The Murder series of how to get away with the murder includes a legal drama that is created by Peter Norwalk. it had been premiered on ABC within the month of September 2014. In its first season, the series introduced Annalise Keating a well known criminal defense attorney and law professor at Middleton University in Philadephia.

Keating selects five of her newly enrolled students as interns at his firm who works with Annalise’s employees. the items fail when Annalise’s intern gets caught within the murder season 7 of Annalise’s husband Sam Keating.

The web series initially has six seasons which consists of  total15 episodes. Its cast has got recognition and awards for their performances. Davis for her performance has received critical acclaim as she has been awarded Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding lead actress in drama series and also has won many other awards.


The story is about Annalise Keating who is a prominent criminal defense attorney and law professor at Middleton University in Philadephia. She selects interns for her firm and the interns work with the employees of the firm.

The story is about revealing two murders. One is of Annalise’s husband Sam Keating who is killed by one of Annalise’s interns. The flashbacks of removing the body and details of the incident are showcased within the series.

The ultimate six episodes explore Annalise’s attempt of helping her intern in covering up Sam’s murder season 7 and to legally implicate Sam in Lila’s death and flashbacks are shown of Lila’s final moments before her murder.

The sixth season is that the final season during which laurel and Christopher disappearances are shown. Annalise goes into the rehab and just in time returns to assist her star students to pass their final semester of law and tries to seek out Laurel and Christopher.

FBI comes in and opens an investigation into Annalise, her students, and her associates, and each murder season 7 and misdeed is exposed which forces them to form the choice for survival that changes their lives, relations, and future forever


1.         Voila Davis

2.         Billy brown

3.         Alfred Enoch

4.         Jack falhaee

5.         Katie fidley

6.         Matt mc Gorey

7.         Karla Souza

8.         Charlie weber

9.         Rome Flynn

10.       Amira Vann

11.       Timothy Hutton


This murder series is conceptually original and produces thrills with melodramatic twists and captivating lead of the series. Brilliant, amazing performances are showcased by the cast of the series.

Two murders are explored which last throughout the seasons through flashback and flash-forward sequences.  Strong female characters, unrealistic unique cases are depicted in the episodes of the series.

The highly organized courtroom drama is depicted in the series. Flash forward scenes are shown of students disposing of the body. The murder season 7 case details, twists, and aftermath of the murder is showcased in an amazing manner in the series.

The series showcases solid cases for TV drama, fantastic pacing, gripping storytelling, and high-quality performances of the whole cast of the series.

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