Sporty Looks: The Latest Fashion Trend

In today’s fashionable world, every woman wants to have a perfect body shape. Now, staying healthy is not a factor depending on women’s age, profession, or culture. Every woman wants a fit and healthy body. These are following best fashion designers in India. Enthusiasts are investing their time regularly in yoga, dance, gym, or personal training. But, a predominant thing for gym-goers is to look sporty as well as new-fashioned. Serving the current needs, different kinds of sportswear are in trend. No doubt, now fashion and sportswear go hand in hand. And the best part is that the sporty look is not only for exercise but also for fashion seekers. Different sportswear options work not only for gymming purposes but also for a day out, camping, college, or even for office-going women.

Some of the trending sporty looks are recommended by Best Fashion Designers in India :

  1. Cool jeggings

One of the sports trends is wearing skin-fit jeggings, which come in thousands of prints and colours. Choose it according to your choice and see yourself in a cool and sporty look. One can even carry a top or tee with these jeggings and shoes. It makes you look quite fashionable and gives you a comfortable feel as well. A cap can work as a cherry on the top of the cake. This look can go well for a day out with friends.

Best Fashion Designers in India

2. Craze for neon colours

Neon colour is taking over the world. Be it pants or tops, neon is the most likely colour in trend. Earlier, the girls were crazy for black and white, but now neon pink, neon green, and neon blue are the hottest and favourite colours. Neon colours have exploded in the market and dominated the boring usual sports uniforms. These colours give you an attractive look. Well! Who does not want to look glamorous while being fit? It is preferred by many Best Fashion Designers in India.

3. Track pants

If you love to carry casual styles, this option is definitely for you. You can put on this style for a gym day or even for an office day. Yes, even for the office hours! Are you amazed and happy to know this? Track pants go best with trainer shoes if you are going to the gym. And if you are going to the office, team up these pants with heels and a jacket and crop top or tee. It gives you a stylish and relaxed look. Other than this, you can carry this style for a college day or a casual hanging out day.

Track pants look stylish with a loose zipper. It gives a funky look. Most of Best Fashion Designers in India suggest you.

4. Crop tops

Crop tops are redefining fashion with fitness. Crop tops are very stylish and easy to carry. It looks good with skin fit high waist jeggings or jeans but looks best with shorts. This look has been spotted on many celebrities also. Going hiking or camping or even for a party, this look is your all-time saviour. This trend is famous among college-going or young girls and Best Fashion Designers in India to look like a diva. Just one thing, choose this trend keeping a check on your body type. If you have too many bulges on your tummy, this look may prove a disaster as well.

5. Gym tights with tank top

Girls who are looking for an ultra-fabulous look, just go for this sports look. It is the best option for women to improve their workout performance. You can choose a simple sports bra and a tank top over it. It is specifically for working out as it lets your arms breathe and remain free while your stomach is covered.

6. Jacket with legging and top

Another thing in trend is jackets. Generally, Best Fashion Designers in India prefer to have a jacket over jegging and crop top to have a more stylish and comfortable look. You can go for a 3 or 4 piece set with a sports bra, shorts, leggings, and jacket. It can be a routine look, and a small addition of a little more stylish jacket can also go for a party look.

You can look like a pro in these sportswear options recommended by Best Fashion Designers in India.

One main thing to keep in mind while choosing any of these styles is the right size. Just go for the perfect size for you. Oversized or over small sizes can spoil your look, and you can’t feel comfortable in those wrong sizes. You must not forget to club good sports shoes or any other footwear with this sportswear. All this would complete your look and sparkle wherever you go. These all are recommended by Best Fashion Designers in India.

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show stopper dress in delhi
show stopper dress in mumbai

Hello readers !!! You all must have come across the saying “Art has always inspired” Just yo know trending, see show stopper dress.

Fashion since times immemorial”. This complete set of a gathered skirt and a short jacket or show stopper dress with a peter pan collar works wonders for Indian evening get-togethers. It’s a total limelight seeker piece just like show stopper dress in India. The ensemble is a basic fusion silhouette in bright Indian palette. It’s a complete silk ensemble with gold tested zari accents. Lots of people might be thinking what a gold tested zari is?

