-key weekend ahead.

Top 5 Casual Fashion Trends:

casual outfit

Simplicity is something to strive for in fashion, and that’s what we aim to achieve through this article. There’s no look you can’t achieve with the ample amount of options available on the various shopping sites, especially after we do all the research to get effortlessly chic and simple outfit ideas, just for you. This is definitely the year for you to spice up your fashion game no matter the occasion. These are some of the best picks that instantly caught our eyes as we plan on keeping it casual and chic for the summer.  We have a perfectly curated list of items for you to have a look at how undeniable comfort and chicness go hand in hand as you scroll through this

So keep scrolling to see what’s worthy of being a part of your wardrobe and give yourself a fashion push. So get along the lines of the hottest trends of the season and shop the looks from below.

1. Oversized Boyfriend Jackets

casual outfit

80s styles are making quite a comeback and oversized boyfriend jackets is a trend that is dominating. With the assistance of shoulder pads, this outerwear cinches in your waist and make your legs look elongated. Rock this look with a pair of straight-leg trousers or short skirts for an ultra-modern style – colors that suit this trend are blue, charcoal, and neutrals. You will easily casual dress this up or down for an effortlessly chic aesthetic.

2. Satin Dress

image 34

While the fabric screams for some romance; the dress got its sheen, elegance, and sophistication and what more can we look for. Satin dresses are a classy pick to slay throughout the season. To a date night, party, or maybe to ace your summer vacation styles, satin dresses are all that you simply need. Pair it with a denim jacket and add oomph to your style with sneakers or choose six-inch heels and pearl earrings to throw a chic look.

3. Head scarfs

image 35

When it involves protecting your hair, you will roll in the hay beautifully. These sleek scarfs match almost any outfit you wear, and that they offer great coverage for your hair while taking inspiration from the 50s and 60s. Choose a silky fabric and tie it loose knot under your chin and if you’re feeling fancy wrap it around your neck or let it dangle from your bag. The best part behind these scarfs is that the limitless styling opportunities that come alongside them. Wear anything from a red raincoat to a color-blocking suit and appearance exceptionally stylish. From an accordion-style to a standard shape, numerous choices will keep you all safe.

4. Baguettes

image 36

This season baguettes have ruled the runways and therefore the streets. This trend is easy to replicate and it is timeless  – choose a little clutch to boost an outfit for your daily needs. There are numerous shades to settle on that fit your taste, and that they look incredible when paired with other vibrant hues or a monochromatic ensemble. Choose an amber structured handbag with an all-white get-up, or a sleek canary baguette for an evening out.

5. Denim skirts

image 37

Long denim skirts felt obsolete until they appeared everywhere on the spring runways. This denim bottom is often styled essentially an equivalent way you would style any of your jeans—casually or even formally. While the comfort and therefore the “basic” nature of this garment are off the charts, you’ll simultaneously be looking trendy which is basically the goal here.

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