iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – Cameras

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S20

The iPhone 12 is the biggest jump Apple has made for its devices in the years. This change is not specifically limited to camera this time but with its features and internal specs. The family of iPhone 12 is entirely 5G and gives the vibe of iPhone 5 design. Apple has also launched its mini phone for the first time ever.

But you can’t say that there is nothing new in the camera. However, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is also improved and comes with amazing features. The main camera of iPhone 12 has a faster lens that lets in more light.

It also has a night mode now on both the ultra-wide-angle and selfie cameras. The iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S20 also has an improved telephoto camera, which yields a better optical zoom. Let us compare now the 2020 iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S20. It is one of 2020’s best (and most expensive) Androids. Both of these amazing featured phones to compare them together.  


The iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S20 both have an amazing camera and shoot vibrant, detailed daytime pictures. The only difference between their cameras is that the iPhone’s shot is a little better. It captures the extra information and the texture and sharpness is enhanced.

Whereas the Galaxy S20 does not capture as much detail as iPhone’s camera does. The S20 Ultra’s shots are better to look at but on looking closely you’ll see some noise in the spots where the iPhone has shadows.

The Galaxy is doing efforts to change the software but it will take some time. All in all, S20 Ultra also has two weaknesses when compared to the iPhone. Its camera struggles to contain highlights, which results in some confronting whites. There is another difference that the iPhone has a habit of warming photos up while Samsung comparatively cools down the photos that are taken on it.


Both of the iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra shoot outstanding portraits. The depth of field effect of DSLR cameras is captured when taken in portrait modes. When compared, the iPhone is slightly more consistent than the Samsung Galaxy’s S20 portraits.

Iphone is better at detecting and the colour and saturation are better in the pictures taken in the iPhone. Samsung on the other hand is prone to highlight issues. The white colored objects are a borderline eyesore when captured in S20 Ultra. These things are handled better by the iPhone. Iphone is good at capturing details as compared to the S20’s pictures.


Apple has noticeably improved itself with the iPhone 12. The camera although hasn’t changed much but the software that comes with it has been improved. It will help to reduce the distortion that sometimes happens with such lenses.

Theultra-wide lens of Galaxy S20 has been said to be better than the iPhone 12 as it captures more details and the texture is clear. The iPhone on the other hand has a great Night Mode. Users can now capture ultra-wide-angle shots in Night Mode in a better way.

The results of both phones were compared and it was noticed that the Samsung S20 Ultra’s ultra-wide-angle Night Mode captures way more light and detail. But there was a difference in time. iPhone’s Night Mode will by default take 1-3 seconds to capture an image, while the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Night Mode will take 7-8 seconds.

Bothe of the phones taken into comparison are great, when looked at from a single perspective. However, there are some features that differ or compete with each other. It can’t be said that everything is perfect about both phones as one can’t right away declare how best a phone is.

The users should always buy a phone keeping one thing in mind; the pros and cons. One has to look at the pros and the cons and then decide which phone, iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S20 goes into one’s favour.

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