The answer is it’s a quality of zari which never goes discoloured after frequent washes. As this particular article glorifies handlooms , one of the most beautiful textile practices, I would like to mention that the fabric for the skirt and the jacket has been woven by skilled weavers of West Bengal with an indigenous weave of the area called “Jamdani”. It is a traditional folklore being woven in the region since ages. It make show stopper dress. The focus is on the handwoven fabric with basic cuts. And yes, handloom pieces need some extra wash care. They should always be drycleaned. No home or hand or machine wash please!!##

show stopper dress

So what actually Jamdani weave is?

• It is a supplementary weft technique of weaving, where the motifs are produced by an extra weft, in addition to the standard weft that holds the warp threads together. The standard weft creates a fine, sheer fabric while the supplementary weft with thicker threads add the intricate patterns to it. Each supplementary weft motif is added separately by hand using individual spools of thread.

show stopper dress in mumbai

• Speciality of the weave is the motifs always float on the fabric with the help of extra threads.

• Motifs are somewhat geometric,as you can see in the pictures, though lots of designers are actually experimenting with floral,tribal and stylized motifs too.

So,once the whole yardage of fabric is woven then they come to the cutting table in the workshop for show stopper dress to actually get stitched and finished.

The whole process is time consuming as it takes near about a month for the weaver to weave the specified yardage. Even before that ,geometric floral motifs are developed on paper. After all these steps the garment is actually ready for sale. This process of converting thoughts to paper arts and then to eventual outfits give an amazing satisfaction.

show stopper dress in Delhi

So people, its time to make a fashion statement with intricate handloom pieces which also provide our skilled weavers and kaarigars their daily bread. Fashion Icon always loves such dresses.

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Choosing the Right Bridal Makeup

The wedding season is ON, and if you are a bride-to-be, we can truly understand the options and confusions you are going through. Especially as a bride, one thing is always on the mind: Choosing the Right best bridal Makeup in Delhi. Every bride wants to have the best sparkling look on the big day. Choosing the right makeup is as essential as selecting the right MUA. 

To be the real star on your big day, be sure to choose best bridal makeup according to the weather to look your best. So, we have created a list of the trendy makeup looks to choose from for your big day.

1. Soft dewy makeup for best bridal makeup in Delhi

This makeup look is the trendiest one as nowadays brides don’t want to put on heavy makeup. 

If you want to look like a princess with a minimal or no-makeup look, this makeup is for you.

Best bridal makeup in Delhi
Day Functions – Best for Summer Season – All Skin Types

Light makeup with pink lips that highlight your original beauty gives you a natural, subtle and breezy look. It is best suited if it’s a day function. This look can be done in any season, but looks great if it is a summer wedding. It goes well with pastel shade dresses. 

And don’t worry about your skin type, as this makeup looks magical on all skin types.

2. Shimmery makeup

Glitters are always in trend. It is a modern-day best bridal makeup in Delhi. It highlights your facial features, especially your eyes. You can even experiment more with your eyes to look bold and beautiful. Eyes are always the most eye-catching. The bold dark colours of this makeup make your eyes look even more sparkling and eye-catching. With the combination of glittery eyeshadows and winged eyeliner, this makeup is best for night functions as best bridal makeup in delhi.

Women who want to look bold on the big day can go for this type of makeup.

Night Function – Best for Winters – All Skin Types

This makeup looks good on dark shade dresses. You can opt for this in any season, especially the winter season. This makeup suits all skin types may it be dry, sensitive, or normal skin.

3. HD makeup

If you love to get clicked with all the blemishes on your face hidden, this is best bridal makeup in Delhi, India. It gives you a flawless look for hours.

It hides all the lines on the face and makes your face camera-ready for the whole day.

Day/Night function – Best for Summers/rains – All skin types (Preferred for oily skin)

This best bridal makeup in Delhi does not give the bride an over-bright look, as it looks quite natural. It can go for both day or night functions. It is best for oily skin types as it makes your skin sweat-proof for hours. Brides with other skin types can also opt for it without doubt. This makeup can be used for any weather but is best for humid or hot weather as it does not let sweat appear on the face. 

4. Airbrush makeup

The name says it all. No sponge or brush is used on your face. Airbrush paints your face for a brightening look. This makeup is silicon-based, which makes it really long-lasting. It gives a fresh look to your face all the time. 

