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What It Means to Be a Blogger: Sandeep Rai Weigh In on Fashion Influencer’s Big Question

fashion icon in india

We take a closer look at how the blogging industry is defining style in its own terms. Read on for an answer to this with our conversation with India’s most loved male influencer and fashion icon in India, Sandeep Rai.

1. Hi Sandeep, tell us about how it all started and how your journey has been till now ?

My journey started as a fragrance collector/blogger back in 2013-14 when the niche fragrances scene was very closed in India. I started collecting niche/artisanal fragrances from all around the world. Initially, I used to review them and slowly my reviews started to pick up and I was getting featured on a lot of perfume websites. I was into photography since I was a kid so that came in handy and in 2016-17, I founded my own blog During that period I was writing for a lot of magazines about grooming and fragrances. Fashion came pretty late and most of my knowledge about it came from my dad, reading blogs and watching YouTube. Later when I discovered Instagram my website transitioned into it. Having a background in photography helped me creating visual content that was Insta aspiring, I was very late in the game hence I quickly figured out that to make a mark in this industry I had to do something different. Combining content that is at par globally with a little bit of product knowledge helped me get noticed by brands. Before I knew it, I was collaborating with all my dream brands. But, the core values still remain the same to this day. I am still aspiring to create the highest quality of content possible and constantly trying to innovate with new hobbies. The recent addition to it is that I started working with a lot of spirit brands. I see that this industry has a lot of untapped potentials. We have worked with major spirit brands, bars, and bartenders and I am excited to see where it leads.

2.  A change you’ve seen in the digital blogging space since you started out your journey? How has this space evolved for men as well?

The blogging space has changed a lot, new avenues have opened up, there is an audience for every segment. A lot of new platforms have surfaced and they are all unique in their own way. The creators are not limited or restricted to the kind of content they create. Earlier the hurdles were regarding initial investment to start a blog but now you can literally create an Instagram account and start creating content from home. You are no longer dependent on publishers or sponsors to create the kind of content you believe in. Recently the boom of Clubhouse which is an audio-based app and considered by many as the next big thing has provided a new fresh way to create and consume content. Talking about the space for men and how it has evolved, I can say that it has come a long way. When I started my journey there were men bloggers in our country but still, the notable names were only a few. Since then a lot of talented content creators have emerged. In an industry that is still female-dominated, we can now see men have also started to rise in numbers. Many who earlier considered this as a hobby or a side hustle are actually taking it up as a full-time job and treating it like a legit business. Many brands have started to come around and collaborate with influencers and bloggers. They have started seeing the value in working with us. There is still no notable name in our country who has made it big globally in this segment so I think it still has a long way to go.

fashion icon in india

3. Tell us about the moment when you felt that this is it; people have started liking you and are getting inspired by your work?

I did a little series on Delhi, where we tried to show the hidden gems of Delhi with an element of fashion, some of the posts from that series got viral. The feedback I got was really positive and I think that gave me some visibility and confidence. A lot of people I met after that knew me as the guy from the Delhi series. Slowly that changed once I started doing a lot of sartorial fashion and I started getting a lot of attention for that. I regularly get DMs about how my page has inspired them to start something of their own which is extremely satisfying.

4. Can you give us an insight into social media platforms that only an Influencer can know?

Generally, the social media platforms are very democratic everyone has a similar kind of access but the way we see things in it are different you always have to be on your toes to catch trends and read insights to constantly know what your audience relates to and then amalgamate it with your creativity to create the end product. A lot of things are seen from a business perspective too.

5. Having a large fan following and being a public figure, what kind of responsibilities do you have & how do you make use of this fame as a fashion icon in India?

 I think it is the responsibility of every creator to treat their audience with respect and treat situations with an unbiased view. Try and promote positivity. A lot of people try and jump on trends and sensitive issues with a motive to gain out of it at the expense of promoting negativity that makes the whole experience very toxic. It is very easy to feel full of air because social media provides you a lot of instant gratification but the trick is to not take it for granted. There is social responsibility when you have a big audience to treat situations with sensitivity and not make the environment extremely political.

6. The world has changed with the pandemic and everyone has accepted the new normal. What is the new approach/idea to keep moving in the new age of digital media?

