Prime Style Slay: Dresses for mature women

In this article, we are going to share dresses for mature women. Read the article till last to get a clear vision.

Dressing up or choosing an outfit is a celebration of one’s self irrespective of any age, any sex, or anything for that matter. But importantly, selecting the right dress is the right way to be worth a million bucks. Let us put it right in here and now- “You dress in an outfit that you absolutely desire. Nobody can take that away from you if your confidence is shooting through the sky with the way you look”.

Also, dresses for women over 45 shouldn’t have a tag on them with outrageous restrictions, because age is just a number. Let your mind be young and you automatically look and feel the same too.

Dresses for mature women: Thinking a deep thought???

It should be noted with a special sense that all of the below suggestions are for reference and

dresses for mature women

inspiration. We always will encourage you to wear what makes you happy and self-confident. Style yourself like a diva. Clearly, that will give you the upper hand. Going on, along with staying relevant in trend, special occasion dresses for older ladies carry a special flare.

  • In particular, your attires should show out their strong points and splendor supporting the personality of the wearer.
  • Furthermore, your individuality should aptly blend into the dress you wear not the other way around
  • In addition to this, your body shape should be flattered not boxed-out.

The knowhow of Dos and Don’ts: Dresses for mature women

We are more than content to help you put together a fashionable wardrobe regal like a queen yet free-spirited like a free butterfly. Let us look at some points of interest that you should stay clear of while

choosing dresses for women over-45. Also, let’s make it a point to know how to wear your attire with grace after you reach your golden age getting the badge of a mature woman.

  • Do It Right…
  • Go for fabrics that make your skin happy. Some of them might be a tad bit expensive but make a good impression. Also they help your skin breath.
  • Style it right. Make sure your whole outfit gives a sensible chic look not a mismatched stance.
  • Make sure you know your own style stance. Dress in a mode that makes others say that’s the original her in a positive light. Collect basic wardrobe essentials.
  • They might not be of your everyday use but comes in handy when in a sudden need for dresses for mature women.
  • Be brave enough going the mix and match route.
  • Style yourself with an effortless poise mixing designer items and non designer good to bring out a rustic charm. Casual summer dresses for older ladies is one such option to create your own twist.
  • Nail your everyday closet items with ease. Make sure they are comfortable, long lasting and of a great quality.
  • Experiment with statement accessories and stylish footwear. Interestingly, these two staples can make or break your whole look.
  • The Don’ts points…
  • Do not we mean do not go for attires those are too clingy or tight. This makes you look too desperate in an attempt to look younger
  • Clearly avoid being too much of a matching statement. Be it either a print or the colour or any pattern; make sure your whole outfit doesn’t look too matched up like a uniform.
  • Without a doubt please steer away from items that don’t fit you with ease. They might be the most fashionable or the trendiest, but if it doesn’t fit move it away.
  • Last but not the least; make sure your shape wear is of a good quality. This helps in eliminating your bulge and lumps related with growing age.

Our choices: Celebrating dresses for women over 45

These choices are mainly for women over the age of 45. While we give our picks here, let us not forget the fact that these ones can be worn irrespective of age. Wear something that celebrates the original you and makes your confidence go up and higher. Also make sure that the dress you choose flatters your shape, not drowns you in it.

  • The classic denim and top

Who can deny the charm of this classic mix? This has the right stamp for splendor among the dresses for mature women. A fine blue/black denim-trouser in the right-fit paired with a cream/pearl/white top or a plaid shirt does the right classic-classy-trick.

  • A sensational Shift dress

An epitome of a dress for comfort and ease, the shift design is a must-have essential for women over 45. Wear it as a dress or couple it with faux-leather/denim tights as a long loose top, it is comfortable, always in trend, and is a fancy piece of trustable clothing. Without a doubt, this design gives you one of the most casual vibes but can step up the game when worn with sparkles for accessories.

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  • Hug your curves in a fit and flare

One of the most popular styles for celebratory attires (across all age groups) in dresses for mature women, the fit and flare are like a fairy godmother. This design is a huge boon for ladies with fuller figures as well as it is for others. Obviously, this design is made in a way to create an hourglass figure for the wearer. Importantly please make sure your dress is at least calf level to avoid looking too showy. At a party or an intimate celebration, a gala or a festive get-together, this design is your best friend if styled in the right way.

  • Classy Sheath all the way

This one choice is for those ladies who have a proportionate body. Class encompassed all the way among the dresses for mature women, this enhances your curves in the right places and glides your body giving a lean look illusion. Absolutely an unfussy style, this one can make your workwear look a million bucks and at the same time give you a divinity-like chimera for an after-party. An epitome of elegance, this design is a safe pick to look regal as well as bring out the lady boss in you.

  • The boho-elegance

This style never goes out of acceptance, gives you a rustic charm, and makes you look really cool. A layered/tiered midi/maxi skirt, a fine crisp white tank top, and a denim/faux leather jacket give you that right old Hollywood vibes. Charming and fine, this outfit idea vibes in right with the right cool-chic lady look being a great option for summer dresses for mature women.

Last but not least…

Finally, in conclusion, you should be wearing your attire with grace instead of your attire wearing you down. It’s through the mature age that women mostly settle down in fashion thinking of the opinion of others. We say you don’t have to settle down forgoing your fashion dreams. Below are some tips, tricks, and picks that will help you form your wardrobe with a chicness and royal flare that others will envy you for your trend choices. Apart from this let us also state here that even though these preferences are for dresses for mature women, all these selections are aptly happily applicable for dresses for women over 35 too.

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Dapper and Fine- Formal clothes for men

In this article, we are going to share Formal clothes for men. Read the article till last to get a better vision.

When it comes to speaking of formals and men, we all have that movie stills coming running back to our minds. Interestingly, The Bond Movies or the X-Men have captured our brains with the black power suits and the ray bans. Clearly, our imaginations run to that point when we hear of formals and men. But let us put it clear and crisp here. Not only men’s formal wear styles are far beyond just movies and celebrities but also they are greater in fashion and its variants. We, through this blog aim at bringing in this interesting world of stylish and regal formal clothes for men to the correct light.

  • A little bit from the past: Travelling back the history lane, men mainly around Europe were at attendance of Black tie and White tie importance. Indeed we are talking of the time when fashion was evolving and being seen in fashion-aware clothes meant a higher-class.
  • In addition to the above, formal wear always had to be a white tie outfit. Also this meant that white tie-tail coat combo had the prominence.
  • At the same time, the black tie outfit (dinner attires, the Tux etc.) came under the semi-formals.
Formal clothes for men

It should be noted that in our present times, there is little difference between this above-mentioned classification. Also, every of the above-mentioned attires is now considered formal anyway.

Formal Clothes for men: Understanding the layers

 According to the Haute Couture Majesty of Men’s fashion- Tom Ford, “Tuxedo is the heart of a formal men’s dress”. In addition, when it comes to a more elaborate occasion of celebration or even business, a bow tie adds a regal touch. For example, for an awards function commemorating your achievement or a wedding celebration, this is the right pick.

Having said that,

  • Choosing the royal combo- A tail coat+ A crisp white shirt+ A stylish bow tie for the prior mentioned instances is a fantastic idea.
  • Alternatively, wearing a black tie outfit (formal black blazer+ matching shaded Cummerbund+ a sleek black bow tie) for comparatively less decorous times is an easy pick and choose.
  • Also, when it is the day time, formal men’s attire can include a waist coat and subtle striped trousers too. And also a less formal morning-coat and a relaxed coloured tux can also be worn.

