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Looking to have a customized Foodpanda clone app? There has been a surge in the online food ordering business in a year. Restaurant businesses are the worst hit in this pandemic, with some of them completely shutting down. Those who have on-demand food delivery apps have managed to survive. FoodPanda the food delivery app is one such successful business model that does not require an introduction. Customers can enjoy their favorite meals ordering from the app and get it delivered in minutes even in Covid times.

How Does FoodPanda Clone App Work?

Placing a food delivery request is very easy and convenient using the FoodPanda clone app solution. The users have full freedom to browse over the restaurants listed on the clone app. The FoodPanda like app enables the user to access multiple restaurants with a single checkout process.

The users can place multiple orders from different restaurants and head towards making the payment. The multiple payment options provide the flexibility to pay in their favorite mode of payments such as Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, Mobile Wallet, etc.

The functioning of the FoodPanda like app is described below:

  • Browse for the restaurant/ cuisine
  • Browse the online menus
  • Select your favorite food item and add to the basket
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Select the Payment method – either credit card debit card or any mobile wallet that you have set as a default payment methods
  • Add discount/promo code
  • Obtain an order confirmation via SMS and mail
  • The food order is delivered to your doorstep

Adopting TheSuccess Strategy Of FoodPanda?

Businesses are interested to develop a successful business model like FoodPanda. But, it is important to know what made FoodPanda a huge success. Hence adopting and leveraging similar elements can lead your FoodPanda Clone app to attract a huge audience and keep them loyal. Their success element includes:

  • A user-friendly, high quality and intuitive interface. FoodPanda have upgraded and enhanced the look over the years leading a boost in their users. It is important your app enhances the look and feel with the time that offers freshness to the users.

The app enables the users to put orders in a step by step process:

  • Collects information about the user
  • Offers filters to perform a search based on the cuisine and locating nearby restaurants
  • Provides information on the deals available
  • Elaborate online menu displaying the sub-categories of the food
  • Confirms once the order is placed
  • Estimated arrival time display
  • Notifications about the order

The USPs That Makes Your FoodPanda Like App A Major Success

Partnering with the restaurants

There are several such eateries, cafes, and restaurants that haven’t tasted the lime-light, not many people know about them even though they have specialized delicacies to serve. For such, the app platform offers great options to get them listed and have them spread awareness. The primary element of your app’s success is to deliver tasty and fresh food from good restaurants. The more your users get choices, the better your revenue improves.

Delivery service providers

Your app will still be struggling when the food is not delivered right on time. Customers do not like to wait hence, soon there will be a drop-in in your app usage. It is important to have dedicated food delivery service partners that ensure timely delivery.

FoodPanda Clone App Modules:

The clone like app involves 3 levels:

  • Customer app

It will have a wide range of services right from placing the food order comprising an extensive assortment of dishes, cuisines, and restaurants.

  • Delivery person app

A flexible signup service that allows you to earn extra money. You can choose to pick up and do the deliveries suiting your flexibility and work accordingly.

  • Administrative app

It eases to manage restaurants and orders. Offering complete freedom to accept, decline, or renew the current orders as well as a list of the restaurants and prices.

Wrapping Up

Having developed a Foodpanda clone like an app built via a customizable white-label food delivery app solution company can be an excellent choice as you can get tailor-made features that your business provides to your customers and the choice of services you need to put in for the buyers right in your app. You can get a fully functional product that can actually save your time and money and gain you huge profits instead.

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