Best Bridal Earrings
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Best Bridal Earrings

May 21, 2020

The mystic essence of a wedding never changes however different they are done. The essence of two beautiful souls uniting… the essence of loved ones united in the love for the special couple… It’s worth saying that whatever grand the occasion is and how well-dressed the wedding party will be, the focus should always fall upon the bridal pair. And supporting the bride, (what helps as a safety pin to close the whole look) is her best bridal earrings pair.

In this blog let us examine tiny element’s specialty which can take the central stage if done the right way. The best bridal earring- here we come…

Best Bridal Earrings

The best bridal earrings: Interesting facts

In many cultures, the bridal earpieces symbolize and signify much more of a meaning with their presence on the brides. Particularly, their significance comes with the belief that a fully decked bride attracts evil presence because she is the epitome of exquisiteness and has a destined elegance on her special day. And as per many beliefs mainly around the South East Asian countries these malevolence forces may enter her body through openings prominently the ears. Interestingly, the earrings protect a bride from such vice entities. A superstition or a tale stemming from sacred fictions, it’s undoubtedly a fact that earrings add spice to a bride.

Be it the Jhumkas Bridal style of the Indian-Subcontinent or the pearl bridal earrings from Indonesia, the gold earrings of the Arabs or the diamond ear trinkets of the west etc. these best of the best bridal earrings give your final bridal look an oomph that adds to your celebratory finesse.

Best Bridal Earrings

The Best Bridal Earrings: An Essence of Traditional and Modern bridal earrings

Undoubtedly and clearly each single bride has an idea on how her looks should be on her wedding day. Not only her dress takes the center stage but also the complementing accessories get equal importance. And out of that lot, the bridal earrings get a special node.

  • Every blushing-bride should look like a mystic majestic dream on her special date whatever the circumstance is.
  • Then her whole style should embody her true essence. On the other hand, to emphasize the sparkle in the eyes, she should be decked with the best bridal earrings she can get her hands on.

Besides the trend relevance our bridal earrings picks will give you options for a much needed verity in your special occasion jewellery wardrobe.

Best Bridal Earrings

Let us divulge into some choices of the best bridal earrings for your consideration

  • Plunging drop earrings (long/short) For a non earring person choosing a short style with a tear drop feature is the best option. Tones of alternatives to the plain studs are available wrapped in elegance and sophistication. A set of pearl bridal earring with a dangler feature to a pair of gold earrings studded with diamonds, pretty and delicate pieces are at your hand to make your day special.
  • Alternatively, when you are a fan of the earpieces and you want them prominent on your big day, choose a long drop style. Also to bring in drama to your wedding outfit (gowns, lehangas, sarafan+blouse etc.) irrespective of the style, choosing one with tassels or crystals adds to the effect. Particularly brides who go for something of a unique bridal earrings style, this is an option with poise, zest and flavor.
  • Contemporary/modern bridal earringsThis is a choice that many brides go for today- something simple, something classic but something very chic. Teardrop styles, stone studs and light geometric yet abstract designs make the best picks for these brides. Making sure of them syncing with the sleek wedding dress is an intelligent option too (to stop the style clash).

Vintage/Classic ear trinkets

Best Bridal Earrings

A relatively popular option especially inspired by the Art Deco/Victorian era or wanting to include an heirloom style piece, classic earrings are a fine decision. Especially if the wedding outfit is a classic timeless bit, including a vintage style ear trinket gives you an added oomph too. Indeed if you are serious about choosing a vintage classic piece for your ears on your wedding day, here are our suggestions for the features to choose: Antique shaded gold earrings; intricate inlay style details; Pearl bridal earrings; Crystal studded hoops; Baguette crystal feature drops; Vintage scroll style etc.

Chandelier/Plunge earrings

Best Bridal Earrings

Clearly one amongst the more lavish style, this pick should go with opulence along with your wedding day dress. A real sensational choice, this should be a preference when your whole wedding day styling calls for opulence and luxury. This adds an overall finishing spark to your final look bringing your bridal style in unison to the whole elegance.

Drop earrings

Best Bridal Earrings

One of the best bridal earrings choices, this style carries grace, sophistication and elegance. A perfect alternative for the brides going for an elegant look, the drop earrings are a perfect binding of traditions and modernity. Also, this style compliments nearly any fashion of wedding day outfits thus making it a very popular choice among the brides. Besides that, you can also wear them after your wedding which makes this an even more alluring choice. If you intend on making a subtle yet trendy statement on your wedding day go for this style in crystals, pearls or diamonds.


Best Bridal Earrings

This is a universal selection for all those brides who lean into a very simple chic look especially for those who might go for a no jewellery feel. A perfect choice for an understated stance, this style also is the safest investment for future uses too.

Our tips to remember

It’s also worthy of noting that apart from the designs, it’s furthermore important to look at the below factors too while settling on your best bridal earrings option

Best Bridal Earrings

  • Do not overdo it

When selecting your bridal ear trinket please be sure that the piece doesn’t overpower your whole look. Always remember your smiling face then your wedding attire should have the focus. Everything else should just compliment your final look not overshadow it.

  • Be faithful to your original self/style

Reflect on your wedding day. Please do not try to project someone who is not the original you. So if you are a simple style person and go for a huge dangler, the true essence is lost in your way. Let your bridal earrings sing the praise of you and your wedding style not take away your true self. Let it just blend in with your true personality

  • Be in harmony with your neckline and hair-do

Whatever earring you choose make sure your pick harmoniously should co-exist with the bridal hairdo and the outfit’s neckline. For example, if your best bridal earrings are a stud-like style and you have a plunging/strapless neckline it just distorts the whole final bridal look. Similarly, if you are going for a Jhumkas bridal look make sure your hair is taken away from your face and neck. This gives prominence to the chandelier-like design and ties in your whole wedding stance beautifully.

  • Try to match the metal

It’s worth mentioning here that it is always an intelligent idea to match your wedding bands to the jewelry you are wearing. This gives a real finished style to your final look.

Concluding our thoughts

Importantly make sure your accessories- especially your best bridal earrings and other trinkets are color-coded with your wedding outfit to avoid a styling clash. Interestingly, always keep in trend but not to the extent that you look like a sore thumb overdoing it. Finally, stay safe with the budget but about the durability too because wedding jewelry especially the earrings carries an emotional attachment for many brides. And to keep them safe longer, make sure you invest intelligently thinking of the long run. Always remember, your unique bridal earrings should make your face shine and emphasize your beauty. Last but not the least, let those special ear trinkets bring you joy, happiness and above all a rich look of regal elegance.

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