This makeup gives you a little hefty bridal look.

Night function – Best for winters – Not for Dry skins

Go for this makeup if your wedding is in winters but avoid in summer or rains. Airbrush makeup feels a little heavy in humidity. Preferably, choose it if it is a night function. This makeup can suit all skin types, but girls with dry skin should avoid it as the product may begin to flake. On one side, it gives a smooth finish but can also create spots and flakes if not applied properly.

5. Matte makeup 

You love bold colours? Are you not afraid to experiment with your skin? Then, this bridal makeup is for you. 

Most popular makeup of the season to make you look stunning.

Day/Night function – Any weather – Any Skin Type

It gives a toned-down appearance to the bride. It retains natural texture, yet it illuminates the skin under strong lights. Matte products enhance the look. It goes well in any weather and on any skin type. As this makeup is all about bold colours, and you love that spicy bold look, go for this to get a magical new look. This look is suited for any season. 

6. Smokey makeup

What about looking graceful and powerful on your special day? 

Those who prefer dark colours like black, grey, or brown must opt for this look.

Night Wedding – Any Season – All Skin Types

Eyes and lips are the main focus in this makeup. Sexy dark eyes and bold lips give a dramatic look. It is a chic makeup style that looks great with bold red lips and can complement almost every colour on wedding attire. Smokey makeup look is best for a night wedding. Go for this look in any season. It is suited to all skin types also. 

We hope you got to know a great deal about the right best bridal makeup in Delhi for you. Choose the right makeup based on your skin, weather, and your dress. Apart from all that, don’t forget to pamper your skin with a healthy diet and a lot of water before your big day. Hydrated skin looks flawless.

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5 Fashion Trends To Rock The Casual-Chic Style

After the end of the dark tunnel called 2020; this year, we are finally beginning to see the light. There’s a new normal that we have to follow while meeting our near and dear ones or plan small gatherings for the biggest of events. But we can still enjoy casual outings or vacations once in a while, keeping the protocols in mind, of course. While the fashion world has been tranquil over the last year, you can gradually start flaunting your looks for a low-key weekend ahead.

Top 5 Casual Fashion Trends:

casual outfit

Simplicity is something to strive for in fashion, and that’s what we aim to achieve through this article. There’s no look you can’t achieve with the ample amount of options available on the various shopping sites, especially after we do all the research to get effortlessly chic and simple outfit ideas, just for you. This is definitely the year for you to spice up your fashion game no matter the occasion. These are some of the best picks that instantly caught our eyes as we plan on keeping it casual and chic for the summer.  We have a perfectly curated list of items for you to have a look at how undeniable comfort and chicness go hand in hand as you scroll through this

So keep scrolling to see what’s worthy of being a part of your wardrobe and give yourself a fashion push. So get along the lines of the hottest trends of the season and shop the looks from below.

1. Oversized Boyfriend Jackets

casual outfit

80s styles are making quite a comeback and oversized boyfriend jackets is a trend that is dominating. With the assistance of shoulder pads, this outerwear cinches in your waist and make your legs look elongated. Rock this look with a pair of straight-leg trousers or short skirts for an ultra-modern style – colors that suit this trend are blue, charcoal, and neutrals. You will easily casual dress this up or down for an effortlessly chic aesthetic.

2. Satin Dress

While the fabric screams for some romance; the dress got its sheen, elegance, and sophistication and what more can we look for. Satin dresses are a classy pick to slay throughout the season. To a date night, party, or maybe to ace your summer vacation styles, satin dresses are all that you simply need. Pair it with a denim jacket and add oomph to your style with sneakers or choose six-inch heels and pearl earrings to throw a chic look.

3. Head scarfs

When it involves protecting your hair, you will roll in the hay beautifully. These sleek scarfs match almost any outfit you wear, and that they offer great coverage for your hair while taking inspiration from the 50s and 60s. Choose a silky fabric and tie it loose knot under your chin and if you’re feeling fancy wrap it around your neck or let it dangle from your bag. The best part behind these scarfs is that the limitless styling opportunities that come alongside them. Wear anything from a red raincoat to a color-blocking suit and appearance exceptionally stylish. From an accordion-style to a standard shape, numerous choices will keep you all safe.

