4 Simple Things You Can Do To Help You Sleep

Assume that we will sleeping badly and admit defeat? Bad idea. It is quite possible to regain quality sleeps. To start, here are 4 simple things you can do to improve your nights.

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Tip # 1: The bedroom should be a resting space

The bedroom must above all be a place dedicated to rest, love and sleep! Make this room a quiet, dark place with an average temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. Keep away from sources of light, even the night light of a computer, and objects associated with work, such as files for example.

Don’t you have curtains? Make the effort to install them, they can help sleep! If you can’t escape the noise outside, don’t hesitate to try earplugs. Finally, ventilate this space, open the window during the day or even leave it slightly ajar at bedtime.

Tip # 2: Have a regular sleep pattern

Try to have a regular sleeping pattern by going to bed substantially at the same time every night, when sleepiness appears, and when you get up at the same hour in the morning, even on weekends! Does this rhythm seem restrictive? Yes, but it is essential to find a regular rhythm when suffering from sleeps disorders.

It’s about being able to respect your biological clock, the one that tells us when it’s time to close our eyes and sleeping, because our body needs it. To help you, avoid naps or limit the nap time to 30 minutes maximum, before 3 p.m.

Tip # 3: Practice relaxing activities

In the evening, calm the game! Try to limit over-stimulating activities and sources of stress before going to bed. For example, a very dynamic physical exercise is preferably done in the morning.

Lively, animated discussions, arguments are not favorable to sleeping. The same applies to the use of electronic devices, video games or television.

Tip 4: Eat better to sleep better

What we eat and drink influences our sleep. It is therefore useful to limit caffeine, alcohol and even nicotine before bedtime. Coffee is an exciting; it is not recommended to drink it after 4 p.m. As for alcohol,

it tends to make you drowsy in the first part of the night, but to wake you up in the second half. The same with cigarettes, it can make you feel relaxed, but nicotine is arousing.

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