Top 5 SEO Tools Paid and Free: Complete Guide 2020

Looking for the best SEO Tools? You are in the right place!!

We have discussed one of the best online SEO Tools which you will love to explore! 

Before we start telling you the best SEO tools, first discuss some important things

What is SEO Tool?

Are you searching for SEO Tools meaning? Do not worry, as we have an answer to your question.

Well, as all we know that SEO used to increase the visibility of your website. So, all these things done through SEO Tools. It includes the investigation of your website pages to get it rank higher. Mainly, it provides information on keywords and backlinks as well as your website insights. So, keep using the best SEO tools that we have discussed below to grow your quality audience.

How do SEO Tools work?

It works by following such Search Engine Optimization factors:

  1. First, you can analyze the on-page SEO things, and it will help you to find out the faults from top to bottom of your site. Like, from meta-description to improper use of keywords.
  2. Second, it checks out some structural mistakes in website pages and tells the solution to improve your site.
  3. Third, it checks for missing alt text of images and shows if the title or wrong description used on your site.
  4. Fourth, analyzes the website pages to improve your website loading speed.
  5. Fifth, it shows which areas require to focus like java, CSS, gzip, and HTML minification.
  6. Sixth, it checks for off-page SEO factors to find out backlinks that are harmful to your site or decrease the rank. In short, the backlinks which can bane your website, it is called a negative backlink.
  7. Seventh, compare your site with your competitor’s website. Then, it shows what steps you should follow to beat your competitor in the ranking.
  8. Eight, it checks for plagiarism or monitoring, to find out who is copying your quality content. So, then you can contact Google by filing a DMCA complaint.

Are SEO Tools worth it?

Yes, of course!!

 Let’s discuss free SEO Tools.

Top 5 Best Free SEO Tools

  1. Keywords Everywhere 

Keyword Everywhere is one of the best free SEO tools of 2020. It helps to find out keywords as per the trends. You can also add keyword everywhere’s an extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser.

If you search for a particular potential keyword, it shows the information on the competition, search volume, and CPC value. Keyword Everywhere shows data as per the popularity of keyword searches. You can also operate it on YouTube, Bing, and other sites.

2. WooRank

WooRank is also one of the popular Chrome extensions, as it shows results related to your website condition. If your website doesn’t have a site score, there is an option on WooRank to check for a quick inspection.

Well, it gives grades to your website based on SEO criteria’s like content structure, keyword performance.

3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is resourceful for auditing any websites such as search engines. Generally, it works as a web crawler to audits your website SEO strategy. It provides rapid feedbacks on your website pages as it is one of the best qualities of this SEO Spider. Also, show server errors, duplicate content, locate redirects, broken links, and other things that hurt your Google rankings.

4. Answer the Public

Answer the Public serves descriptive questions from your searches, comparisons, and related queries. Visitor searches focus on content creation and keyword targeting that is much important for SEO.

Google and other search engines provide close attention to user experience. It’s one of the best tools to boost your visibility in the Google search engine.

5. Google Search Console

As all, we know that Google provides a master tool to us for SEO strategies. Google Search Console allows you to request URL indexing, suggestions for site optimization, notifications related to site problems for free.

Google Search Console is considered as one of the best SEO checkers, as it provides areas to take actionable progress that helps you to push organic traffic high.

Top 5 Paid SEO Tools

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the top-most SEO tool and the favorite tool of all SEO guys! It provides a collection of tools that includes web monitoring, rank tracking, content research, competitive analysis, keyword research, and backlink research. Ahrefs best-paid features are its Site Explorer, as it analyzes backlinks and does in-depth research.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is the most popular marketing software in 2020! It helps your websites to boost online presence in Google search engine. You can check your site organic traffic; it helps to spread your website reach with some fact-based insights. SEMrush is best for comparing domains, and also shows you the high-ranking keywords of your competitor. 

3. Majestic

Well, Majestic is the most advanced link index intelligence map, which helps to grasp your website place. It has a feature of site explorer, search explorer, and backlink history checker that orient your website page in such a large scheme structure of things.

4. MozPro

MozPro provides multiple facilities like crawling, keyword research, and some stages of SEO tactics. It gives a great outlook on visibility.

5. Raven Tools

Well, Raven Tools is one of the leading website auditors, with such abilities as reporting or tracking. It gives a score to your website SEO. Raven tools provide the facility to bolster your website code, pages, layout, and design for Google.

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