4. Baguettes

This season baguettes have ruled the runways and therefore the streets. This trend is easy to replicate and it is timeless  – choose a little clutch to boost an outfit for your daily needs. There are numerous shades to settle on that fit your taste, and that they look incredible when paired with other vibrant hues or a monochromatic ensemble. Choose an amber structured handbag with an all-white get-up, or a sleek canary baguette for an evening out.

5. Denim skirts

Long denim skirts felt obsolete until they appeared everywhere on the spring runways. This denim bottom is often styled essentially an equivalent way you would style any of your jeans—casually or even formally. While the comfort and therefore the “basic” nature of this garment are off the charts, you’ll simultaneously be looking trendy which is basically the goal here.

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Clothing Ideas For Night Parties And Home Parties

Whatever an occasion might be, it becomes difficult for one to figure out what to wear. There are some secrets to look good at a party and at the same time, be comfortable in one’s skin. We will unravel some of the styles that you can whip up for your next party invitation in this article.

For the parties that you might have to attend this year, we have compiled some of the best party wear dress ideas for women as well as men. Be it the night parties at a club, beach, cocktail, etc. or be it the indoor home parties, we have got suggestions for all.

Best Party Wear Dress or Outfit Ideas For Women

1. Distressed jeans paired with an off-shoulder top

Gone are the times when our parents used to prevent us from buying distressed jeans or when we had to DIY our good old skinny jeans to make them have a ripped look. For your next casual party invitation, you can rock your look with blue or black distressed jeans paired with a white or a light coloured off-shoulder top. Enhance the look by accessorizing with some simple, heels and a sling bag.  

2. Maxi dress paired with the right accessories 

For a poolside party, you can opt for a flowing long maxi dress. Pair the outfit with sandals or boots, with a nice clutch or side bag. Lastly, you can style your loose hair with some pins or clips. You can also enhance your waistline by adding a belt upon the dress.

3. One-piece boho dress 

A great option for a beachside party or a cosy indoor party is a flowy one-piece bohemian dress. Pair the boho dress with strappy sandals and show off your best long indie accessories to enhance the look.

4. Skinny jeans coordinated with a white top and leather jacket

When have leather jackets ever gone out of fashion? The answer is NEVER! This outfit suggestion is best for those chilly nights where you wish you could keep yourself warm and at the same time look great. Skinny jeans will enhance your legs, and the white top will compliment your black leather jacket. Pair the outfit with the right pair of shoes, and you will be ready to rock in a party.

5. Pantsuits or sleek palazzo sets

best party wear dress in mumbai

Want an after office best party wear dress option that screams ‘I am the boss’? Then pantsuits are what you should go with. Parallels or sleek palazzo sets can work as well. These attire choices will help you have a bold and powerful style statement.

6. Satin or lace dresses

best party wear dress in Delhi

Our last best party wear dress suggestion for women is a very bold one. If you are comfortable wearing short dresses to parties, we can assure that a satin or spaghetti sleeve lace dress will turn almost every head in the room. This attire choice will not only make you a diva of the party but also increase your sex appeal. Make sure to pair the dress of your choice with the right heels and a sequin clutch purse.

Best Party Wear Dress or Outfit Ideas For Men

1. Slim fit jeans paired with a checked cotton shirt and white sneakers

We are starting the list with a very safe and common option for those who like to play inside their comfort zone. Plaid shirts and white sneakers will help in creating a fun impression even before you start speaking. Are you searching for comfort while having a style statement? Then slim fit jeans paired with a plaid shirt and a pair of sneakers will be your friends throughout the night.  

2. Black skinny jeans with a graphic white t-shirt and accessorized with a bomber jacket and canvas shoes

This outfit choice honestly speaks for itself. Admit it that it already looks pretty good in your mind as you imagine yourself in it. This look not only is very popping for a party, but it also helps you have a dark and mystic vibe.

3. Henley T-shirt paired with black denim jeans and brown boots

best party wear dress in mumbai

Want to have a style statement that isn’t too loud but also notice worthy? Then the outfit idea of Henley T-shirt + a pair of denim jeans + boots is the best option for you. The buttoned Henley t-shirts are not just like your graphic tees and can give you a more mature look. The boots are the show stoppers that enhance your simple yet stylish attire.

