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Easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair: Waves Majestic

In this article, we are going to share easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair. Read this article till last.

Curls and waves are like magic wands… This hair spins you around like sparkle in the breeze, like a delightful flirtatious band… Finding daily hairstyles for curly frizzy hair or even trying to solve the puzzle- easy hairstyles for curly hair for school can be a task within itself to be frank. Managing the ‘noodle-mane’ as it’s hilariously known in the popular culture is a bit tiresome at times.  In this blog, we are going to discuss the fairy world of curly tresses…

Easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair: Celebrating the eccentricity

easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair

 It should be noted that curly hair has two main personalities (or so we found out with personal experiences). When going for an anticipated self styling session most of the time, they either go the huge husky way or they just plunge to stick-out in an eccentric look. But, that does not mean that you will have to make the ultimate adjustment and rely on the hot iron and other styling tools which may damage your beautiful curls and magical waves. After all the eccentricity of the natural curls itself is really enticing for its unpredictable natural form.

Spice up your Curls: Easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair

Choosing one of the easy hairstyles for a naturally curly hair black girl is far more of a task than finding a befitting one for a white girl. The texture, the formation, the grain, etc. of the hair all get dissimilar with differing races. That is why we find curly hair more in people of the black/brown ethnicity. Below are our suggestions of styles according to the length of your hair proportionate to the shape of your face.

Waves Majestic 2 1
  • Style your crimpy-tresses in short hair

Short curls have an individuality of their own. They are bouncy, they are springy and they have that free-spirited vibe. Add a trendy side-swept bang and you will always look runway ready. Mainly suitable for inverted triangular and diamond face shapes. To go the celebrity way punkish messy curls and statement front fringes with subtle highlights are a great pick.

  • Make it look fantastic in medium length springy waves

One of the most favored easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair little girl, this is the length most of the curly heads prefer. This style is neither too long and difficult to handle nor is too short on your head to make it look like a bird’s nest. But let’s say a bird’s nest has its charm. Tight spring, medium curls or loose waves, this length is a mid-way of both the worlds. If your hair is really

Waves Majestic 3 1

thick, try feathering it or cutting it in a layered style. This way you get your thickness tames and at the same time your hair emulates the magic glow of curly chicness. The beach wave look or the runway style, curly medium extent hair is as spicy as a Naga-chili pepper.

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  • Look smashing in your imposing long curly mane

Long curly hair in a blustery wave or in refined distinct curls or even with a rustic rushy-twist braiding is a sight to behold. One of the easy hairstyles for naturally wavy hair, it’s magical and gives you an enchanting charm of a mystical being. How royal does it look when you have your well-groomed curls in a long fall? Our top tip is that, to avoid your hair all looking husky and coir-like, try your hair in layering or a feather cut. Subsequently, your locks don’t lose their charm but you feel lighter and rejuvenated with your long curly mane.  This is one of the most popular easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair white girl/brown girls.

Done precisely: Styling the curly delight the right way

Waves Majestic 4 1

Undoubtedly, however we search for an answer or refer a tonne of media, styling curly hair is a task in itself unless your pay the saloons. But we are here to suggest you a few basic easy ways to grab your curls and do them right beautifully so much that the onlookers are left in awe.

  • The high pony

A real stylish style, this one is probably the most easiest of all. Comb your hair into a neat bunch or grab it with a messy look letting a few of your ringlets out, tie it higher than your ears (at the highest point of your head. Set your curls with a serum or a soft gel. You are ready to rock your waves in fashion. This is one of the chicest easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair.

Waves Majestic 5 1
  • High bun elegance

High buns are the epitome of grace. It carries class and finesse. As much as you are in a hurry, just a high pony, wrapping the loose curls around the base, a few bobby pins, and another hair tie tied around later, you have one of the easiest, go to hairstyles. In a rush or to a business meeting, on a sandy beach, or up in the misty mountains, this style is a safe haven for naturally curly hair belles.