What and what not to- Formal clothes for men

It is extremely important that you wear the formal attires in the right way and in the exact combo as it is meant to be. Let’s see a few important points and keep it in reference for the next time you have to get yourself dressed formally in a spruced-up style.

  • Do it right
  • Firstly, always make sure you are well-known with the tuxedo you will be wearing (how to wear it (the proper layering), how to carry it etc.).
  • Pair your tie or bow-tie in accordance with the occasion and in matching with the outfit

    along with the formal pants for men.
  • Most importantly, make sure your formal suit fits you like a glove. Making it too clingy or wearing it like a tent ruins the look and makes you the laughing-stock of the town.
  • Without a doubt, it is always advisable to know how to wear your bow-tie/traditional tie yourself. Referring you the social media is the best way for this.
  • Passionately and importantly make sure you own your own tux/suit set. Do not rent it unless it’s a life and death situation
  • Know the Don’ts
  • First and foremost, please do not cobble together an outfit other than the classic combo of the formal attire. Don’t swap the black bowtie for a pastel shade or the classic white shirt for a printed casual one.
  • Always, we mean always stand by the classic style and look being the well-groomed and trim gentleman you are. Be the chic one nailing the men’s formal wear styles.
  • Secondly, never cut back on your grooming regime. When going for a look in formal clothes for men for eternity stay well groomed, smell immaculate and look subtly elegant.

Out top picks: Men’s formal wear styles 2021

Not only wearing crisp formal garb is game-changing but also it captures the onlooker’s attention. Either it be a stern business meeting or a fine formal gala, you make your presence felt and your point heard with your spotless outfit. In this section, we give our top 5 picks for you guys to nail your formal pant shirt style 2021 with ease and fashion.

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  • The classic business suit

Nothing can go wrong with this style. Be it to a super serious business meeting or on your way to a black-tie gala or even a formal wedding, this specific mix will never ever let you down.

Our Suggestion: Navy/Grey self striped blazer and matching formal pants for men+ white/Off-white plain shirt+ Formal leather Derbys in black/Stone grey shades.

  • Combining two traditional: The navy and the grey

A traditional cool look, this combination has stood the test of time. Not only has this colour combination an edgier element but also this gives you a fancy cool look too. Clearly for the creative feel, this look gives you a softer shade with a sharp feel to your finished look

Our Suggestion: Grey slacks+ Navy shaded coat+ Off-white shirt+ A pair of ash grey Brogues.

  • Nailing the conference chic

Definitely, this is a combination that no man can go wrong in. A great choice for formal clothes for men, this style nails the business meeting fashion.  Also, let us not forget the fact that this magical outfit arrangement will help you nail your corporate-interview look and at the same time give you an frame over others.

Our Suggestion: Stone Grey trousers+ Sky-blue shirt+ Indigo blue tie+ Dark brown leather Oxfords

  • Marrying the Khaki and Suede

Another of a classic match, this combination shies away from the usual formal mixes. But let us say here, wed these two shades and a great dapper outfit is born. Perfect for the creative people to dress up and for the business style guys to dress down, this is a perfect way to balance your otherwise mundane office attires.

Our suggestion: Khaki Blazer+ White pin stripe shirt+ Match trousers (one or two shade lighter than the jacket)+ Suede lace-up shoes/Pull-Ons+ Matching waist belt (in sync with the loafers).

  • The timeless mix

We all agree, clearly the white and navy blue combo is forever a classic look. It is romantic, it is timeless, it is presentable and at the same time it is very formal. Without a doubt you can blindly believe in this mix.

 Our suggestion: Navy corduroy trousers+ Crisp white shirt+ Dark-Chocó Brown Loafers+ A matching style fitted blazer (preferably to that of the footwear).

 Summing it up:

Nailing the Men’s style formals is a walk in the park if you know it right. Furthermore, please make sure to avoid rugged, punkish or gaudy accessories at all costs for this specific appearance. Last but not the least, try not to sync with your plus one. Whether it is a date or a fancy event, let your attire speak for itself having its own highlight. Make your outfit speak for you… Create that grandeur and spruce attitude fastening the stylish 2021 formal clothes for men with your style and unwavering well-groomed stance.

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Plus size dresses for women: The Curvy Empress

In this article, we are going to share Plus size dresses for women. Read the article till last to get the ideas.

The woman is a presence of the world… She is that element binding the universe together… As an individual, as a partner, as a daughter, as a mother, as a nurturing element in your life; a woman is a fierce at the same time a calming facet. So when it comes to clothing this diva nothing should be spared. And when it’s the curvy woman in the spotlight, the universe is at attention to get her the most beautiful plus-size dresses for women.

A fine sanction: Women are every shape, size and form is a work of beauty blessed by the universe. She is a heaven sent gift that should be celebrated and respected as a very precious soul. She is a force to reckon… It is a true fact that when it comes to selecting outfits for chubby girl female fashion, quite a dilemma arises. Please don’t feel left out. We are here at your service with our selection and choices for the best outfits for plus-size ladies.

Plus size dresses for women

What is plus size? Understanding Plus size dresses for women

Plus-size fashion had its wings when they started to have couture style catered solely for curvy women. This impacted rightly and was powerful enough to revolutionalize the fashion world.

  • The essence: Curvy fashion

Importantly, it is necessary to understand the essence of the word ‘Plus size’ to grasp the power of curvy fashion. Furthermore, let us put it this way for a better understanding.

  • Indeed as the word suggests, plus size outfits are solely aimed at gorgeous ladies of a bigger proportion in body size
  • Also, according to the general understanding of the fashion industry and its standards, a curvy size starts at size 16 and can go upto a size 7X or even higher (pertaining to the need of the wearer).

Plus size dresses for women: A sweeping advance

It should be noted that every size is a fabulous size when it comes to fashion and styling. Artists and body positivity influencers like Serena Williams, Rebel Wilson, Amy Schumer, Melissa McCarthy, Lizzo, Ashley Graham, Kate Wesley, Neha Parulkar, Aashna Bhagwani, etc exactly shows us how hot you can sizzle in plus size fashion.

  • Social consciousness and reception

The acceptability of Plus-Size is a huge positive impact on society giving messages of

  • Body positivity and social acceptability
  • Getting universally educated on the size diversity, self-acceptance and above all primly self-love in our society.

Our Ideas: Let the red-carpet roll for the queens…

It is an affecting chore most of the time to find chubby girl fashion tips and dresses worthy of a queen. The Curvy sizes are so stereotyped, that through this blog we aim at changing the perception of plus size dresses for women. So without adieu, we present to you our top 7 picks for the best outfits for plus-size ladies. This is with an idea of dress for a chubby girls to look slim adding sophistication and richness but with ease on the eyes.

  • Show your zing in a long-sleeved wrap dress (7)

Let’s start with a special event pick. When it comes to curvy women, a fit and flare wrap dress is a fine choice for formal celebratory affairs. Undoubtedly, the wrap and the slithers of diagonal pleats that come along help you in defining your curves.  Clearly, this creates a waistline fit for an elegant hourglass figure.  Always go for magical deep colours like wine red, mystic navy, charcoal

black, etc. Also, the long sleeves add that right dot of oomph to your dress. A great pair of heels and statement earrings will finish the regal look for you.