4. Brown chinos paired with a light pink shirt and Kohlapuri sandals

best party wear dress in mumbai

Want to be the guy who looks easy to approach and talk to at a party? This best party wear dress idea is what you need. The brown or the ochre yellow chinos pair with the light baby pink shirt or t-shirt very well. The Kolhapuri sandals will bind the entire look very well and gives you a laid back stylish vibe.

5. White trousers paired with a plain dark coloured T-shirt and accessorized with a blazer

best party wear dress in India

From our Bollywood stars to the Hollywood stars, you will often see them rocking the white trouser quite effortlessly. It is the ideal opportunity for you to do likewise. Trust your instincts and go with a plain solid colour tee and pair it with a blazer jacket that compliments the entire look. Formal shoes will probably look best with this best party wear dress; however, you can also choose to go casual.

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Outfit Ideas to Wear on The First Date

Did he ask you out for a date? I know it can be very exciting and stressful at the same time. Making the first impression decides what the future holds for you. The first thing that hops into our mind is “What should I wear?” Wearing something extravagant is cool, but if it causes some discomfort and makes you conscious throughout the date is surely uncool. It’s all about you, girl! Your choice in the outfit will decide your confidence and that is everything needed for a date.

The most important thing to keep in mind before picking up your outfit is to consider the weather condition. Plus the date can be anywhere, in a bar for some drinks or a lunch date in an intimate restaurant or any other settings. With all these confusion in your mind, you will need a gorgeous and comfortable outfit to boost up your confidence. So, I’ve picked out 7 outfit ideas for women on how to pick the right fit for the first date.

Top 7 Outfit For Your First Date:

  1. Go all black with elegance
First date outfit

Are you looking for an elegant outfit for a late night date at the bar? This is what you are looking for. A black high-waist satin skirt with a matching black cami-top will pop out your figure and gives you a very elegant look. Add a pair of black high heels. I know, you will have second choice for choosing high heels for first date, but it’s worth it! Just say hi to confidence and rock the bar as you walk by like your own runway.

2. Minimal chic look


If you want to go for something casual and chic, pick white straight-jeans. For the top, choose a plain body hugging black or a pastel cardigan (keep a button or two unbuttoned, it elongates the neck and makes you look taller). The combo will give a taller silhouette plus, tying a thin satin scarf into a knit with adds more definition to the fit. Throw some tennis shoes or a pair of loafers to the mix to complete the look.

3. Romper and boots for spring

Do you want to look cute for your first date? Go for a romper, with minimal details and cool prints on the fabric. Add a pair of thigh high platform boots and it’s perfect for a spring date. The whole fit will make you feel as you are in your early 20s. It’s comfortable and those small feminine details of the outfit would be a perfect choice for a daytime date.

4. The retro bohemian girl

As a fan of retro and boho dresses, this is my favourite fit. This dress is a perfect mixture of both; pastels, bows and ruffles for a romantic summer day date. Not many people are a fan of gladiators, but boho dresses always fit perfectly with it. It gives a soft feminine but also a sophisticated vibe. Adding some minimal jewelry will add more definition to fit.

5. Vintage tee on leather and boots

Here is another vintage look but with contemporary mix! Anything vintage is so much in trend these days and we are not even mad about it. Pick a vintage t-shirt (oversized looks much better) and a leather skirt plus a Chelsea boot or a biker boot. That’s it. So simple but looks cool and trendy. Even if the date doesn’t work out, this will still be one of the coolest outfits in your wardrobe and probably the most comfortable fit of my list.

    6. Statement floral dress

Dresses with soft florals and ruffles are always a flattering choice for a date. The dress itself is romantic. Chiffon is an ideal choice of fabric for such dresses. It flexes the soft, flowy material perfectly blended with pastel or vibrant florals, displaying the feminine aesthetic. And it’s perfect for every date. From a beach date to dinner date, it fits every occasion. Finish the outfit with a pair of heels with thin straps.

     7.  Sporty date with sneakers

How about trying something sporty? If you like wearing athleisure, then this green mini dress with polo style button fastening will make a good sporty fit for you. Adding a pair of trainers and socks (preferably from the same brand) will give complete look. It can be super comfortable and also be cute at the same time. If you are a petite, this outfit is just for you!