  • The messy bun excitement

Nothing beats the elegance of a messy bun done properly with waves and curls set. But you know what’s the catch? Curly heads carry an extra advantage with this style. Obviously, all the ringlets and springs can be made of good use here with every of the natural waves and that adds an extra oomph to the elegance of this classy hair up-do. Without a doubt we say- this is the best of the

Waves Majestic 6 1

easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair.

  • Fun with the half pony-tail/bun

A symbol of your carefree soul, this style is a savior for your midweek hair. You go on an errand to run or out for a jog, to the shops or to your class, just a half high pony, clearly, this will capture your heart in a wave. Just make sure that, when you part your hair, the line between the half-pony and the rest of the wavy ends should be in a clean line.

  • Fancy French braids

Definitely, a hot favorite among all hairstyles, this one gives you a fierce sporty feel at the same time has elegance and sophistication personified. Although this might be a slightly difficult style to master, once you get the hang of it you will never be in a fix on a bad hair day. For tight to

Waves Majestic 7 1

medium packed curls, leave the ends of the braid tied up and loose. With this style you will never get tired of repeating it.

  • The breezy free flow

What can we say more about this style? Set you precious tresses in a proper curl style with a great quality serum or a soft hair gel and then leave it loose. Let the gentle wind lead your way… Let the feel make you say- let it go…  And let it go… Let your free spirit and your happy heart fill your time with joy and admiring glances.

  • The simple straight braid

This is a very basic lifesaver of everyone with natural curls. Differing from all other styles, this one is one of the first-ever hairstyles every one of us learns. Plain and simple, this hairstyle gives us

Waves Majestic 8 1

the contained look on a bad hair day at the same time a great lean-on for an uncomplicated option when you are too lazy to do your tresses.


The curly manes have their own personality and moods. Interestingly, curly hair is like an individual on its own. Furthermore, it’s also interesting to know that around 68% of the world population carries a curly hair trait, whether their manes turn out springy or not. Clearly, curls aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Those who own a head full of them only know the pain they have in managing it. It should also be noted that, with a little bit of patience and self-care, the curly heads can bring in all the admiration with the magic of the springy tresses…

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How to do bridal makeup step by step strong

The wedding day is that special day where each and every single bride dreams of looking a million bucks… Like a reverie of panache… Like a mystic beauty of majestic elegance… To standout amongst the sea of well dressed, a bride not only needs an elegant dress but also a well done styling. Here in this blog we give you some ideas on how to do bridal makeup step by step with a magic touch of professionalism.

Nuptial styling according to us: understanding why and how to do bridal makeup step by step

how to do bridal makeup step by step

It should be noted that every wedding occasion marks the time when a blushing bride feels like a deity. Also, she should be made to feel the same as it’s her special day and she is the focus of attention.

The Essence: It is an understatement to say that doing a HD bridal makeup step by step rightly or having an elegant hair style makes-or breaks a bride’s look. This is because these two play a very quintessential role in the whole styling apart from the actual wedding dress.

The Concept: Be it an English wedding or an Asian nuptial, an Oriental marriage or an African ceremony, the bridal make-up concept is universal. It not only enhances a bride’s regal flare but add the right spice to the whole ceremony. On normal days where every lady is a queen, on her wedding day she should be the empress. In addition to all these keeping a personal bridal makeup kit items list at hand is always worth it. While you will have a back up in the absence of your make-up artist, you will also have the assurance of covering a backing if in make-up crisis.

How to do bridal makeup step by step: A reference

Having spoken about the what, whys and when of bridal make up, let’s see the ‘how’ face of it.  Having

Bridal Make Up step by step 2 1

already suggested on using a professional person to take care of you bridal look, go for doing it alone if you have the confidence. Here in this section on how to do bridal makeup step by step we give you a timely guide on self handling the situation. Make sure you emulate radiance and be the gorgeous self you always are. Let your better half be stunned at you ethereal sight. Here is our version of a simplistic elegant answer on how to do bridal makeup step by step with pictures to show you the way. With a great reference from Lakme bridal makeup step by step, let us start our approach

  • Cleanse your skin

For a really healthy after skin condition and for a fine hold of your carefully done makeup, you should always deep clean your skin beforehand. Not only this gives you a radiant final glow but also your hide will thank you eventually. Use clean water and a mild soap or a mild face wash/cleanser for this. Make sure to clean every part of your skin where ever the makeup is to be applied.

