Top 10 Outfits In Korean Fashion

We have reached an era, where Korean fashion culture has taken over the entire world. Ever since the music band BTS got popular, people have wanted to know more about the culture. It began with a small korean fashion band of seven, and today, people cannot tear themselves away from korean shows, music and even Korean Fashion. As time keeps going on Korean Skincare is taking over faster than ever.

Today in this blog, we will keenly observe Korean Fashion and trends. If you are someone who wants to get started with Korean fashion. You are at the right place!. This blog will wrap up everything you need to know about Korean fashion.

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The Traditional Korean Fashion Outfit

The ethnicity of a place has a lot of relevance. More times than we realize,clothes represent so much. A bold lipstick shade goes way beyond its color. A bold lipstick very often has stood for confidence and power. History has witnessed women coming out to march for their rights wearing bold lipsticks.

Just like that all ethnicities have a way to claim their stories through clothes. In Korea, the traditional outfit is known as a Hanbok. Hanbok is a very colorful outfit. Even if

Apart from the cuts and stitches, the hanbok also comes in various beautiful colors these days. As the entire world is now into Korean Fashion culture, they have also tried to immortalize their traditions. As a result of which their govt and other bodies reduced the ticket prices to certain site seeing places, if worn a hanbok. While many people sport hanboks for cultural diversity, many others continue to wear what they like to these places.

women don’t wear it on a daily basis, they definitely wear it for special occasions.

The Colors

If you are a fan of “To All The Boys”, you might have come across the hanbok on one of those movies. The Hanbok is generally a two piece clothing. It consists of two pieces of clothing. The upper half is called a jeogori and the skirt. Nowadays, people don’t usually stick to the colors and what they depict. But, there was a time when Hanboks used to be a symbol of the marital status of a woman.

Small girls used to wear a yellow jeogori, with colorful stripes on the arms and a scarlet colored skirt for their birthdays. Similar to young girls, newly wed women used to wear green jeogori over scarlet colored skirts. For a woman who has been married for quite awhile now, they used to wear an Indigo skirt and jade green jeogori.

However, just like everywhere else, trends changed in the Hanbok as well. As time progressed they were made more comfortable. They are made in a manner, so that women can adorn it on a daily basis without any discomfort.

Apart from the cuts and stitches, the hanbok also comes in various beautiful colors these days. As the entire world is now into Korean Fashion culture, they have also tried to immortalize their traditions. As a result of which their govt and other bodies reduced the ticket prices to certain site seeing places, if worn a hanbok. While many people sport hanboks for cultural diversity, many others continue to wear what they like to these places.

Other countries and people also keep adding alterations to a Hanbok, which traditionalists refuse to recognise as a hanbok.

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Korean Skincare

When it comes to fashion, skin, weight, body type, height and many more parameters start becoming really important. With the onset of the pandemic, another thing that got very trending is taking out time for yourself. Indulging in self care and self love became trends. So, all around the globe there are various steps and rituals when it comes to skincare. The one skincare routine that got really popular in Korean Fashion Skincare.

These routines are sometimes ten or even fourteen steps long. However, it might carry a lot of joy for a lot of people. But, the things about these steps might make you feel like you are repeating some processes a lot of times. It also becomes a lot more money and time consuming.

So, the first step to a Korean Fashion skincare routine is an oil-based cleanser, cleansers are more essential because they help in taking off the makeup and the dirt or dust that might have settled on your face with the course of the day. Like we mentioned earlier, some steps might be repetitive. So, the second step is cleansing again. The second one however, is not an oil based instead a foaming skin cleanser. Double cleansing is quite a good way to ensure that no residents are left behind.

Now, step three is exfoliating. There are various kinds of skincare products. They are essentially of two types: physical and chemical. Physical exfoliants have to be rubbed by you for a good 2-3 minutes for exfoliation, while chemical defoliants can be left alone for a good five minutes. Physical exfoliants can leave micro tears on your skin so chemical exfoliants are more preferable. So, pick a gentle exfoliator for daily use.