  • Emulate the boss-lady vibes in a formal blazer-suit combo (12)

Unravel the unapologetic boss-lady in you wearing this formal suit combo. One of the best plus-size dresses for women, this is a great combination of fierce style and at the same time elegant grace. Moreover, this style gives you a sharp appearance giving that ‘I-mean-business’ stance. Also, make sure you choose a slightly flared pant silhouette and body-fitting blazer cut to make your profile in the golden ratio. Choose a solid color for your outfit coupled with a subtle statement wristlet and a power dressing pair of heels- you go lady, strong and fine…


  • Celebrate the curves in a fine style jumpsuit (8)

A fun style yet a classy look, jumpsuits create that illusion of a well-trim sophisticated yet carefree look. A great dress for a chubby girl to look slim; pick the outfit design that has a runny-line shape

and a higher waistline (preferably with a controlled flare or light pleats). Go for chunky accessories and wedges for a boho look. Alternatively, pair this up with fine footwear and classy jewelry for a date-time look too.

  • Venerate the country charisma in a maxi denim skirt

Denim is just not a fabric or a style; it is an emotion of the fashion evolution and celebrating silhouettes of all shapes and sizes. Interestingly, denim can be molded in such a prominent way those curvy princesses feel that style-advanced appeal celebrating their wonderful curvy figures. Also, make sure to always select a well-fitted style with good slits to get that fine feel and elevated look. Go for tops that can be tucked in and accessories that are earthy and rustic to give that special county vibe. Indeed this gets you in the carefree books and gets the charismatic aura of the original you.

  • Go the unrepentant look with the self-pleated midi

A hot favorite in the retro style, this piece is a heaven send for plus-size dresses for women. A

stunner and a game-changer in a curvy closet, this skirt coupled with any good fitting top/shirt/blouse tie your plus-size fashion with imperial ease. Glam up your whole look with acoustic earpieces giving out a fine aura of confidence. A good pair of pencil heels and a statement clutch, you are ready to burn the party floor.

  • Seal the deal in an outsized shirt dress

One of the best outfit ideas for plus-size dresses for women, this is an item that has ease, realism, and fashion wrapped in a bundle. In addition of being a great choice for everyday wear, wear it with a statement belt, asymmetric earring and a fine gladiator heel; you become the belle of the evening party. Similarly, mix and match your ideas to create an outfit that is a classic example of office-party attire. You go all preen and polished to work jack-it-up later and let your hair loose for some after-hours leisure time.

A wrapping reflection…

Without a doubt, recognizing curvier sizes is in itself a fashion revolution. Main-stream fashion brands like H&M, Westside, ASOS, Loft, BOOHOO, Old Navy, Mango, SheIn, etc. are very famous for their inclusion of bigger size options as much as curvy-size specific brands too. It is also worth noting that not only plus-size fashion is a revolutionary fashion movement but also an affirmation that plus-size dresses for women are not a shame to hide but a celebrating of high and bright.

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Tresses enchanted- 10 best girls hairstyle designs

In this article, we are going to describe the 10 best girls’ hairstyle designs. Read the article till last.

The enchanting tress tales… The stories of marvelous hair designs… The saga of captivating mane styling…. We can’t get enough of this topic. Interestingly, every festival, every celebration, and every event that gets the most notice apart from the dresses and people are the hairstyles and designs. Through this blog, we not only bring to you the 10 best girls’ hairstyle designs but also discuss how it can be mastered in a quick and easy way for your comfort.

A deeper connection: Not only is it interesting to know how to manage your mane differently but also it is handy to learn different options. After all, who does not want a fresh hairstyle instead of repeating your mundane simple hairstyle? Also, it is quite interesting the mind-works behind a spruced-up hair look. Whether it is the routine you follow or it is the trend that is up, having a good mane day gives you a real morale boost.

10 best girls hairstyle designs: A Hearty Conception…

In particular, it is a heartwarming thought to know that a great combination of beauty and protective shielding comes from an inner content of happiness. And with this having a great hair day as well as a beautiful hairstyle plays a beautiful part. Not only has this concept given you that sprinkle of psychological ease but also pushes your emotional wellbeing towards a positive node.

Without a doubt,

  • The hairstyling days of flat ironing and crimping has far progressed from the styling tools.
  • A good hair style girl at home is as easy to get done as having a wonderful hair style girl for wedding looks.

Never has it been so easy and straightforward to have your mane arranged in a sleek way and then change it to a rustic with a wink of an eye. This brings variation and keeps your feeling great as a whole.

Simple to fancy: 10 best girls hairstyle designs

It is always interesting to find things that stand the test of time. These are the facts that also get us an

emotional advancement and a mood spice up too. Hairstyles fall in one of those categories. Hair style girl 2021 is a strong woman who knows what she wants and her tresses are swept away with her magical touch. Whether it is a simple sleek pony or a fancy two bun half up-do or even a sophisticated crossed bun or the pull-through braid up-do, she shoes it off with elegance and class. The hairstyles we have picked are a rich array of classy to modern to chic to laid-back. Go through these 10 best girl’s hairstyle designs and slay your way to the top with a firm say…

  • Classic braid

Absolutely this can be claimed as the easiest and one of the classic hairstyles across the world. Even though this simple style is a heaven send for girls with curly and husky hair textures, ladies with other hair structures also swear by the easiness and tolerance of this style.

  • How to: Detangle your hair, part it into 3 equal sections and start overlie each sections alternatively creating a uniform braid. Tie the end up and finish the look
  • French braid

Next is the time to spruce up your plain braids to the next notch up. Differing from the basic braid

structure, this includes an extra step, additionally needing a bit of practice. But once you master it nothing can beat your model hairstyle girl look in a subtle feel.

  • How to: Similar to the first technique, start by pulling three sections of hair from the middle of your head instead of taking the whole tresses and parting them. Braid as usual but along with doing the typical braid, start weaving small section of the loose strands from either sides. Also, make sure to gather more of strands as you progress making sure that you bunch the plaited hair tightly. Secure your French braid with a hair tie or roll the braid at the nape of your neck to form a braid-bun.
  • Braided twist

Again a braid version (we all agree that braids are super cool in every form), this is an imperial edition alternative to others. Interestingly a super easy one, this helps in creating texture to your tresses at the same time keeps your hair away from your face.

  • How to: Set your hair with a good quality serum or hairspray. Then flick your whole mane frontward and start braiding from the nape of your neck forward until you get to the finish-tip of your hair. Then take the braid and either sweep it right on the sides of your head and tuck it safely on the other side or make a knot or a bun at the highest point on your head. There you are done with a royal fancy style of one among.
  • Chic up-do

Undoubtedly, trendy and an extremely chic hair-do to bring in the spiciness for that added spark besides your unexciting hairstyle. 

  • How to: Tie a low pony and separate two sections of hair strands in the front. Also braid those two sections and tuck in with the pony. Gather all together and creating a slit just on top of the pony, entwine the hair through the gap and pull it from below creating a twisted chic do. Then loosen those side braids and set it all with a hair serum. This one of the chic and easiest of our 10 best girls hairstyle designs.
  • Twisted half up half down

A fancy celebrations look this style gives you the oomph. Not only that, this mane design is very easy but also can be done within minutes. This comes in extremely handy to get a fresh look after a long day of work and to go out for a relaxing time with your special ones.

  • How to: Take a central parting perpendicular to your brows. Then you again gather two sections towards the front of your face and twist each section to get a twisted rough cinnamon-bun look on either side. Secure it with hair ties and bobby pins. You can either straighten the rest of your loose tresses or curl it for a fancier feel. Spray it all with a quality hairspray and set it finely for your final look of grace.
  • Tight pencil curls

Confused? Don’t worry, you have understood it precisely. A very sleek style, interestingly this gives your tresses a tamer finish at the same time gives you a youthful style. Also a bit time consuming, it is very easy to master as well.

