Valuable SEO Techniques To Help Kick-Start New Websites

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Whether developing a brand new website or replacing an existing one, businesses have to put a lot of time, effort and money into increasing their online visibility. Building organic traffic and improving Valuable SEO Techniques rankings can take several weeks, or even months; yet one bad decision can destroy everything in a matter of hours. Prevent this from happening to you by minimizing your risks, and maintaining healthy rankings by following the next set of simple guidelines.

Sustain existing linking structure and URLs

Websites that have been around for a while probably already have built value through internal and inbound links. Web users, as well as search engines, are familiar with the URLs of the site and changing them would diminish their value. Therefore, if possible, maintain your linking structure and search-engine-friendly URLs when designing the pages of your new website.

Do not forget to redirect old URLs

It would be ideal if you could keep all of your old URLs, but that is quite often not possible. For instance, some pages from your old website may no longer exist in the new copy. If that is the case, you can still use those old familiar pages to your advantage, by setting up a 301 redirect using, for example, an hatches file on a Linux server. By using this feature, users visiting the old URLs will automatically be redirected to similar URLs on the new site. If there is no corresponding site, redirect traffic to your homepage.

Search engines will pick up on 301 redirects. They will record them so they can send web users trying to access the old pages, straight to the new URL. Pay attention to your Google Analytics

Web designers often make the mistake of launching a new website without transferring their Google Analytics. Without the transfer, they take the chance of losing valuable analytics data, and will also not be able to review how the new website is performing right away.

Update to your conversion tracking software

Because they want to change their conversion targets, new websites will quite often have new or updated actions added to their pages. This can be quite beneficial, as long as they also add new goals in their tracking software, and update the goal tracking URL once the new site is launched.

Optimize Meta and title tags

It speaks to reason that, when you frequently optimize an old website for SEO Gold Coast, you would do the same for your new site’s Meta and title tags. Use targeted keywords, make sure all your links are working, and verify that your website design is search engine friendly. Replace non-productive Meta and title tags, but keep the ones that are already ranking high.

Stick to one homepage

Having multiple versions of your homepage is not a good valuable SEO techniques practice. Webmasters should ensure that a homepage is only accessible through one URL only and that any pages linking to the homepage use this particular URL in the link. This rule also counts for the navigation menu, header and footer links, the logo, etc. The best way to handle multiple homepage versions is by setting up a 301 redirects as soon as a preferred format has been selected. This format can be with or without the ‘www’ in the URL.

Improve your footer links

No Valuable SEO techniques strategy is complete without internal link optimization. Internal links are vital to any web design’s success as they allow search engines to easily locate all the sections on a website. Through the keyword-rich anchor text in the footer links, search engines can determine the topics of the web pages; these links also assist search engines in finding content throughout a website, indexing internal pages, and identifying content on individual internal pages.

Send Google a new sitemap

Inform Google about your new website by submitting a new XML sitemap to them as soon as the new site has been launched. Simply upload your sitemap to the root folder of your site, and enter the file into the sitemaps section of Google’s webmaster tools feature. In addition, use the innovative Google’s webmaster tools to see how the search engine crawls and indexes your site, to find out if you have diagnostic problems, and to keep track of your link and query traffic.

Despite all the careful planning, technical problems and a drop in rankings can always arise when launching a new website. If you experience such problems, use the diagnostic section of Google webmaster tool to identify the issues and repair them.

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