Step four is using a toner. Toning is essentially for hydrating the skin and also to balance your skin’s PH. Step five is essence, essence is a new thing nowadays. Essence is the next best thing. It heals and calms your skin. Essences are high in moisturizing components and also help to speed up cell turnover.

Step six is a serum. Serums are tiny magic portions. Different serums provide different benefits. You can explore the market and find out what suits your skin the best. You have to do a thorough research because some serums can be disastrous paired up, while others can be great pairs. So, you have to do some research before reaching out for serums.

Step seven is a sheet mask. Heat masks are drenched in serum and rich with vitamins and minerals that are good for your cheval. They’re also moisturizing, leaving your skin feeling smooth and supple.

Step eight, is using an eye cream. The skin surrounding your eyes is the first to age. Eye creams are designed to target wrinkles, dark circles, and crow’s feet around the eyes. They moisturize and soothe the skin around your eyes.

Step nine and ten are moisturizing and the most important SPF. SPF is something you can never afford to forget. It not only saves you from sun burns it also prevents skin cancer. Moisturizing your skin twice a day ensures it stays young.

Now, let’s look at the various trends in dresses.

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Oversized T-shirts and Shirts :-

Oversized t-shirts and shirts are liked by a lot of people in Korea. They are very comfortable to wear. Other than that, the weather in Korea is cold a lot of the time. So, baggy clothes are preferred by a lot of people.

Not only are baggy clothes a trend, they also carry it quite nicely.

Beige Colors

Korean Fashion people usually like to follow trends that are not very upbeat or flashy. Beige clothes are a safe bet under such cases. They look very fashionable and can be worn to multiple places. Beige shirts with striped skirts look great. So, you can opt for shades like beige or brown, all kinds of neutral tones are a thumbs up.

Trench Coats

As the weather starts to transition from spring to winterish, the trench coats can be seen making their way out. A lot of people might associate the trench coat with European fashion, but Korean Fashion people also increasingly sport the trench coat. They not only sport it, but also carry it quite well. People of all age groups can be seen wearing trench coats, in the winters and spring.

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Layering Up

Layering up clothes is another very popular trend amongst Korean Fashion.e They love wearing beige sweaters or a beige long dress over a white shirt.

It adds to the effect. It also looks very cute. Layering up is also a good way to ensure that you are not cold. So, it is fashionable as well as comfortable at the same time.


The winters in Korea can be pretty harsh, the temperature drops to as low as minus ten degrees. So, padding jackets are quite common amongst the people of Korea again. There are various kinds of padded jackets you can opt for. There are short padding jackets and long padding jackets as well.

Other than that, a lot of girls are still seen wearing short skirts under these padded jackets. Afterall fashion can mean different things to different people. Some People look at comfort as fashion, while others prefer looking good over comfort. We cannot really say which one is right.

Casual Wears

A lot of you might love wearing bold colors like green, blue, red, yellow and many more. However, Koreans have four colors that they love sticking to, these are beige, black, white and ivory. Like we have mentioned earlier, they don’t have very upbeat or flashy fashion trends. They prefer keeping it simple.

They like pairing up pastel colors with pastel colors. You can pair up beige with white or blackor even vice versa. After all, you don’t need bright colors to look good. Fashion has a lot to do with how you carry what you wear.

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They love to add volume to their clothes by accessorizing it. Hands full of rings is a common sight. Most men can be seen wearing earrings as well. So, even if their clothes are dull colors, the accessories make up for it.

You can add accessories to your fashion, if you wish to aim for a similar look.

Long Floral Dresses

Women can also be seen wearing long floral dresses in Korea. The dress goes beyond their knees, until the ankles. It has a V-neck and sometimes puffy sleeves. It looks very simple yet stylish. This one is also seen a lot.


Other than all the trends and fashion followed by Korean Fashion , that we have mentioned. People also start following looks or styles inspired by k-pop stars or movie actors. So what a popular show character is seen wearing can be seen on the streets as well. We hope you had a good time reading this blog and got all the information on Korean Fashion, that you were looking for.