These outfits might not be available everywhere but you still can try to copy or create your own style inspired from it. Believe me, you will not regret.

Well, the right outfit is not the only thing important. Makeup is also an important part of styling and it brightens the whole look. For a daytime date, keeping it minimum as possible is the best. Nude lipsticks and nude eyeshadow with a hint of blush will give a fresh look. And for a clubbing date, try something shimmery or bold for your eyes and leave the lips to lighter shade or vice versa. Avoid wearing super thick lipstick. It tends to crack after having a meal and that’s not something we would want to happen. These are just some basic rules to follow on a first day and make a good impression. Don’t forget to add your personal style and charm to everything and be more of yourself. Till then, Happy Dating!

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Pastel Outfit Trends for Spring

As the spring arrives with joy, love and growth, the time to dump our winter clothes into the archived section of the closet also gets closer. And how about we replenish our spring wardrobe with soft- hued outfit for this season.

As the 80s and 90s trends are taking over the world again, pastel outfits with vintage and contemporary touch are no exception either. And we are not mad about it. Pastels are an ideal choice for spring as it’s soothing and fresh just like the season. Also pastel outfits can give you a cute look even in the scorching heat of summer.

Pastel clothes never fail to please our eyes but sometimes it can be quite tricky to pull off pastel color outfits and look trendy at the same time. You will buy a pastel top because it is cute but at home you will realise you don’t have a jean or anything that matches with the top. Another challenge is picking the right pastel color as per your skin tone. Sometimes soft hues can make your skin look dull and you will not want it to happen of course. So I’m here with some ideas to make a look with pastel outfits that will help you to pick the right outfit for this spring.

Top 8 spring outfit:

  1. A Pale Yellow Dress
Spring outfit

Shades of yellow is a summer delight. And pale soft yellow is at the top of our list. The light yellow flaunts the freshness of the dress and is a perfect choice for a sunny day-wear. From going on a brunch or shopping date with your girlfriends to attending college, it will definitely give a stylish and fresh look.

Styling tip: Wearing minimal golden jewelry will brighten up the look. Gold and yellow is always a win-win combination.

2. Pastel jeans and Crop top

spring outfit

Wearing colorful jeans doesn’t seem to go out of fashion at all. Mint green is a classic pastel colour and it’s perfect for the season. Pairing up with a white or beige crop top will give a soft look. Crop top with high waisted jeans will make you look taller and we are always up for it.

Styling tip: Keep the jeans to the ankle and pair it with  sneakers.

3. Preppy Look with Pleated Tennis Skirt

There is no way we can turn a blind eye to pleated tennis skirt fashion. Tennis skirts give a cute but with a hot vibe altogether. And a lavender one can make an effortlessly adorable fit. Pairing with a white oversized t-shirt and socks and chuncky shoes, is all we deserve to have in our wardrobe.

Styling tip: Keep the hair and makeup minimal to get a soft girl look.

4. Blazer Dress For Work

Let’s be honest, at one point or other, we keen to clad like a boss and girly to work at the same time. And finding the right outfit to meet all the needs can be very tough. A pastel blue blazer dress will be an ideal choice. It has both, sophistication and a soft look that we want. Style the dress with a pair of sexy pumps and some silver jewelry.

Styling tip: Opt for neutral makeup and wearing a watch will be a smart move.

5. Dreamy Pink Casual dress

An ethereal shade of baby pink dress with ruffles and detailed embroidery, illuminating a subtle yet freshness in the look. Pastel and ruffle look so lovely together. Another perfect fit for day wear. Wearing a lace-up gladiator will make a wholesome look.

Styling tip: Adding some rose gold jewelry would give more compliment to the look.

6. Pastels, Camisole and Jeans

A soft mint green camisole top would be an easy experiment of the trend. Coupling with a pair of light blue jeans and tucking in the top. With some minimal jewelry, it would give a casual but dreamy look. The pastel green can be refreshing and the lace details in the top would effortlessly look chic. And the fun thing is, any pair of footwear would look beautiful with the fit.

Styling tip: Wear a pair of golden loop earings to draw more attention to the face.

7. Pastels for the Club

Up next on our list, we have a quirky tie-dyed printed satin wrap-dress with turquoise blue and apricot comb. It’s a perfect pastel outfit for a party or late night date. The unique colour combination and the silhouette of the dress is quite sultry and stylish and would definitely turn all the heads.