How to: Section your hair into manageable small wisps and wrap it around a pencil or a similar gear. Then, hold it between your flat iron for a few moments after spraying a good heat masking application. Repeat this until you are done with the whole of your tresses.

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  • Waterfall braid

A sparkly professional look, this has become a fan-favorite among the brides looking for a chic do with a laid-back feeling element. Also this is amongst our 10 best girls hairstyle designs.

  • How to: Make a parting diagonally down your hairline. Take small equal sections of hair at the front on either side. Braid those sections with the plain braid style or the French-braid look. When you reach the tip, secure it tightly with bobby pins and cover the ends with the remaining loose hair. You can style the loose mane according to your mood and make it work the enchantment for you. This is a close relative of the half hair loose style but with a tweaked fancy aspect.
  • Crossover low pony

Interestingly, this is a very easy hairdo yet looks like a sophisticated work of a master. It brings in the rustic facet but also creates a neat look too.

  • How to: Part your hair down the middle and create two sections in the front of around an inch or two. Get the rest of the hair and tie it up in a low ponytail. Take the first section and pin it over to the other side and secure it with a good hair spray. Do the same with the other strand too. Tuck the ends of those two strands beneath the pony. Brush the style up with a good serum and there you are with one of your cute yet hot 10 best girls hairstyle designs.
  • Messy bun with headband

Messy buns have been always a darling to women who have hair long enough to style them in.

This one is easy and a quick fix for your unruly hair days.

  • How to: Gather your tresses in the highest ponytail you are comfortable with and create a medium tight pony. Subsequently, create a rustic looking loose bun and secure it tightly with bobby pins or U-pins.  Leave a few loose stands here and there (you can either curl them or straighten them to have a structured look). Finish the look with a charming stretch-headband/
  • Space bun

An edgy look, this style is quiet youthful and brings out the social butterfly feel within you.

  • How to: Part your hair right through the middle and make two high ponytails. Then, either create a rope-twist or plain-braid/French-braid them and secure the edges with tiny elastic band. Thirdly, with each twisted/braided section make a clean/messy bun on either of the sides. Make sure both the buns are placed uniformly. Secure unruly hair bits with a good hairspray. There you are with your futuristic fancy hair style, quick and easy. 

In conclusion: The Regal female Mane…

Hair has always been an instrument of attraction. You do it right and you are an epitome of beauty. Either leaving your tresses open, or tying it up in a pony or even holding them together in a sophisticated cinnamon bun, your hair can speak volumes with your model hairstyle girl.

Apart from these factors,

  • Exquisite gorgeousness has always held a female’s attention when it comes to hairstyles.
  • Not only the clean crisp hairstyle girl for party is enticing but also a messy style done in a proper way hits the right chords too.
  •  While females take a tonne of time caring for their tresses to feel a sense of cleanliness it should also be noted that it gives them a feel of elegance at the end.

Not only does a great hairstyle give the wearer the confidence to conquer the world but also it gives the onlooker an impression of approval. That’s the magic of a good hairstyle. We really hope our suggestions with these 10 best girls hairstyle designs helps you in handling your precious tresses with ease…

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Easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair: Waves Majestic

In this article, we are going to share easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair. Read this article till last.

Curls and waves are like magic wands… This hair spins you around like sparkle in the breeze, like a delightful flirtatious band… Finding daily hairstyles for curly frizzy hair or even trying to solve the puzzle- easy hairstyles for curly hair for school can be a task within itself to be frank. Managing the ‘noodle-mane’ as it’s hilariously known in the popular culture is a bit tiresome at times.  In this blog, we are going to discuss the fairy world of curly tresses…

Easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair: Celebrating the eccentricity

easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair

 It should be noted that curly hair has two main personalities (or so we found out with personal experiences). When going for an anticipated self styling session most of the time, they either go the huge husky way or they just plunge to stick-out in an eccentric look. But, that does not mean that you will have to make the ultimate adjustment and rely on the hot iron and other styling tools which may damage your beautiful curls and magical waves. After all the eccentricity of the natural curls itself is really enticing for its unpredictable natural form.

Spice up your Curls: Easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair

Choosing one of the easy hairstyles for a naturally curly hair black girl is far more of a task than finding a befitting one for a white girl. The texture, the formation, the grain, etc. of the hair all get dissimilar with differing races. That is why we find curly hair more in people of the black/brown ethnicity. Below are our suggestions of styles according to the length of your hair proportionate to the shape of your face.

  • Style your crimpy-tresses in short hair

Short curls have an individuality of their own. They are bouncy, they are springy and they have that free-spirited vibe. Add a trendy side-swept bang and you will always look runway ready. Mainly suitable for inverted triangular and diamond face shapes. To go the celebrity way punkish messy curls and statement front fringes with subtle highlights are a great pick.

  • Make it look fantastic in medium length springy waves

One of the most favored easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair little girl, this is the length most of the curly heads prefer. This style is neither too long and difficult to handle nor is too short on your head to make it look like a bird’s nest. But let’s say a bird’s nest has its charm. Tight spring, medium curls or loose waves, this length is a mid-way of both the worlds. If your hair is really

thick, try feathering it or cutting it in a layered style. This way you get your thickness tames and at the same time your hair emulates the magic glow of curly chicness. The beach wave look or the runway style, curly medium extent hair is as spicy as a Naga-chili pepper.

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  • Look smashing in your imposing long curly mane

Long curly hair in a blustery wave or in refined distinct curls or even with a rustic rushy-twist braiding is a sight to behold. One of the easy hairstyles for naturally wavy hair, it’s magical and gives you an enchanting charm of a mystical being. How royal does it look when you have your well-groomed curls in a long fall? Our top tip is that, to avoid your hair all looking husky and coir-like, try your hair in layering or a feather cut. Subsequently, your locks don’t lose their charm but you feel lighter and rejuvenated with your long curly mane.  This is one of the most popular easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair white girl/brown girls.

Done precisely: Styling the curly delight the right way

Undoubtedly, however we search for an answer or refer a tonne of media, styling curly hair is a task in itself unless your pay the saloons. But we are here to suggest you a few basic easy ways to grab your curls and do them right beautifully so much that the onlookers are left in awe.

  • The high pony

A real stylish style, this one is probably the most easiest of all. Comb your hair into a neat bunch or grab it with a messy look letting a few of your ringlets out, tie it higher than your ears (at the highest point of your head. Set your curls with a serum or a soft gel. You are ready to rock your waves in fashion. This is one of the chicest easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair.

  • High bun elegance

High buns are the epitome of grace. It carries class and finesse. As much as you are in a hurry, just a high pony, wrapping the loose curls around the base, a few bobby pins, and another hair tie tied around later, you have one of the easiest, go to hairstyles. In a rush or to a business meeting, on a sandy beach, or up in the misty mountains, this style is a safe haven for naturally curly hair belles.

  • The messy bun excitement

Nothing beats the elegance of a messy bun done properly with waves and curls set. But you know what’s the catch? Curly heads carry an extra advantage with this style. Obviously, all the ringlets and springs can be made of good use here with every of the natural waves and that adds an extra oomph to the elegance of this classy hair up-do. Without a doubt we say- this is the best of the

easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair.

  • Fun with the half pony-tail/bun

A symbol of your carefree soul, this style is a savior for your midweek hair. You go on an errand to run or out for a jog, to the shops or to your class, just a half high pony, clearly, this will capture your heart in a wave. Just make sure that, when you part your hair, the line between the half-pony and the rest of the wavy ends should be in a clean line.