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A dive into the exquisite 90s Fashion

90s Fashion

The Immortal Fashion Wave

The 90s Fashion style is evergreen. As we keep moving with time, we get a sneak peek of someone sporting that ultimately belongs to the 90s Fashion . For a Fashion novice, it might not all be very clear. After all, what is “90s Fashion”? This blog is all about Fashion trends in the 80s and 90s and who was considered a Fashion nova during those times.

A tale of its Fashion! 

The 90s were a time of change in the Fashion industry. Designers were exploring new ideas, and trends were emerging. One of the most popular trends was the rise of vogue. Vogue is a type of modelling characterized by its use of exaggerated and often outrageous images.

It gained popularity in the 90s to express creativity and individuality. Vogueing is often seen as a form of self-expression and as a way to celebrate diversity. It is also seen as a way to challenge traditional ideas about beauty. The rise of vogue in the 90s was a response to the growing popularity of Fashion magazines. These magazines often featured models that were very thin and had perfect bodies.

The slaying Fashion rule

In the 80s, the Fashion world was ruled by capitalistic world leaders like Ronald Reagen and Margaret Thatcher. Under the rules of Margaret Thatcher, the UK experienced one of the biggest unemployment crises ever. The saying “Greed is Good” was infamous, and people believed in it in bulk. Even if they did not have the financial backing for themselves, they loved dreaming about and spending their time reading about and watching rich people live their lives.

Excess was needed to let the world know of your financial standing. People used to wear bright-coloured clothes and bright makeup, and their clothes used to have oversized silhouettes. The more you wear, the better. There was no such thing as more. The more you had of anything, the better. Rich, dense eyelashes with super furry headgears were more than welcome. You popularly needed an amazonian body type to sport the trends of the 80s Fashion era. 

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The Popular 80s Fashion Novas

Some of the most known famous Fashion novas of the 80s Fashion era were Madonna and Joan Collins. It is no surprise that Madonna’s “Material Girl” did so well during those times. It was an era where excessive Fashion trends drew a firm line between the rich and the poor. Another major popular concept of the 80s Fashion was undoing the harsh clothing practices like corsets, and so “power dressing” gained popularity amongst the working girls.

Jonna Karan was one of the most known and liked designers when it came to power dressing. Like a lot of people say, she understood the assignment. Power dressing was a concept where women wore comfortable and statement-making pants suits to work. However, they were ridiculous with shoulder pads and massive in size. 

Jonna introduced femininity to her designs of power dresses. She made them more comfortable to wear, soft, and easy to work in for women. However, this style did not make it to be one of the styles of a Fashion nova because most people were not working. It was simply not a popular choice because of a mass unemployment crisis.

The image above lacks a lot of flashy colours and quite nicely represents the early 80s Fashion trends.

Its trendsetting approach

Fast forward to the 90s Fashion century, and a lot has changed. Contrary to where greed played the centre stage for most of their lives in the 80s, the 90s was a lot more about caring and optimism. This is because Bill Clinton replaced Ronald Reagen, and Tony Blair took over Margaret Thatcher’s place. Very contrary to the previous leaders, they were very leftist in their thoughts, very young to lead nations. It was a decade of shame and regret over how much waste had been done in the previous decade.

It was all about saving the planet, saving trees, and saving animals. In the 90s Fashion, there was a lot more focus on real-life problems and real people. People still sported bright colours but overdoing it was not so in style anymore. Oversized silhouettes were only for weddings. 

The 90s Fashion were a lot more about comfort, convenience, and solving real-life issues. People took a lot more pride in being real and down to earth. The Fashion nova for the 90s Fashion was most definitely Kurt Cobain from the band Nirvana. 

Isn’t it obvious how repulsive the 90s Fashion generation was that they placed a person who is as simple as Kurt in place of Madonna? The flannel shirt was trendy during those times. Kurt made a simple thing as a flannel shirt a style statement by growing out his hair and pairing it up with ripped jeans. It was super simple, easy to recreate, and realistic.