Styling tip: A pair of sexy high heels is all we want with the dress and some petite jewelry to complete the iconic look.

8. Elegance and Satin Shirt

A satin mint green shirt is charming enough to make a soft fashion statement. If you are looking for something elegant then this is what you are looking for. Pairing with a high waisted neutral tone trouser or a pair of white straight fit jeans will give a decent look. The cool undertone of the shirt is perfect for daytime date or lunch with family. Pick a pair of high heel pumps that would give a lean figure and add more elegance to the look.

Styling tip: Play with jewelry. Undo a button or a two and wearing a necklace with a pendant will definitely give a chic look.

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Celebrities Prove Their Love For Co-ords


While nothing is as effortless as throwing on a shirtdress, this summer’s matching two-piece trend comes in as an in-depth in terms of ease. From vacation-ready crop top and skirt co-ords to matching bralettes and culottes, there are many two-piece sets to own that chic look.

While nothing about our celebrities style is basic. Whether you see these celebrities on a vacation, or dinner dates, or hopping onto a Zoom call, the multi-hyphenate knows how to put their best (dressed) face forward. And with time, the stars have discovered an easy fix for days when they want to look on-point without having to make too much of a fuss—matching sets. From high-slit maxis and minis to palazzos, their expansive collection of co-ord sets boasts (at least) one in every silhouette possible. Below, we highlight a number of the foremost significant pairings in their closet, which you’ll take inspiration from also.

Top 5 Celebrities :

1. Rihanna shows you how to upgrade your denim-on-denim look with a co-ord set



Rihanna has rounds that have had her picking some unforgettable casual OOTDs. She paired her oversized belted jean jacket with a mini skirt within the same tone. A pair of rectangular sunglasses and a brown round box bag completed the design, but her choice of footwear—a pair of dark blue thigh-high stilettos  —brought the hint of color needed to break the palette of her look.


2. Kylie Jenner’s pinstripe co-ord set is a classic you’ll never tire of


This is yet another fabulous way to wear this trend, by pairing your look with matching pants. They could be cropped capri pants or even shorts. You would agree that Kylie is also carving out a distinct style for herself with plenty of added 90s touches. This pinstripe co-ord set is given the throwback touch with Kylie’s favourite sunnies and those clunky boots. She has proved that she’s more than a dab hand in the style department too with this fab white co-ords set and cute trainers. Smart, comfortable, and wrinkle-free, the cream-coloured look checked all the boxes that an ideal celebrity-approved work-from-home OOTD demands.


3. Kendall Jenner’s pink boucle coordinates is all about making a statement


The supermodel, Kendall Jenner appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon during a sweet and flirty number. The supermodel wore pink boucle coordinates, a small crop top, and gold jewelry (we see that body chain!). KJ’s motivation: layer on heavy metal hardware to toughen up any outfit.  Not to fail to recall how well the colours merge with each other on this co-ord set. What do you think?


4. Hailey Beiber’s neon sweat cords set was made for an elegantly casual look


Hailey keeps her look neon with her signature gold hoops. Isn’t it LOVE? It has to be on your must-have list if you love breezy fabrics and cuts. For a day out, the actor chose cotton in neon green, which comprised of an ab-baring tie-up shirt and high-waisted palazzo pants, with which she carried a top handle Chanel bag and accessorized with layered. Not a bad pick for a night of dancing, or even for an outdoor day date.


5. Kim Kardashian stunned in a blue co-ord set that isn’t for the faint-hearted

Kim Kardashian in top celebrities stunned everyone again on the internet in a blue co-ord as she hung out at her friend’s $120 million Malibu mansion. Kim looked absolutely breathtaking in the cut-out crop top, which she teamed with a ruched midi skirt. The mother of four styled her long hair in loose waves and wore minimal makeup.

These all are considered in top 10 celebrities.

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Flirty trends and Valentine Day outfits

Finally, the most anticipated day to celebrate love is just around the corner. We might have different opinions on whether to go on an outdoor date or to stay in and have an intimate dinner date this year. And if you are the biggest fan of Valentine Day, there should be no excuse for not to wear something fun and feel good on this special day. There are options on our plate if we want to go for a cute-as-hell outfit or wear something beautiful and sexy, or for an edgy look. Regardless of your style, you can still opt for something different and cool this time.