  • Fancy French braids

Definitely, a hot favorite among all hairstyles, this one gives you a fierce sporty feel at the same time has elegance and sophistication personified. Although this might be a slightly difficult style to master, once you get the hang of it you will never be in a fix on a bad hair day. For tight to

medium packed curls, leave the ends of the braid tied up and loose. With this style you will never get tired of repeating it.

  • The breezy free flow

What can we say more about this style? Set you precious tresses in a proper curl style with a great quality serum or a soft hair gel and then leave it loose. Let the gentle wind lead your way… Let the feel make you say- let it go…  And let it go… Let your free spirit and your happy heart fill your time with joy and admiring glances.

  • The simple straight braid

This is a very basic lifesaver of everyone with natural curls. Differing from all other styles, this one is one of the first-ever hairstyles every one of us learns. Plain and simple, this hairstyle gives us

the contained look on a bad hair day at the same time a great lean-on for an uncomplicated option when you are too lazy to do your tresses.


The curly manes have their own personality and moods. Interestingly, curly hair is like an individual on its own. Furthermore, it’s also interesting to know that around 68% of the world population carries a curly hair trait, whether their manes turn out springy or not. Clearly, curls aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Those who own a head full of them only know the pain they have in managing it. It should also be noted that, with a little bit of patience and self-care, the curly heads can bring in all the admiration with the magic of the springy tresses…

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Trendy work clothes on a budget: Style it Right

Clearly, fashion is a thing that is on a very fast move. Because, not only our situations have been a bit stagnant due to the pandemic, but also working from home has made us adapted to our lounge wear too. Now that work is being resumed, we have the work-clothes-dilemma to tackle.

Trendy Work clothes on a budget: The Novel Regular

Offices have re re-opened so has the work re-started. Next will come the question- How to dress to work now? Indeed, trendy office wear is always a winner and to have multiple pieces only adds to the acceptability. Without a doubt let us say that to find relevant, trendy and comfortable office clothes is a tad bit difficult. They would either be too expensive or on the other hand they might too or be of ill quality if cheap.

trendy work clothes on a budget

 Our thoughts: Trendy Work clothes on a budget

Going to work or office, which too feeling good and dressed up finely is a memory to be cherished. You might dream of having a really presentable wardrobe but with a limited/tight purse string. What are you to do? Women’s office wear is no joke, as is not the price.  Here are our two biggest tips to take the reign:

  • Firstly, never ever fall in a debt building your so called office-wardrobe.

(No unnecessary credit card uses, no borrowing money that may take the sweetness of your first salary away or even no begging from the bank-of-parents).

  • Try buying pieces in a span of few weeks.

This supports your need and is soft on your bank balance. Also make sure your outfits are picked in a way that they can be mixed and matched. Interestingly, this way you get two sets of clothes but can style five sets out of them.

 The concept: Creating a stylish Work Wardrobe…

Interestingly finding good office-wear is like finding a treasure. Here are our suggestions on what to do while settling in a new work environment.

  • Get to know your work place. What is acceptable, what is not etc? It usually takes a couple of days or say a week, but to now the taste of your job place is the key to build up your outfit closet. Till then go with the safe subtle choices.
  • Also it should be noted that your work should speak the loudest and your attire should create the perfect backdrop to it.
  • Pricey or trendy work clothes on a budget; a conservative work place or a relaxed job set-up, make sure your attire is always trendy, with a smooth line, having a refined grace and has always a classy air. This itself brings in a superior feel and ups your work morale.

 Women’s Office Wear: The How-to towards a stylish work clothing closet…

Firstly let us not forget the fact that a rich and nicely presentable office wear set is not necessarily going to be hugely expensive. A little bit of intelligent shopping and a quick spot of clever styling will go a long long way. Start with

  • Firstly, a fewer number of items and as you go further (later getting your salary and saving) gradually build a bigger dress selection.
  • Importantly, on your first purchase (keeping in mind your need of trendy work clothes on a budget), just buy items that may keep you professionally clothed for a week or 10 days at a stretch.
  • Clearly make sure that all these of trendy professional clothes are able to be styled in a mix-and-match way. Obviously, in this way you get another 7 to 10 outfits, thus making

    your options from the initial 10 to around 15 to 20. For example: at first you get a skirt-suit set and a formal shirt and trouser set. You mix the skirt from the suit set and the top from the trouser set and furthermore create another couple of outfits, thus increasing your options.
  • Definitely, it’s a really weird situation when you are forced to wear an outfit twice even in a span of two weeks. Such is the modern situation where you get judged on what you have on. But following this simple combination method with the neutral pieces, you don’t have to go through that shame. Infact, you will have more options than others and at the same time you keep your bank-account happy too.
  • Visibly, you stay ahead of the game this way and subsequently will get your styling and women’s office wear at ease.

Easy peasy breezy- Waltz to owning a prosperous set of trendy professional clothes

First and foremost, this is our major tip to owning a great work wardrobe. Whether it’s a male closet or a female one… Let it be a synchronized group of trendy work clothes on a budget plus size or a set of work-place outfits for normal sizes… Always remember:

  • Without a doubt, for eternity and every single time choose classics (timely pieces with good endurance) for the all-formal sharp look
  • Consequently, go for fast fashion styles and trendier FAD looks to add the spice of fashion to your informal/semi-casual job clothing breakfront.
  • Importantly, always create a go-to capsule wardrobe for your work wear and break them as follows for your ease of choosing and staying in relevance.
  • Conservative/Business Office Wear (Sharp suits, power-dressing style pieces etc.)
  • Relaxed Formal/Smart Casual Wear (Calm look formal attires in calmer shades, pastel feel etc.)
  • Semi-Formal work wear(Pointed feel denim in classic shades, chic crisp tops/fitted shirts in pastel, black and white shades etc.)
  • Casual work attires (Brisk dresses, decent cut and safe length outfits, harmless and polite prints, acceptable shades etc. )
  • Going through all of these options, please make sure your outfit choices are neither too loud nor too scandalous for a decent work environment. Thus you grab your trendy work clothes, have a fine job outfit selection and stay ahead of the game still with a contented bank balance.
  • Also, buy all of your outfits as separates, in different neutral colours (especially the formal office wears). This helps in freely building up different attires with mixing-and-matching. The same goes for other job work wears too.

Where to: Finding trendy professional clothes

Finding trendy work clothes on a budget is quiet easy these days. Here are few of our alternatives:

  • Thrift Stores (Never compromise on quality primly while thrifting)
  • Online Fashion finds (Amazon, ASOS, H&M, Myntra, Flipkart etc. Here too make sure of buyer reviews and product rating stars, etc)
  • Budget buy stores (J-Crew factory, H&M, Next, Old Navy, Target, Loft, Primark, ASOS etc.)

You may find even a bigger deal in your local store, but the prime focus should not only be on you budget but also a comparatively good quality of your purchases too.

Finding your way…

As it is, Offices/Work has gone digital in the past two years. Our lives are returning to the new-normal and with caution we move ahead. Also let’s get the first thing sorted- Trendy professional clothes to wear to the workplace. We really hope this thread above has gives you a light on making trendy work clothes on a budget, a part of your life… Sway with grace… Be the shining star at your work place…

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Long overcoat for ladies: Warming it up

Taking the season’s cue

Autumn is at the door step and winter will follow very soon. In the wink of an eye, you won’t even know when you have started unpacking your warmies which had been tucked far away to the corner of the wardrobe for the season. If we look down the fashion lane, the long coats have been preferred for centuries, with their acceptability starting with the French and the English and then spreading their trendiness around the world.

woolen long coat for ladies

What are they? The Long overcoat for ladies….