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  • Put in your primer

Finally, it’s time to start the actual process of transforming the beauty in front of you into a

Bridal Make Up step by step 3 1

queen. Begin your bridal transformation by spreading a lean coat of primer on your skin. Unlike other occasions, please make sure the primer is applied evenly. Clearly, this is to make sure of the long lasting effect of your total make-up transformation with a durable application. Importantly, primer is a must have if you bear a combination type of skin.

  • Attending your under eye area

With the preparation done for your makeup to be applied, make sure you give importance to your eyes. Especially with the hectic lives we live, many of us will have eye bags and dark circles under our eyes. Here comes the life saver- the concealer the very best answer to all such worries. Apply it evenly and blend it in with an egg sponge, making your eyes pop out in vibrant radiance. This also is very useful in a full day set-in against a dull climate.

  • Applying the base foundation

With all the steps above, we hope that you are following our answer on how to do bridal makeup

Bridal Make Up step by step 4 1

step by step.  Now, let us concentrate on the base of all make-up- The foundation. Without a doubt an anti-aging foundation will keep your make-up highlighted at the same time will take care of your skin. Again, make sure it is applied evenly as a blotched make-up will make you look part of a horror movie in contrast to your dream of being angel like. Use the ever trusted tips of your finger to mix and spread it equally. This will give it a well innate creamy touch. Moreover, attend to your jaw line too during this step to give a sharp feel to your facial structure.

  • Emphasize your eyes

Following the above step, you can move on to your eyes now. A bridal make-up is much appreciated when there is drama to the eyes. They should shine like jewels on your special day. Applying a highlighter in tune with your outfit adds in the right spark. Then apply a smudge-less waterproof eyeliner to outline your eyes. Finish the styling with a majestically tinted eye shadow with light translucent glitter detail to make your eye makeup take a dramatized smoky twist.

Bridal Make Up step by step 5 1
  • Volumise your lashes

Now that you have handled your eyes, turn your attention towards your eyelashes. This is one of the less emphasized but most important turn on the in-demand HD bridal makeup step by step. Give equal attention to your brows and eyelashes for a definite rich style. Many experienced make-up artists recommend that you volumise your lashes with the faux-lash extensions to increase the length or dimensions. If you don’t want that you can also try using volumising mascaras too which are waterproof.

  • Set-in your make up and add the final touch up

Obviously, it’s time that you are mostly moving towards the final stages on how to do bridal makeup step by step. Now you can start to add the last bit of makeup styling by

  • Putting on a pink shaded blush and a harmonizing tinted lipstick synchronizing with your

    wedding outfit.
  • Importantly applying a colorless lip gloss will make your lip shade pop out in freshness.
  • Absolutely use a highlighter on your eye-corners, brow bones and cheek bones for an added prominence for a diva like outcome.
  • Last but not the least, set all of your makeup in using a nude shaded talc or face powder. This will help locking in your makeup and will give a long duration to it.
Bridal Make Up step by step 6 1

Our concluding thoughts

And to lock in a bride’s goddess look following an elegant and simple bridal makeup step by step look is quintessential.  Furthermore whilst in the wedding attire and then being active in the reception, the bride will need to hold the trustable hand of her refreshing make-up. So either you do it yourself

Bridal Make Up step by step 7 1

following on how to do bridal makeup step by step or hire a professional. Just, make sure you sore up and high; shine like a princess; rule like a queen; conquer every heart like an empress on your wedding day.

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Latest hair accessories for girls in 2021

Your hair is your secret weapon to looking great even in the simplest of the styling. The right hair style and you look a million bucks. But the lets also not forget the fact that the female or rather the girl hair accessories set plays a huge role in making your hair styling a success.