Girls know that it can be such a headache to choose the right outfit and not regret it later. But as long as you follow the trend and add up some spice with jewelleries and other accessories, you are ready to slay this year’s Valentine Day. Here are some trendy outfits for the occasion which will help you to create your look for this time:

1. Ruffled vintage mini valentine day dress

Valentine Day

A ruffled ruched mini dress with retro vibes is all we need for the Valentine Day. Adding minimal golden necklaces will give more complementary details to the look. This dress is a perfect choice if you want to go for something cute and super girly.

2. Sequined black dress

We all know that sequins never go out of style. A shimmery sequined dress with puffed sleeves, give that jazzy vibe to the look. Styling with a pair of calf-high boots and a black coat to escape from the chilly February weather will be such a classic look. Silver hoops are a bonus!

3. Purple rhinestone cardigan

February is not the end of winter, folks! The evening breeze can give you some bone shivers. If you are skeptical of wearing a dress or a skirt, go for a cardigan and a pair of jeans. A purple cardigan with light blue jeans and white boots will give a very soft look. The rhinestone embellished on the cardigan will give you a more defined look to not make you feel underdressed.

4. Brown printed mini skirt

How about going for a more edgy look? A brown printed ruched skirt with a lace cami top and a black leather jacket is that dramatic gothic fit you always strive for. Adding a pair of combat boots to complete the look would be iconic.

5. Floral ruched valentine day dress

We are all thrilled that ruched dresses are back in the trend. A floral mini valentine day ruched dress can never go wrong for a romantic dinner date. Add a pair of black high heels and a long coat (if the weather demands) to complete the look.

6. Cowl neck satin valentine day dress

Valentine’s Day is all about love and red. A red-hued satin dress with a cowl neck is an ideal fit. The dress itself screams romance. A knitted cardigan and a pair of white strappy heels will totally keep the eyes of your date on you.

7. Corset tank top and jeans

Do you want to keep it simple? Then go for a corset tank top. Corsets are back in trend, and it is the coolest thing to try. Pair it up with a boyfriend jeans and a black, regular blazer. Add some rings to your fingers to give a simple but funky look.


 And if you feel the winters are taking a toll, go for something white, like a knitted white top. With lace featured on the neckline and buttoned front. Pairing it up with a light washed straight jeans will give a fun look. Little details make a huge difference, like white and gold is always a classic combo. Adding a pair of gold hoop earrings will brighten up the basic look. Add some classic two-strap heels to pop out your feet.

8. Faux leather skirt and beige blouse

Leather and winter are a match made in heaven. A brown pleated faux leather skirt would be an ideal choice for a wintery evening. Paired up with a beige shirt with vintage ruffled details on the neckline will make a fun outfit. Adding a pair of thigh-high boots is a *chef’s kiss*. So sophisticated yet so simple!

9. Satin scarf top/ bandana top

Satin scarf tops are in very much trend lately. It would be a perfect choice if you are planning for an indoor date, somewhere warm. You can pair it up with jeans and flaunt your neckline and back. Add a few pieces of necklaces to give a glow to the fit. Throw a cropped jacket to the mix if your plan changes at the last moment.

10. Satin black midi dress

Ladies, this is the chance to get your favourite satin dress you have been waiting to buy.  A black satin valentine day midi-dress with a chained strap is everything you need. Adding a matching pair of high heels and a fitted front tied cardigan is a definition of a sexy and elegant fit.

PSA: You don’t need to wait for a specific occasion to dress up. Play this dress up game now and then to make yourself feel special.

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Top Female Fashion Icons Of India

This week, the Louvre Museum in Paris was even forced to close for a day because of its overcrowding problem. (Some union representations for the museum said tourists have stifled renovation work on the Mona Lisa, crowding them into tight, unworkable spaces.)in abundance, allowing developers to save time, re-use code, and streamline the back end. As software development tools continuously change to follow the latest trends, and as new frameworks emerge, we gathered a list of the best PHP frameworks for 2019. For each framework, we will be briefly exploring the essential features, the benefits, the scale and type of projects it fits best, and the learning curve.

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