Pandemic has sped the influx of digital media but we cannot deny that the digital storm was taking place anyway. More and more things are moving to digital platforms, social media influencers are the new age celebs now. With it, a lot of business opportunities are coming their way. The industry is still settling to this new norm but the new approach is something that everyone is still trying to figure out. In my view being conscious about the content you create and consume is the way to go forward. “Patience is the key in the age of trends”. 

7. What do you do to make your content unique from others as a influencer and fashion icon in India?

I think it is quite different from many creators in my niche since I never give in to trends. You will never see me doing a “5 Date night outfits” or “Sneeze Challenge” type of content because I am terrible at those. Kudos to the people who can do it, I actually envy them. So, I think staying true and being myself reflects in my content. Other than that, I never compromise with the quality and production of my content. People follow me to see “my kind of content” and I never take it for granted.

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7 Wardrobe Essentials For Men

Best Indian Male Fashion Bloggers

We have (pretty much) made it to 2021, and we are here to help prepare your storage room with our men’s closet fundamentals. Every best Indian male fashion bloggers suggest 7 wardrobe essentials. The main decisions in life are possibly the young lady you might want up until now, the vehicle you might want to drive, or most likely the world visit you have been jonesing for long. In the event that you confide in me, I accept the main decisions and in this manner, the essential ones will be in your closet decisions. Barely any key pieces make your closet. Each man should possess these and it’ll ensure an effective life and maybe help you to break the contrary decisions you’d make in the course of your life. Here are my 7 picks that will make you a survivor for what’s to come.

1. The Investment Watch Suggested By Best Indian Male Fashion Bloggers
Best Indian Male Fashion Bloggers

Not able to take the plunge on a significant watch? There is no two way about this investment piece. If you have ever thought of what will complete your look – shoes, jumper, shirt? Then your answer is a watch. A watch completes a man’s look and his wardrobe. It will be a timeless addition to your closet.

2. The White T-shirt

There’s only such a lot you’ll do to a T-shirt to require it from normal to exemplary, mainly fit and fabric. And a very great one, like an iconic combat this staple, only gets better with each wear because the sturdy cotton begins to interrupt down and soften.

3. The Investment Suit

Given the state of the world, it’s probably been a moment since you’ve needed to wear a suit. But whenever the occasion arises again, this is often the one you’ll want: unstructured and cozy, in a deep, elegant navy that appears grand with everything. Best Indian Male Fashion Bloggers follow it.

4. White leather sneakers

The world has seen a sneakers Renaissance in ongoing time yet in the event that you trust and follow your style symbols you would discover how it’s been their greatest stunt to easy cool. Keep them clean and wear them with nearly everything from your twill chinos to your suit. Yes together with your suit also. And you are all ready to kill your look. It is recommended by Best Indian Male Fashion Bloggers.

5. A Denim jacket:

The denim lovers know what a denim jacket can do to a very normal ensemble. Club this together with your long line t-shirts, even shirts, or your white shirt for the maximum impact. Some street style swag? You can tie it effortlessly on your waist or around your shoulders. Gentlemen, please carry this one it needs your attention.

6. A plaid shirt:

This is one among the menswear staples which goes through upheaval and has slowly made to the capsule wardrobe of the many influencers. A slim-fit shirt cut on a thick twill fabric is definitely an idol pick. This enables you to experiment with this shirt sort of a layer over your T-shirt or to be worn undone beneath your denim or leather jacket. Club this on your ripped denim shirt or your tailored shorts and that I don’t see any reason that you simply would find impressing the new girl at the party tonight.

7. A motif printed tie: Preferred by Best Indian Male Fashion Bloggers

A printed tie cut on a slim pattern is just like the cherry on the cake. It’s just like the final touch to your entire formal ensemble. If you would like to travel in my opinion, I might suggest modern dandies to wear a slim tie on your shirt with maybe ripped jeans and rolled cuffs. This is often your key to urge into the planet of blending formals with something downright rakish. Make your choice but fix the slim tie with a tie pin and I guess you’ll have skills you’re getting to rock the gala dinner tonight. These all are men essentials suggested by Best Indian Bloggers in India

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