Brass Knuckles – Knockout Foes Instantly

Brass knuckles are a unique hot selling self defense weapon that can be found easily at weapon stores. The weapon comprises knuckles made up of solid metal such as brass. The weapon comes with a different number of finger holes as you get two holes and even four holes. 

The weapon is worn through the fingers, and the pointed knuckles go on top. Once you are wearing it on top of your own fingers, you are ready to punch down foes; however, the important thing that you should have in mind is that you should always be ready to punch in a rounded way. 

It would be best if you punched in a rounded way because it is safer for you as, when you punch in the straight direction, you may hurt yourself. The types of knuckles that exist today will impress you as they come in many cool designs. What is better is that the knuckles can be used in a couple of other ways as well. 

Brass Knuckles for Sale

The Brass Knuckles for sale that you find in weapon stores are also known by many other cool names. People know them by the name of knucks, knuckle duster, and even knuckle buster. All of them are the same, but it is the appearance of the weapon that makes it unique. 

  • Fancy Knucks

The collection of fancy knucks comprises of the designed and customized knuckle brass. You get the weapons in this section with cool vibrant colors such as the silver and gold brass knuckles. The shine of the knucks gives them an attractive look. 

From this collection, you also get to buy themed weapons such as the zombie pattern knucks. The knucks from this collection are worth collecting.

Real Brass Knuckles and Added Features

The collection of real brass knuckles comprises of knucks that have been in use in real life for a long time. The weapons are made up of 100% solid metal, which makes them tough and ideal at the same time. You also get to find weapons from this collection that have added features. 

In some cases, you get knucks with bottle openers, and with some, you get key chains. You can pick knucks of the type that suits you the most. 

  • Branded and Customized Knuckles

Some of the best brass knuckles can be found under the branded section. You get to buy the weapon being offered by top brands. They are heavy, solid, and long-lasting, and that is why they are the best. 

You also get to find customized knucks that come with cool designs engraved on tops, such as the skull wing knuckle, the AK 47 knuckle, and the bullet knuckle. All of them are great weapons to add to your collection. 

Apart from the types and differences among the weapons highlighted above, you will also come across weapons that differ in terms of finger holes. The cat knucks are the best example of this as it is a weapon that comes with two finger holes. 

It is extremely light in weight and also comes with a key ring for your keys. The weapon is popular among females due to the lightweight it has, and along with keeping you safe, it also keeps your belongings safe at the same place. 

Are Brass Knuckles illegal?

This is a question that is quite a concern for everyone out there as to if the weapon is legal or illegal. Any weapon that is life-threatening is considered to be an illegal one, and so, the knucks are unlawful. 

However, it is the use of the weapon that matters the most. If you are using it for your safety, there won’t be any problem, but if you use it to attack someone on purpose, you could possibly get into trouble. 

Uses of the Brass Knuckle

As stated a couple of times in the section above, the brass knuckle can be used in a couple of ways. The very first use of the weapon is that of self defense. The small size of the weapon makes it extremely portable, and they can be put in your pocket and in your bags easily. You can even move around with them by wearing them on your hands. 

As the weapon is good due to the portability aspect of it, you get to defend yourself from intruders in a matter of seconds. Just block their attack and give them a tight rounded punch by the knucks. Just a single punch will do the trick for you. You can then escape or can have the intruder caught by the law enforcers. 

The next use of the weapon is that of acting as a paperweight. As the knucks are made up of metal, they have some weight on them. You can place them on your papers in your office to prevent them from flying off. The cool look, along with them being placed in your workstation, will intrigue many colleagues. 

As the weapons come in cool colors and some come with fancy engravings on top, you can go on to gift them to loved ones. You can even have their names written on top. Similarly, you can build a collection around the weapon by collecting all different types of them and then by displaying them. 

Buy Brass Knuckles Today

The weapon is an amazing one by all means, and by the knowledge that has been delivered here, you will also be able to make a quick choice while buying one for yourself. The other awesome thing about the weapon is that it is priced at a low. 

You can buy cheap brass knuckles for yourself, or you can buy them in large quantities if you need a money-making stream. The weapons can be bought at discounted rates, and you can sell them at your own prices and can make a profit. 

The weapons are available at online places such as the PA knives, and they can even be delivered. Look for the amazing brass knuckles and buy yours today.

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