Styling charmingly- Latest Hair accessories for girls in 2021

A major point for your styling essential kit is the girl hair accessories set. Interestingly, the hair accessories this season give you that retro vibe and at the same time will keep your hair-look contemporary. What is more interesting is the fact that this genre of trimmings is a huge fashion obsession in and around all the social-media platforms presently. They are available in all forms and make in every of the best hair accessories online and offline retail sites.

Our thoughts:

Let’s all be true to our selves, who doesn’t love welcome a new trend with open arms especially amid

this worldly pandemic-chaos. So to enliven yourself, the latest hair accessories for girls in 2021 are a super hero in disguise. Moreover,

  • They sprinkle a little fairy dust on the days you decide to dress down.
  • Also the hair accessories play a royal-role when you need to lock your statement look for a chic occasion.

Where your hair is your weapon, your cleverly styled hair accessories become the shield….

Taking a memory trip back

Our childhood style was mainly centered on who owned the flashiest rhinestone studded bobby pin/clips or the fluffiest hair scrunchie. Without a doubt designer-houses like Gucci, Miu-Miu or even Versace are the ones to be thanked for bringing these classic items have comeback in the main stream fashion with the latest Hair accessories for girls in 2021. Undoubtedly, investing in a few new of these items will help

Hair up in style 2 1

you overhaul your late spring-autumn-winter 2021 style without burning a hole in your purse. For example:

  • A tiny jazzed up stone slip on your half-up hairdo spices up your date night look
  • For a leisurely sea-side trip, combining your flowy-floral-maxi with an array of shell/pearl embellished bobby pins transforms your look a million bucks
  • Make a stylish statement putting your hair up in a high-pony with your silk scrunchie
  • Furthermore an embellished hair-band makes your office sheath dress looks party ready for an after work time of merriment.

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Our choices

The trendy latest hair accessories for girls in 2021 have been embraced by each and everyone seeking a fresh feel trend. While the basic must need hair accessories list is quiet long, we have compile a few

Hair up in style 3 1

suggestions that will give you have a head start.

  • Velvet/Silk Scrunchies

The most favored and hit amongst the latest hair accessories for girls in 2021 is our simpleton scrunchie. A roaring favorite in the late 80’s, 90’s and the early to mid part of the next decade, these hair accessory favorites has made their mark in the trend charts this year too. Make sure you get yours in soft materials like silk, velvet, suede etc. That gives added cushion to your hair when they tie and looks the trendy part too. To add a dramatic effect do the double scrunchie style low pony.

  • Beaded/ Ornate/Faux-fur/Faux-leather/Knotted Headbands

Headbands have always been a girly bestie when it comes to the hair accessories for open hair. Be it the sturdy hair-band style or the flexible headband look. To sensationalize your chic styling and bring in a zesty flare make it go with the knotted head band or the beaded style. To add a

royal laid-back look to your outfit, spice it up with the faux fur one too. The printed ones bring in your youthful cheer as does the ornate picks giving u a rich feel. However this season goes, the headbands are here to make their mark.

  • Rhinestone Bobby-Pins

A must have in the girl accessories set, this one is the go to pick to make your regal look take the center stage. A subtle dressing style and this on your hair give that right amount of jazz to make you an icon of simplistic elegance. Interestingly, it all goes down to that styling idea and this one set is among the latest hair accessories for girls in 2021 that you won’t want to miss. Make sure the material if the bobby-pins are comfortable and you are all ready to sparkle.

Hair up in style 5 1
  • Big-bow Clips

A re-enactment of the retro scarf knot style, the big-bow clips are a youth darling as well as a hit choice with the professionals on a casual office day. Fascinatingly, with all the work from home going the rounds, it’s such a relief to have one of these bow-clips to give you that well-dressed neat look during your office time but at the same time makes your home style at ease. With a semi-suited look or a casual tea-shirt or even in your lounge wear look, this simple one from the girl hair accessories set is your bestie forever.

  • Encrusted Barrettes (layered all the way)

Barrettes (or the tic-tacks) have always been a hit amongst the best hair accessories list. The latest trend setters say that the encrusted barrettes in a layered style is a must have for your stylish look. Embellished with stones or pearls or decorated with shells or trinkets, there is no

way that you can go wrong with this choice. Hold up your hair in a tight pony or in a messy bun; let your hair loose or in a half-up do these fancy barrettes are like a fairy dust to your hair style.

