How Content Marketing Helps Business to Grow

Content marketing strategy

A content marketing strategy can be multifaceted and include different formats and channels for distributing content. Even if the company decided to maintain only accounts on social networks, creating content will take time and resources, and if you plan to implement mailings, keep your own blog, or regularly publish in the media, then the investment will be even greater.

You will have to look for a team, allocate a budget and build new processes. Let’s figure out what goals can be achieved and whether it’s worth getting involved in it at all.

Driving traffic and improving site positions

The algorithms of search engines are constantly changing and it will no longer be possible to promote the site in the search results only due to a mechanical set of keys. Search statistics and topic popularity will help you understand what information people are looking for and adapt to this content marketing.

The priority remains on useful texts created for people. Informative and relevant content marketing that answers user requests can get not only in the search results, but also in the block with questions and answers.

Expanding your marketing funnel

The ultimate goal of a business is to make money. The user’s journey to a purchase in marketing is presented as a funnel, narrowing to the bottom. At different stages, potential customers fall off. The classic model of such a funnel is attention, interest, desire, and action.

Content marketing helps expand your sales funnel. By creating useful content, you can increase the number of potential customers at every stage: attract more users, warm them up and push them to buy, getting them interested in your offer, and also promote repeat purchases.

Implementing a content marketing strategy can lower the cost per user acquisition versus purchase advertising, especially when a company sells an expensive or complex product like job training or real estate.

You can also create a business page on Wikipedia if you know how to create a Wikipedia profile. Creating such a page allows you to gain online traffic as well as online reputation. It will also help you appear on the top search engine results.

Detachment from competitors

When deciding on the purchase of a product or service, users consider and compare offers from several companies. Useful content marketing and well-thought-out communications can tip the decision in your favor.

The client wants to study a service or company in more detail, to figure out how to solve his problem at all – you offer him information that allows him to make a choice. This sets the company apart from competitors that do not create such content or invest in its quality, and also inspires trust as the company helps to solve the client’s problem.

If you communicate with clients, answer their questions in the comments, then this gives not only additional information about the service, but also causes more confidence. In fact, this touch with the user, as well as the already provided information service, with which the client can be satisfied, is a good start for further work with him.

Studying your customers

Feedback helps to understand what problems clients come to the company with and what to correct in their work. You can get this feedback in a variety of ways, including by tracking user comments below your content. Users leave such comments about problems on their own.

This will help you understand what worries people at the stage of selection, what could prevent them from choosing your proposal, what problems they faced and what impressions they got from interacting with the company or product. With the help of analytics, you can see what content and how existing and potential customers interact, what they are looking for and what you can offer them.

Building an expert image and building trust

When a company sells a complex and expensive product, higher demands are placed on it. If the path to purchase is stretched, and the product itself is associated with risks or concerns the emotional sphere, then it is important for the client to choose a company that he can trust.

Expert content helps to demonstrate that the company really understands what it offers to its clients, and that the services are provided by competent professionals. People trust experts and look for ready-made solutions to problems.

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