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Hidden Screen Recorder

MocoSpy hidden call recorder does the background recording secretly. Furthermore, it won’t waste battery e; therefore, you can use your phone for the time you want while using it for another purpose. Furthermore, apart from some other tracking features, MocoSpy has introduced a fantastic feature recording your target’s screen without letting him know about it. Furthermore, with the help of this feature, one can easily record the screen secretly. 

Importance of the hidden screen recorder feature

If you are a parent, you might want to know your child’s online and offline activities. Therefore, you need to download this application into their cell phone. In this manner, you can easily record anything going on there. Furthermore, if you are the business owner, MocoSpy will be serving you in the best way. You can monitor all your employees with the company’s owned devices secretly. Furthermore, it will only require the command, and from there, your tracking will depend on the go. Hence, with the help of MocoSpy, one can monitor the target in no time. 

Why is the hidden screen recorder important?

Unlike all the other screen monitoring data, the MocoSpy will give you the hidden information in the videos and the target cell phone. Furthermore, it records things and will send you the information on what is happening on your target cell phone. Furthermore, according to your wish, you can also make the icon hidden. Moreover, you can save the recordings into your control panel to watch it in the future. 

  • MocoSpy record every activity running on the target cell phone
  • It is already activated; therefore, it does not need to be activated. 
  • On-screen recordings can be done on all android devices.
  • Record all the activities on the screen and track their social media in this way
  • No storage consumption when recording videos

Why choose the hidden screen recorder feature?

Suppose the location tracking feature is not the one for you to track the employee who is not focused on his work. Then Hidden screen recording is the solution for you. Moreover, for the working parent who is not at home and can monitor their children all the time, then Hidden screen recording is the feature for them. Moreover, the thing which makes this feature super unique is that it works discreetly in total silence. Furthermore, it will not show you any icon there for monitoring or recording. 

In addition to this, the person who will be tracked will not figure out that someone is tracking him. In addition to this, the screen recording features can fade away all the information that can be the reason to make you stress full, and it can do by showing what the workers are up to. Furthermore, the software will let you monitor where they are spending most of their time. Furthermore, all the tracking features can give you complete access to your kids’ spending most of their time. Moreover, you will know if they are wasting it or not utilizing it. 

Features of the Secret hidden screen recorder feature    


  • MocoSpy hidden screen recorder Always works on hidden mode
  • As one turn on the screen, it starts working 
  • Unlimited video duration 
  • An unlimited number of videos can make
  • Can store on the online control panel
  • Disable and enable recording and your choice to turn it off when needed
  • Easy to use and install
  • Show all the password and patterns
  • Show the videos from galleries as well

How to get MocoSpy?

It is super simple to get MocoSpy Android Spyware. It will hardly take 10 to 5 mins to download and install into the target cell phone. Furthermore, one must need to get into the target cell phone for one time. For simple downloading, one must follow the following steps:

  • Get the subscription with an authenticate email id and password
  • Download the application and then install it 
  • Get the access key from the team of the MocoSpy
  • Set up your profile form the online control panel
  • Start spying 


All in all, if one is finding the top-secret hidden recorder, then none is better than the MocoSpy. Its user-friendly interface and the simple setup made its customer the first choice. Furthermore, its highly optimized features and the tools are super-efficient in tracking one’s location. MocoSpy is the ideal spyware, and it will let you monitor all the target persons in no time. 

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