  • The Retro-Claw Clips

Recalling the happy hair memories of the 2000’s style, this is an item that is making its way back to our accessories closet. Also the popularity of this claw clip is insanely high that it’s easily sold out being one of the best hair accessories online as well as offline too. Let’s go the diverse route and try out the ones in designer prints, suede surface or alternatively even in sort hair faux-fur style. They easily hold up your hair in a scrunch or bring it in a safe half-up do. Let your hair style ideas flow freely and leave the rest to these claw clips to give you a laid back trendy look.

  • Evocative Scarf-Bows

Indeed a hybrid of the scrunchie-hairbow-scarf style this is a real trend blessing in disguise. For a girly style feel or a trendy hair scarf look pick the ever stylish evocative scarf bow. A rich multi-look among the latest hair accessories for girls in 2021, pull your hair off your neck in a high pony or make it romantic and do the casual date look low pony

Hair up in style 7

this scarf bow is a fine choice between an excellent feel and a unfussy style.

This blog was all about finding more about the latest hair accessories for girls in 2021, a few choosiest of out picks etc. etc… Hope our ideas have given you a sparkle to start your latest style refitting.

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Natural Face Beauty Tips: Keeping Yourself Joyful

The stress and uncertainty we live through today can wreak havoc with you. Budding a self-care regime that blends in with your life style is a great way to uplift yourself mentally, physically and at the same time boost your emotional well being too. This can not only make everything rejuvenated but also this brings your life on a smooth bump free ride. This piece of writing will focus on three main positive self-care ideas: Natural face beauty tips, simple makeup tips, natural skin whitening tips and natural remedies for glowing skin.

Self care ideas for a happy self….

When our lives get on a roller coaster ride of living and thriving, we often forget to look after ourselves. Not only this fast phased lifestyle of today has gripped our general existence, but also it has affected how we thrive to survive. Also, it should be noted that when you focus on your self-care, it uplifts your self-worth and thus gives you a great confidence helping you to balance your inner elements. This in-turn will aid you to transmit that positivity to others tremendously. Importantly, this is a life lesson: “You cannot give others what you don’t have with you”.

Let’s touch on some very useful information and tricks to maintain you in a healthy positive way with ease

Natural Face Beauty Tips

To take a pause and look at ourselves is becoming vital as our lives are running on a high speed and we show no signs of slowing down. Getting burned out is becoming a normal existence. To avoid that and to maintain a healthy balance, here are a few suggestions to keep tour face care for in a natural way.

Natural Face Beauty Tips
  • Iced Tea-Bags to ward of pillow eyes
    Green tea holds the elixir of a good health. From weight loss to good digestion to an over haul of health benefits; this is a great boon to self care being a natural face beauty tip. But what about the discarded tea bags after each use. There is a blessing with that too. Apart from eradicating the toxins within your body, these miracles can ease your pillowy eyes in an instant and calm your skin quickly, being one of the natural remedies for glowing skin

Suggested method: Just get your used tea-bags in the icer of your fridge, chill it and place it on your eyelids for around 5 to 15 minutes. Take them away, wash your face and see the results quickly. Black tea bags too work the same marvel.

  • Natural toner with Green Tea
    Be it as one of the natural remedies for your glowing skin or as a natural face beauty tip, you can’t ignore this amazing element called green tea. Keeping track of your Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing routine benefits you a great deal if done regularly. It should be noted that green tea (white tea too) holds nutrients and minerals aiding a fast hydrating factor for your skin as well as acting with an anti-inflammatory property.
Natural Toner with Green Tea

Suggested method: To get the maximum out of this for your toning habit, let the tea fragments soak and bleed its richness into the water for around 5 minutes and calm it down to a normal room temperature. Eventually shift the cooled down liquid into preferably a spray bottle. Mist it directly or squirt it on to a cotton pad and dab it on your face. Please make sure your face is rightly cleansed before you use this natural toner. This is one of the great natural remedies for glowing skin.

