Why you Should Stay Away from Shady Websites while Online Shopping

Online shopping of products from furniture to grocery has become the need of the hour. The main reason why people want to shop online is that they find high levels of convenience. Also, in this pandemic, they want to stay safe and do not want to personally go to any store to shop for things. They want to stay safe, but the question is, what if they end up meeting a shady or a suspicious website? If you happen to meet shady shopping websites on your way then do not become friends with them.

How to know that the online shopping portal is shady?

The biggest question is how would a person come to know about shady online shopping sites. There are a few signs you must look out for. The legitimate website is supposed to be secure. But a shady one would never be. You might also come across the errors in the content and a few products which might be quite low in price, mostly too low to believe.

Whenever you come across such suspicious portals, make sure that you show your back to them. Shopping from such a website will be your biggest mistake and in the future, you will repent for the same. There are a lot of fake shopping sites which are now taking advantage of the pandemic and the surge in online shopping.

There‚Äôs one more sign which you must lookout for to distinguish a safe portal and a fake one. The safe one will have multiple payment options. The fake one won’t. There are many fake online shopping websites these days, and hence you must look out for making yourself safe. Out of the many online shopping websites, you must select the reputed and secure ones for shopping online.

Things you must be careful of:

  • If you tend to become a victim of a shady website then you would surely be stressed. But, you must stay smart from the very start.  Of course, you must never miss out on the signs ofshady shopping websites. This will provide you a better idea that you must not move ahead. Stop here and now.
  • If you get mail from some online portal asking for your financial information, never give them.  This is one of the things shady online shopping sites do. This is because their motive is never to sell anything. They want big bucks from you. They are scammers.
  • Even when you are buying from a secure platform, you must be fine with your protocols. Like, you must always keep the credit cards and debit cards in a secure place. You must keep the password which is not easy to crack. You also need to check the credit card statements every month so that you can find out a fishy transaction if any.
  • Fake shopping sites might ask you for personal information, financial information, and also your social security number. Beware of them and do not provide any such information to them.
  • The fake online shopping websites would also go to the extent of understanding the social media activity of the consumer, knowing about who the friends are, and also a lot of other things. You will feel that even your friends might have bought from such a platform. But, unless and until you scrutinize things, do not believe anything or anyone.
  • Always shop from reputed and secure online shopping websites. Desertcart is one such place you can trust for online shopping.

Protect yourself in every way

It is true that amidst the fear of the COVID 19 pandemic, we can stay safe if we are at home. But the problem is that you may have a habit of checking the prices and then after comparing, buy the items. Well, if you are always thinking of the price factor then you might fall into the trap of shady shopping websites. You must always keep your mind open and check multiple offers but from the reputed websites. Showing you the low prices is a big trick that these shady online shopping sites play with you.

The reputable sellers will sell on reputable websites. Thus, if you want to differentiate between a fake and a genuine website, you must see who the sellers are. Often the fake shopping sites will have sellers of whom you might have never heard of. You must, therefore, also do some research on the sellers who sell on a particular online platform.  If you stay cautious, then nothing can harm you.

Shop online but stay safe

With all these discussions, you might have some fear in your mind about online shopping. But, more than that, you must think that you should think that safe online purchases would be a good thing. On your way, you might come across  fake online shopping websites. But you must never buy from them. You must never give any of your information to them. Rather, you can report about the same to the relevant authorities.

Online shopping websites are quite convenient when you have to get the stuff delivered at your doorstep. Taking the right measures and following good shopping websites are the two tasks you need to do. The Internet is a good place to be in. But you must always have your strategies. If you follow the right protocols then you will never fall into the trap of those scammers. Thus, always buy from legitimately reputed stores. This will provide you with a sense of confidence too.

A lot of online buyers need confidence in what they are buying. Thushekcing the reviews about the store and the sellers is one more good way to know that the store is a good one. A genuine store will offer you a reasonable discount, will float a reasonable deal, and will sell you products at believable prices. The online stores are there to sell you the products and not do any charity. Think, why should they give you the products at a very low rate. When you choose the online platform, stay smart, and make smart decisions.

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