The 90s Fashion

As mentioned before, Kurt Cobain’s flannel shirt style then became a Fashion statement. It went as far as to take over the runway Fashion shows. Models took to the runway wearing these and walking out—designers as successful and known as Marc Jacobs had an entire collection of the 1993 grunge collection. 

The grunge collection was all about flannel shirts paired with ripped jeans and high knee-length boots; perhaps even a sunglass may qualify. The ideal body required to sport this look was skinny, with bony shoulders and a clavicle ( a shallow chest), hip bones, and rib cage.

Another very popular Fashion trend during the 90s Fashion that drew inspiration from Kurt Cobain’s grunge look was the “Heroin Chic”; it was a highly Fashionable look. The models were made to look like they were up all night injecting heroin. Even though heroin was never cool, heroin chic seemed like a cool concept. 

The Fashion that went into War

Before we go ahead and look at how Fashion went ahead and had a transition in the 1970s, I am sure everyone is invested in knowing what happened to Fashion when the world underwent War. The answer is quite simple; Fashion went to War too. By War, we indeed mean the timeline between 1939-and 1945. Many people also popularly call it the 1940s. So, let’s take a look at what Fashion went through in the 1940s. 

For starters, every living being was a part of this War, perhaps in their own capacity, but you cannot say otherwise. Under such circumstances, even Fashion was at War, and it was winning throughout!. Men went on to fight these Wars, and women got behind War-related works; many even enlisted to join the military, and even more, had to put their education on hold for the time of the War.

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The Ideal look makeup-wise in the 1940s

The 1940s Vogue

The 1940s Ideal body type would be substantial, with broad shoulders, taut waistline, moulded hips and curvaceous legs. This was the perfect body type for adorning uniforms and strong attires. The Fashion nova for this would be Esther Williams, sporting the exact ideal body type during those times. Yet that was not the only Ideal Body type for the 1940s. There was one more, which was petite, cute and curvy, famously possessed by the actress Betty Grable.

The Ideal look makeup-wise would be pencil-thin eyebrows, with long fake eyelashes but only the top lid eyelashes, with a pinkish blush and red lipsticks; the hair would usually be tied up on the head.

The 40s typically had three styles; you see, those were War times, so moderations on clothing were closely monitored. Everything was taken into consideration, how much cloth you can use, how many buttons can be designated to one piece of clothing and much more. So the three typical types were 

1) Utility Clothing, this was to explain to people how much material they can utilize in their clothes 

2) Uniforms, of course, there were uniforms, those were War times, and uniforms were the most popularly worn clothing type. It was for people who enlisted in War-related work or duties or joined the military.

3) War Work Clothing, since everyone was indebted to play their parts during the War, War work clothing was also very much a need. These included overalls and head scarfs. This was primarily worn by women who showed up to factories to work, which men earlier handled.

The 1940s were all about feeling strong and being in control in the circumstances like those where everything was uncertain. As a result of these, the clothes mentioned above were trending during those times.

Another iconic look was called the rave look, which was very contrasting to the “cocaine chic,” which required a lot of black smudged makeup and a black outfit. The Rave look had a lot of colours like yellow and pink to add to it. By the end of the 1970s, all of these things had calmed down, and people had moved back to the 70s in terms of Fashion.

The Fashioning Conclusion

We believe there is nothing much to cover about 90s Fashion and the 80s Fashions, which owns bewildering and voguish energy and won’t lose their charm and adroitness no matter what. With astounding emerging styles and aesthetics in the 1990s, this time is referred to as the golden era in Fashion. 

The Wondrous Fashion Concept:

Fashion is nothing but a form of art, and no state of art truly ever expires. We see all forms of trends and clothing return from time to time, even in Fashion. It only becomes easier to break these trends down based on time so that we can increase relatability and connect it with a timeline. It also makes it convenient for us to pick which clothing era we would like to carry most of the time.

Thus, we hope our exquisite take on the 90s Fashion and 80s Fashion will help you achieve your desired Fashion statement from that era and transform yourself into a bold belle. Also, we are hoping that this blog will resolve all your queries about Fashion from the 80s and 90s Fashion .

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