  • Remove tan with Gram Flour

Besan as widely known in India, gram flour is made out of black chick peas and is a great mild-exfoliating aid to help you with soothing your sun-burn, reducing your tan or removing the dead skin cells of your face/body. This easy natural face beauty tip is one to hold on to if you dream of a glowing skin with natural sparks.

Remove tan with Gram Flour

Suggested method: Take equal amounts of the gram flour and thick curd/rose water/plain water and bind it together forming a very smooth paste (without even the slightest of lumps). Coat this on your face, neck and the nape area (avoiding your eyes eyebrows and hair line) and relax for around 30 minutes (or until completely dry). Wash it off with cold water. This natural face beauty tip helps you in removing any external hidden impurities and dead skin cells thus making your face glow with a natural lightness.

  • Tomatoes in managing excess oily skin

We live in a land where extra humidity not only affects our inner self but also concerns or out self too. Not only applicable to people with oily skin, Indians all alike is disturbed with this factor on a way or other. Tomato- the staple of our fresh vegetable pantry is loaded with lycopene and other vital anti-oxidants which act as a cooling agent having astringent properties. This veggie-fruit is a great aid in helping you balance the natural oil ratio on your skin getting rid of anything that’s excess in amount.

Tomatoes in managing excess oily skin

Hold on tightly to this natural face beauty tip containing natural remedies for a glowing skin which also helps you in tightening your skin thus warding off any unnecessary wrinkles/fine liens reducing the signs of aging. 

Suggested method: Pulp the tomato as smoothly as you can and spread it smoothly on your face and neck. Let it dry naturally for 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

Natural Skin Whitening Tips

Getting your skin fried up in the pollution and heat causes pigmentation, dry skin etc with an unhealthy lifestyle, over stress etc. Using chemical based solutions can give you instant result, but in the long run, it can destroy your skin and affect its health which at times becomes irreversible. Here we suggest you a couple of natural skin whitening tips that can come in handy taking minimal of your time. But please be warned that, the notion of skin whitening from dark to light depicted in the advertisements are fictional and that stark change is impossible. Our tips get you your normal skin tone which otherwise is buried under your stressed hide.

Natural Skin Whitening Tips
  • Sleep healthy and get enough rest
    A dream of many, a good amount of healthy sleep oomphs up your natural glow and give you a healthy self. Less sleep and your entire body is messed up. With a good 6.5 to 8 hours of sleep and adequate relaxation, your inner glowing self is relived. The science behind a good sleep is that, while you relax, the blood flow to your skin is in a healthy flow thus making you look naturally bright. Lack of enough sleep or over doing it gets your skin into a downward spiral thus deflating it health and makes you look all puffed up or drained. It’s a bit weird to think that Sleep is a good natural skin whitening tip, but with real experience, you get to know its magical work. This also works as one of the natural remedies for glowing skin
  • Hydrate yourself in plenty
    This too might sound like a trivial natural skin whitening tip, but a good radiant glow from a well hydrated skin stand at par with any chemically enhanced ones. Not only drinking water keeps your skin health in check bit also it helps you to flush out any toxins present in your body. This in turn helps you in enhancing your skin health and appearance giving it a look of naturally brightened whitened sin in a great hale and hearty texture. Consume atleast 2 liters (around 8 ounces) of water every day. Make it a habit of drinking good clean plain water even if the weather is cold to keep your body well hydrated.
Hydrate yourself in plenty
  • The egg white mask
    Not only as a great fitness food option, the egg whites are a boon as a natural skin whitening tipped. It works miracles on your skin making it healthier and naturally glowing with fairness. Egg whites are packed with great supplementing astringent properties which suppress your skin irritations and redness making your hide on the healthier side. This works when the egg white acts on your skin shrinking your open pores, tightening it up and also making your skin shade naturally lighter.
The egg white mask

Suggested method: Take an egg white and add 1.5 tablespoons of natural corn flour and mix it to a shining lump free smooth paste. Apply it on your face and neck. Wash it off as it dries completely. Make sure you don’t move your face before you remove the pack. Add half a teaspoon of lemon to the paste for those who have acne (gives you improved calming results).  