 Interestingly the long overcoats made their firm mark on the world when this mode of coats became a status symbol of the rich or an iconic style depicted with the military uniforms. But as the time passed around the 17th century, overcoats became an accessible and reachable item for every social class. This led the development in terms of trends and style, making their mark especially for ladies as well as the long coat for girls.

Interesting Fact: Also, it should be noted that at some stage in the Regency era, the long coats also underwent a transformation with their forms being more fitted (added with side-bodies, cut and fitted at the waist-line with the skirt part of the coat having a flared structure etc). These changes were in norm with the trend evolution that was taking the rounds in regards to female fashion. Some of their examples are the Paletot, the frock overcoat, the pleated structured long coat etc.

The design shake-up: Ladies long coat designs and over coat for girls…

No matter what the design is, it’s the wearer that makes the piece stand out. You won’t have to spend a tonne of money to look great, just the right design and you are sorted out to sashay in your winter style. Having said that the cold-moths fashion is as much important for girls as it is for ladies.

Our Picks

Moving on, let’s now have a peek into the stylish world of long overcoat for ladies.

  • The Trench Coat

A realistic and comfort oriented design piece, the Trench coat started as a military utility and then developing into a fashion item. Now a designer feel statement, this item is considered a transitional piece where you can ease yourself with the late summer-autumn-winter part. What

is more interesting is the fact that the trench coat has attained the high-fashion staple standing considering its humble armed-forces beginning. So it’s safe to state here that if you don’t have one of these, grab a piece at the next chance you get.

  • Woolen long coat for ladies

This is a universal classic item where ever winter wear is applicable. Be it the high-fashion cashmere or your hand woven woolen long coat style, anything made from a great quality wool will always have a prime spot amongst the highest designer statement. It is of the key importance that you make sure your wool is of the finest quality, of the best make and above all is collected ethically, rest you leave it to your on the long overcoat for ladies style to pull in all the approval.

  • The classic double-breasted style

This is a structured style with great elegance and grace giving you an air of fashion supremacy. Let’s all agree to the fact that seeing a well fitted classic double breasted long over coat is an

enticing sight. Starting as a male functional piece, this one has embraced the female silhouette so finely that all major designer/couture brands can’t get their winter line without adding one of these.

  • Parka long coat

Just your right comfort companion during the cold months, the Parka style is more ease-fashion rather than high-fashion chic. Just with the right amount of faux-fur trim and a quilting feature, this is a style that makes you a fashion icon where ever you go. To the college or shopping round-the-town or just a leisurely walk, the Parka long coat is a fine ladies’ companion (as well as for others too).

  • The Chesterfield style in wool

Used as part of the layering style or worn as a stand-alone piece, the Chesterfield style has as much history attached to it as much as it is a high-fashion statement. A great unisex style this was

first blasted into prominence as a formal men’s overcoat one by the British around the 1840s. It was traditionally made with a velvet collar as a fashion element but now with the changing fashion and including the women’s style, this is an exceptionally adaptable design. Wear it to your business meeting or to a casual social affair, you make a mark with great prominence.

  • Boyfriend-overcoat style with a oversized twist

This style is a craze among the youth and others alike. Made in a vaguely outsized way, the boyfriend overcoat style gives you comfort over the restrictions of a fitted look. This style of women’s wear was made more widely reachable by Urban Outfitters, H&M, GAP etc when they began to sell pieces which made female fashion foray into a more unisex style of clothing and style. The Concept of a Boyfriend-Overcoat (or any other piece) is that you borrow a piece from your better-half/partner to wear publically cementing your relationship status as exclusive.

  • The Gilet trend with padding and long style

A style with the puffer look, this is one of the most comfortable items you can have in your long overcoat closet. Very utilitarian and trendy, the Gilet long coat is light weight adding to your comfort wear idea. Usually considered a body warmer casual style, nothing much makes it more stylish in casual elegance with this gilet trend.

A concluding reflection

This is also a fact that, if the winter coat fashion works for women, their miniature style always works for girls too. But to start with, let’s admit that 2020-2021 till now has almost been a total porridge. With the pandemic and restrictions, your wardrobe might need a overall face lift. Let’s start right with the woolen long coat for ladies as a first step, peeking into a few thoughts for a winter long coat closet change:

  • Let’s confess, we all need a new piece of winter jacket, and this season the Ladies long coat designs are a rave
  • Also, to have a polished final touch a great style with a winter coat is very useful
  • Choose your jacket bearing in mind if they are:
  • Temperate according to the climate (choose wooly, quilted, padded or warm lined ones)
  • Has the ease to be handled
  • Is handy and adaptable to your outfit
  • And above all looks good on you
  • Choose your overcoat for girls or the ladies one by:
  • Either really investing in a designer style
  • Or get a piece that your are sure will go with the trends and you can easily switch

Having said all these stuff, let’s not forget the trend-forecast for 2021: Trench Coats are at the peak. And then there are the woolens and well structured ones being your evergreen-classy choice.

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How to do bridal makeup step by step strong

The wedding day is that special day where each and every single bride dreams of looking a million bucks… Like a reverie of panache… Like a mystic beauty of majestic elegance… To standout amongst the sea of well dressed, a bride not only needs an elegant dress but also a well done styling. Here in this blog we give you some ideas on how to do bridal makeup step by step with a magic touch of professionalism.

Nuptial styling according to us: understanding why and how to do bridal makeup step by step

how to do bridal makeup step by step

It should be noted that every wedding occasion marks the time when a blushing bride feels like a deity. Also, she should be made to feel the same as it’s her special day and she is the focus of attention.

The Essence: It is an understatement to say that doing a HD bridal makeup step by step rightly or having an elegant hair style makes-or breaks a bride’s look. This is because these two play a very quintessential role in the whole styling apart from the actual wedding dress.

The Concept: Be it an English wedding or an Asian nuptial, an Oriental marriage or an African ceremony, the bridal make-up concept is universal. It not only enhances a bride’s regal flare but add the right spice to the whole ceremony. On normal days where every lady is a queen, on her wedding day she should be the empress. In addition to all these keeping a personal bridal makeup kit items list at hand is always worth it. While you will have a back up in the absence of your make-up artist, you will also have the assurance of covering a backing if in make-up crisis.

How to do bridal makeup step by step: A reference

Having spoken about the what, whys and when of bridal make up, let’s see the ‘how’ face of it.  Having

already suggested on using a professional person to take care of you bridal look, go for doing it alone if you have the confidence. Here in this section on how to do bridal makeup step by step we give you a timely guide on self handling the situation. Make sure you emulate radiance and be the gorgeous self you always are. Let your better half be stunned at you ethereal sight. Here is our version of a simplistic elegant answer on how to do bridal makeup step by step with pictures to show you the way. With a great reference from Lakme bridal makeup step by step, let us start our approach

  • Cleanse your skin

For a really healthy after skin condition and for a fine hold of your carefully done makeup, you should always deep clean your skin beforehand. Not only this gives you a radiant final glow but also your hide will thank you eventually. Use clean water and a mild soap or a mild face wash/cleanser for this. Make sure to clean every part of your skin where ever the makeup is to be applied.

