Word Press Plugins: Functionality and Working

Entrepreneurs often starting with their careers have a lot of confusion about what actually WordPress plugins are and how they work?

Plugins are a crucial part of WordPress’s ecosystem and are considered vital for creating dynamic websites using the popular CMS- WordPress!

This write-up will explain why it is essential to hire WordPress plugins developers and integrate your website with better functionality using useful plugins.

Let’s get going!

What are WordPress plugins?

WordPress plugins can be called applications implemented into the WordPress website when there’s a need to add new features or technology to the existing site.

Just what an app does for a smartphone!

You can find more than 48,000 plugins available in the official WordPress plugins directory. And thousands of more can be accessed from third-party sites such as Github.

Moreover, there are also a lot of plugins sold by individual developers or other companies. You can buy your favorite plugins from them as well.

Back in 2003, the primary agenda of WordPress was to enable users to start their blogs. However, it evolved as one of the most powerful content management systems there is with the passing time. All this was possible because of the awesome plugins the CMS offered.

What can these plugins do?

WordPress plugins are software applications that can run and be integrated on top of the WordPress software. What’s best is that these plugins can create any type of website you desire and not just regular blogs.

You can create:

  • An online store with the WooCommerce plugin
  • Job board with the Job Manager plugin
  • A business directory with various directory plugins
  • A coupon website
  • Photography website with Envira Gallery Plugins
  • A wiki website via knowledge base plugin
  • Your podcast site

You know what they say? “There’s a plugin for all your needs.”

No matter what you hope to accomplish with your WordPress website, there will be a plugin available to make it possible.

You can improve SEO, boost performance, add social media buttons, add contact forms, create galleries, and do a lot more just by using various plugins. 

How do these plugins work?

WordPress is coded so that a developer can add her/his code into the previously written code. Many companies and entrepreneurs prefer to hire dedicated WordPress developers to effectively use the plugin API to provide a robust set of filters and hooks. This allows coders to update or modify the existing WordPress functionality or add any new feature on the site.

The popular CMS also allows developers to store their data into the database supported by WordPress. It is possible to keep different content and not just pages and posts by using plugins that utilize WordPress customer fields, content types, and taxonomies.

WordPress will connect to the database on every visit, load the fundamental software, and then load the active plugins.

All the codes are processed in the server and sent to the user’s browser.

How to find the right WordPress plugin and install them?

You can access the free WordPress plugins by visiting the official WordPress website and downloading the plugin from the plugin directory, or you can access them directly from the admin area in the WordPress website.

Simply go to Plugins and click on Add New page and search the plugin name or functionality you desire to add.

A search will run in the WordPress plugins directory, and the available plugins will be displayed in a list view on your screen. Once you have analyzed the result and know which plugin would suit you the best, you can begin with installing it.

However, the search result inside the admin area of WordPress doesn’t always prove helpful; only limited free plugins are available. It is best to hire WordPress plugin developers to ensure you are choosing the right plugin for your project.

Another approach that can help you make an informed decision is to search through the plugin recommendations and tutorials available on the internet in massive numbers. All you have to do is find the right tutorial and solve all your queries. Just make sure to trust only the most credible source while you are at it.



WordPress plugins are the most impressive and attractive feature of the popular Content management system. Many companies and entrepreneurs are inclined towards integrating various plugins to enhance the working of their websites.

Either updating a website or an interactive feature has to be integrated into the live website; a plugin would always work like a charm. From migrating the live website to the localhost, you will definitely find your plugin on the internet to add different forms to the site.

However, you must make sure to hire full time WordPress developers for consultation on the right plugin. Even if you have made up your mind on what plugin to choose, a professional must set the integration right and ensure optimum performance after plugin integration.

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