  • Drawing on with the orange peel mask
    One of the most relaxing, aromatic and effective natural skin whitening tip is of the orange peel face mask. Overflowing with essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, Orange is a fruit of many uses. Not only the inner fruit but also the outer peel is an effective beauty hack. From getting skin brightening effect to calming your acne and pimples down to getting a youthful glow, this fruit peel works wonders in many ways also acting as one of the natural remedies for glowing skin. It also used to calm your tired face muscles too.

Suggested method: Grind to a very fine paste the mix of orange peel and pure milk. Apply this mix covering your face and neck (preferably until your lower back). Rinse off once dry. Its advised to use this twice a week to maintain your natural light skin.

Simple Makeup Tips

In the race to get ahead and make a comfortable existence, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Life is always going to be busy whatever the situation is. But it is also necessary to have a fine balance of self care too. Complementing yourself with simple makeup tips and ideas brings in a spark of freshness. Here we recommend some basic but very easy ways of spicing up yourself without having to sit for hours in your vanity place.

Simple Makeup Tips
  • Nude Makeup
    This is a classic and rich approach to present yourself in a stylishly yet subtle way. Nothing beats the appeal of a contained natural look to a more elaborate feel. This style gives you the look of a fresh washed face but with a smoother and even form.
Nude Makeup

Suggested method: Cleanse your face of any impurities and swathe your face with a clear foundation or a light tinted moisturizer matching your skin tone (spreading all over your skin irregularieties). Keep your base light as heaviness won’t bring in the desired look. Then go for your eves with a light glittery or a dull shade eye shadow. Line your eyes with either eyeliner matching your skin tone or you can totally omit this. Conclude the whole look with a light brush of mascara and a nude/very light lip shade and clear lip gloss.

This look will turn head at work or at a party.

  • Smokey Eyes
    One of the simple makeup tips, this style will bring you attention on your eyes and thus your face. So it’s advisable to keep the makeup on your face and lips to a minimal sense to bring out the focus to your eyes.
    Suggested method: Line along your upper eyelid closer to the eye lashes, using a dark eye shadow/eye crayon. When you reach the outer end of your eye, create a winged cat-eye line. Then continue over the crease ending at the inner tip of your eye. Blend in the lines carefully with an eye-shadow brush or the tip of your index finger. Repeat these steps until you get the shade of your desire.
    Later, use a dark shade or nude colour to seal and fill the gaps by beginning at both the outer ends of the eye and slowly but steadily merge it towards the middle. Then level the shades from dark to light following the same method as mentioned above. Make sure to keep the dark shades towards the outer ends and don’t overdo the shady tints.
  • The Youthful Bright Colour Look
    This is a style suitable for every age group to get a fun and quirky look (if done in a suttle way). Over do it and the look goes bizarre, but done the right way you get a cool funky leisurely look.
    Suggested method: Choose a single colour of your choice (example: pink, brown, purple etc.). Use the same colour but different shades of it like darker tone on the lips, lighter shades on the cheeks and medium shades on your eyes. It is desirable to keep the remaining of your face in a nude or natural look so as to bring the focus on the look that you intend to create.

General Makeup Tips and Tricks

  • Go for a new look each day to get your balance on the brushes and bring verity in the blending styles.
  • At all times, you should start with a clean and hydrated face
  • Use a good quality primer to fix your makeup to have a long lasting effect.
  • Use the assigned makeup brushes for each product. They are specified for a reason.
  • Always use clean crushes, sponges, dabbers etc. You don’t want any bacteria and fungus to destroy your beautiful face and skin. Wash them atleast once a week.


You appearance is a treasure. However you look, feeling good with yourself is a paramount factor to happiness. Life is a busy run in this busy life. Bouncing back is easy if you focus on self-care from time to time. Whether it is your routine self care or an indulgent day once a week/month, continuing to follow them makes you a happy self. Take care of yourself and see the difference of day and night within tremendously.

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