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  • Put in your primer

Finally, it’s time to start the actual process of transforming the beauty in front of you into a

queen. Begin your bridal transformation by spreading a lean coat of primer on your skin. Unlike other occasions, please make sure the primer is applied evenly. Clearly, this is to make sure of the long lasting effect of your total make-up transformation with a durable application. Importantly, primer is a must have if you bear a combination type of skin.

  • Attending your under eye area

With the preparation done for your makeup to be applied, make sure you give importance to your eyes. Especially with the hectic lives we live, many of us will have eye bags and dark circles under our eyes. Here comes the life saver- the concealer the very best answer to all such worries. Apply it evenly and blend it in with an egg sponge, making your eyes pop out in vibrant radiance. This also is very useful in a full day set-in against a dull climate.

  • Applying the base foundation

With all the steps above, we hope that you are following our answer on how to do bridal makeup

step by step.  Now, let us concentrate on the base of all make-up- The foundation. Without a doubt an anti-aging foundation will keep your make-up highlighted at the same time will take care of your skin. Again, make sure it is applied evenly as a blotched make-up will make you look part of a horror movie in contrast to your dream of being angel like. Use the ever trusted tips of your finger to mix and spread it equally. This will give it a well innate creamy touch. Moreover, attend to your jaw line too during this step to give a sharp feel to your facial structure.

  • Emphasize your eyes

Following the above step, you can move on to your eyes now. A bridal make-up is much appreciated when there is drama to the eyes. They should shine like jewels on your special day. Applying a highlighter in tune with your outfit adds in the right spark. Then apply a smudge-less waterproof eyeliner to outline your eyes. Finish the styling with a majestically tinted eye shadow with light translucent glitter detail to make your eye makeup take a dramatized smoky twist.

  • Volumise your lashes

Now that you have handled your eyes, turn your attention towards your eyelashes. This is one of the less emphasized but most important turn on the in-demand HD bridal makeup step by step. Give equal attention to your brows and eyelashes for a definite rich style. Many experienced make-up artists recommend that you volumise your lashes with the faux-lash extensions to increase the length or dimensions. If you don’t want that you can also try using volumising mascaras too which are waterproof.

  • Set-in your make up and add the final touch up

Obviously, it’s time that you are mostly moving towards the final stages on how to do bridal makeup step by step. Now you can start to add the last bit of makeup styling by

  • Putting on a pink shaded blush and a harmonizing tinted lipstick synchronizing with your

    wedding outfit.
  • Importantly applying a colorless lip gloss will make your lip shade pop out in freshness.
  • Absolutely use a highlighter on your eye-corners, brow bones and cheek bones for an added prominence for a diva like outcome.
  • Last but not the least, set all of your makeup in using a nude shaded talc or face powder. This will help locking in your makeup and will give a long duration to it.

Our concluding thoughts

And to lock in a bride’s goddess look following an elegant and simple bridal makeup step by step look is quintessential.  Furthermore whilst in the wedding attire and then being active in the reception, the bride will need to hold the trustable hand of her refreshing make-up. So either you do it yourself

following on how to do bridal makeup step by step or hire a professional. Just, make sure you sore up and high; shine like a princess; rule like a queen; conquer every heart like an empress on your wedding day.

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Best Bridal Earrings: The Bold Bride Spice…

The mystic essence of a wedding never changes however different they are done. The essence of two beautiful souls uniting… the essence of loved ones united in the love for the special couple… It’s worth saying that whatever grand the occasion is and how well-dressed the wedding party will be, the focus should always fall upon the bridal pair. And supporting the bride, (what helps as a safety pin to close the whole look) is her best bridal earrings pair.

In this blog let us examine tiny element’s specialty which can take the central stage if done the right way. The best bridal earring- here we come…

The best bridal earrings: Interesting facts

In many cultures, the bridal earpieces symbolize and signify much more of a meaning with their presence

on the brides. Particularly, their significance comes with the belief that a fully decked bride attracts evil presence because she is the epitome of exquisiteness and has a destined elegance on her special day. And as per many beliefs mainly around the South East Asian countries these malevolence forces may enter her body through openings prominently the ears. Interestingly, the earrings protect a bride from such vice entities. A superstition or a tale stemming from sacred fictions, it’s undoubtedly a fact that earrings add spice to a bride.

Be it the Jhumkas Bridal style of the Indian-Subcontinent or the pearl bridal earrings from Indonesia, the gold earrings of the Arabs or the diamond ear trinkets of the west etc. these best of the best bridal earrings give your final bridal look an oomph that adds to your celebratory finesse.

The Best Bridal Earrings: An Essence of Traditional and Modern bridal earrings

Undoubtedly and clearly each single bride has an idea on how her looks should be on her wedding day. Not only her dress takes the center stage but also the complementing accessories get equal importance.

And out of that lot, the bridal earrings get a special node.

  • Every blushing-bride should look like a mystic majestic dream on her special date whatever the circumstance is.
  • Then her whole style should embody her true essence. On the other hand, to emphasize the sparkle in the eyes, she should be decked with the best bridal earrings she can get her hands on.

Besides the trend relevance our bridal earrings picks will give you options for a much needed verity in your special occasion jewellery wardrobe.

Let us divulge into some choices of the best bridal earrings for your consideration

  • Plunging drop earrings (long/short)
  • For a non earring person choosing a short style with a tear drop feature is the best option. Tones of alternatives to the plain studs are available wrapped in elegance and sophistication. A set of pearl bridal earring with a dangler feature to a pair of gold earrings

    studded with diamonds, pretty and delicate pieces are at your hand to make your day special.
  • Alternatively, when you are a fan of the earpieces and you want them prominent on your big day, choose a long drop style. Also to bring in drama to your wedding outfit (gowns, lehangas, sarafan+blouse etc.) irrespective of the style, choosing one with tassels or crystals adds to the effect. Particularly brides who go for something of a unique bridal earrings style, this is an option with poise, zest and flavor.
  • Contemporary/modern bridal earrings

This is a choice that many brides go for today- something simple, something classic but something very chic. Teardrop styles, stone studs and light geometric yet abstract designs make the best picks for these brides. Making sure of them syncing with the sleek wedding dress is an intelligent option too (to stop the style clash).

  • Vintage/Classic ear trinkets

A relatively popular option especially inspired by the Art Deco/Victorian era or wanting to include

an heirloom style piece, classic earrings are a fine decision. Especially if the wedding outfit is a classic timeless bit, including a vintage style ear trinket gives you an added oomph too. Indeed if you are serious about choosing a vintage classic piece for your ears on your wedding day, here are our suggestions for the features to choose: Antique shaded gold earrings; intricate inlay style details; Pearl bridal earrings; Crystal studded hoops; Baguette crystal feature drops; Vintage scroll style etc.

  • Chandelier/Plunge earrings

Clearly one amongst the more lavish style, this pick should go with opulence along with your wedding day dress. A real sensational choice, this should be a preference when your whole wedding day styling calls for opulence and luxury. This adds an overall finishing spark to your final look bringing your bridal style in unison to the whole elegance.

  • Drop earrings

One of the best bridal earrings choices, this style carries grace, sophistication and elegance. A

perfect alternative for the brides going for an elegant look, the drop earrings are a perfect binding of traditions and modernity. Also, this style compliments nearly any fashion of wedding day outfits thus making it a very popular choice among the brides. Besides that, you can also wear them after your wedding which makes this an even more alluring choice. If you intend on making a subtle yet trendy statement on your wedding day go for this style in crystals, pearls or diamonds.

  • Studs

This is a universal selection for all those brides who lean into a very simple chic look especially for those who might go for a no jewellery feel. A perfect choice for an understated stance, this style also is the safest investment for future uses too.

Our tips to remember

It’s also worthy of noting that apart from the designs, it’s furthermore important to look at the below factors too while settling on your best bridal earrings option

  • Do not overdo it

When selecting your bridal ear trinket please be sure that the piece doesn’t overpower your whole look. Always remember your smiling face then your wedding attire should have the focus. Everything else should just compliment your final look not overshadow it.

  • Be faithful to your original self/style

Reflect on your wedding day. Please do not try to project someone who is not the original you. So if you are a simple style person and go for a huge dangler, the true essence is lost in your way. Let your bridal earrings sing the praise of you and your wedding style not take away your true self. Let it just blend in with your true personality

  • Be in harmony with your neckline and hair-do

Whatever earring you choose make sure your pick harmoniously should co-exist with the bridal hairdo and the outfit’s neckline. For example, if your best bridal earrings are a stud-like style and you have a plunging/strapless neckline it just distorts the whole final bridal look. Similarly, if you are going for a Jhumkas bridal look make sure your hair is taken away from your face and neck. This gives prominence to the chandelier-like design and ties in your whole wedding stance beautifully.

  • Try to match the metal

It’s worth mentioning here that it is always an intelligent idea to match your wedding bands to the jewelry you are wearing. This gives a real finished style to your final look.

Concluding our thoughts

Importantly make sure your accessories- especially your best bridal earrings and other trinkets are color-coded with your wedding outfit to avoid a styling clash. Interestingly, always keep in trend but not to the extent that you look like a sore thumb overdoing it. Finally, stay safe with the budget but about the durability too because wedding jewelry especially the earrings carries an emotional attachment for many brides. And to keep them safe longer, make sure you invest intelligently thinking of the long run. Always remember, your unique bridal earrings should make your face shine and emphasize your beauty. Last but not the least, let those special ear trinkets bring you joy, happiness and above all a rich look of regal elegance.

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Latest hair accessories for girls in 2021

Your hair is your secret weapon to looking great even in the simplest of the styling. The right hair style and you look a million bucks. But the lets also not forget the fact that the female or rather the girl hair accessories set plays a huge role in making your hair styling a success.

Styling charmingly- Latest Hair accessories for girls in 2021

A major point for your styling essential kit is the girl hair accessories set. Interestingly, the hair accessories this season give you that retro vibe and at the same time will keep your hair-look contemporary. What is more interesting is the fact that this genre of trimmings is a huge fashion obsession in and around all the social-media platforms presently. They are available in all forms and make in every of the best hair accessories online and offline retail sites.

Our thoughts:

Let’s all be true to our selves, who doesn’t love welcome a new trend with open arms especially amid

this worldly pandemic-chaos. So to enliven yourself, the latest hair accessories for girls in 2021 are a super hero in disguise. Moreover,

  • They sprinkle a little fairy dust on the days you decide to dress down.
  • Also the hair accessories play a royal-role when you need to lock your statement look for a chic occasion.

Where your hair is your weapon, your cleverly styled hair accessories become the shield….

Taking a memory trip back

Our childhood style was mainly centered on who owned the flashiest rhinestone studded bobby pin/clips or the fluffiest hair scrunchie. Without a doubt designer-houses like Gucci, Miu-Miu or even Versace are the ones to be thanked for bringing these classic items have comeback in the main stream fashion with the latest Hair accessories for girls in 2021. Undoubtedly, investing in a few new of these items will help

you overhaul your late spring-autumn-winter 2021 style without burning a hole in your purse. For example:

  • A tiny jazzed up stone slip on your half-up hairdo spices up your date night look
  • For a leisurely sea-side trip, combining your flowy-floral-maxi with an array of shell/pearl embellished bobby pins transforms your look a million bucks
  • Make a stylish statement putting your hair up in a high-pony with your silk scrunchie
  • Furthermore an embellished hair-band makes your office sheath dress looks party ready for an after work time of merriment.

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Our choices

The trendy latest hair accessories for girls in 2021 have been embraced by each and everyone seeking a fresh feel trend. While the basic must need hair accessories list is quiet long, we have compile a few

suggestions that will give you have a head start.

  • Velvet/Silk Scrunchies

The most favored and hit amongst the latest hair accessories for girls in 2021 is our simpleton scrunchie. A roaring favorite in the late 80’s, 90’s and the early to mid part of the next decade, these hair accessory favorites has made their mark in the trend charts this year too. Make sure you get yours in soft materials like silk, velvet, suede etc. That gives added cushion to your hair when they tie and looks the trendy part too. To add a dramatic effect do the double scrunchie style low pony.

  • Beaded/ Ornate/Faux-fur/Faux-leather/Knotted Headbands

Headbands have always been a girly bestie when it comes to the hair accessories for open hair. Be it the sturdy hair-band style or the flexible headband look. To sensationalize your chic styling and bring in a zesty flare make it go with the knotted head band or the beaded style. To add a

royal laid-back look to your outfit, spice it up with the faux fur one too. The printed ones bring in your youthful cheer as does the ornate picks giving u a rich feel. However this season goes, the headbands are here to make their mark.

  • Rhinestone Bobby-Pins

A must have in the girl accessories set, this one is the go to pick to make your regal look take the center stage. A subtle dressing style and this on your hair give that right amount of jazz to make you an icon of simplistic elegance. Interestingly, it all goes down to that styling idea and this one set is among the latest hair accessories for girls in 2021 that you won’t want to miss. Make sure the material if the bobby-pins are comfortable and you are all ready to sparkle.

  • Big-bow Clips

A re-enactment of the retro scarf knot style, the big-bow clips are a youth darling as well as a hit choice with the professionals on a casual office day. Fascinatingly, with all the work from home going the rounds, it’s such a relief to have one of these bow-clips to give you that well-dressed neat look during your office time but at the same time makes your home style at ease. With a semi-suited look or a casual tea-shirt or even in your lounge wear look, this simple one from the girl hair accessories set is your bestie forever.

  • Encrusted Barrettes (layered all the way)

Barrettes (or the tic-tacks) have always been a hit amongst the best hair accessories list. The latest trend setters say that the encrusted barrettes in a layered style is a must have for your stylish look. Embellished with stones or pearls or decorated with shells or trinkets, there is no

way that you can go wrong with this choice. Hold up your hair in a tight pony or in a messy bun; let your hair loose or in a half-up do these fancy barrettes are like a fairy dust to your hair style.

  • The Retro-Claw Clips

Recalling the happy hair memories of the 2000’s style, this is an item that is making its way back to our accessories closet. Also the popularity of this claw clip is insanely high that it’s easily sold out being one of the best hair accessories online as well as offline too. Let’s go the diverse route and try out the ones in designer prints, suede surface or alternatively even in sort hair faux-fur style. They easily hold up your hair in a scrunch or bring it in a safe half-up do. Let your hair style ideas flow freely and leave the rest to these claw clips to give you a laid back trendy look.

  • Evocative Scarf-Bows

Indeed a hybrid of the scrunchie-hairbow-scarf style this is a real trend blessing in disguise. For a girly style feel or a trendy hair scarf look pick the ever stylish evocative scarf bow. A rich multi-look among the latest hair accessories for girls in 2021, pull your hair off your neck in a high pony or make it romantic and do the casual date look low pony

this scarf bow is a fine choice between an excellent feel and a unfussy style.

This blog was all about finding more about the latest hair accessories for girls in 2021, a few choosiest of out picks etc. etc… Hope our ideas have given you a sparkle to start your latest style refitting.

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