Top 10 Tips And Tricks Of Hotmail – Complete Guide (2020)

Today, we will discuss the top tips and tricks of Hotmail.Before discussing the tips and tricks of Hotmail, Let us tell you,

What is Hotmail?

Hotmail is a web-mail service. It is known for being the world’s first web email service. Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia was the founder of Hotmail. In 1997, Microsoft acquired Hotmail, and in 2012 they renamed it to Outlook.

At that time, all accounts upgraded and they also announced that all mail accounts automatically redirected to Outlook. So, everyone can use their Hotmail account. Currently, over 100 million users are using Hotmail, and it becomes the second popular web mail service, after Google.

How to create a Hotmail account?

To create an account, you need to follow some few steps: –

1.First, open any browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera browser, then Click here to go to the sign up form.

2.Second, fill the necessary information below:

Top 10 Tips and Tricks of Hotmail - Complete Guide (2020)

3.After filling out the necessary information, click on the create account.

4.Now, your account created.

How to login to Hotmail account?

Hotmail login is simple, follow the below steps:

1.First, search in Google search bar, you will see sign-in page then select Sign in

2.Now, enter your Phone number or Email then select Next.

3.Enter your password then, click on Sign in, that sit!

Hotmail for android 

You can directly download the Hotmail Android app from the play store. You can search Hotmail or either search Microsoft Outlook on play store, install it, and signup/sign in

Hotmail for iOS

In the same process for iOS, you can directly download the Hotmail iOS app from the App store. You can search Hotmail or either search Microsoft Outlook on the App store, install it, and signup/sign in.

Now, we can discuss the best 10 Tips and Tricks of Hotmail:

1.Create Outlook Email Aliases: Outlook allows us to create separate email addresses which will end up with your inbox. For creating this you need to click on the gear icon placed at the top right corner of your screen, then select more email settings. After that, click on create an Outlook alias shown under the Manage account. Its full process is easy as compared to Gmail’s alias process!!

Top 10 Tips and Tricks of Hotmail - Complete Guide (2020)

2. Best inbox management facility:Well, one of the best Hotmail tips is to keep your email box clean, without any unimportant emails. As, it has the facility to have your emails arranged into folders, according to category wise.

3.Sweep emails option:Outlook’s sweep feature provides the facility to clean up the inbox if you were getting automatic emails.Special offers that are generally valid for a short time! So, you may have automatically clean up feature. As it clears out the emails of old versions when then new mail arrives. In short, it keeps the latest emails sent by the sender located in your inbox.

You can set up this easily, by just clicking the sweep button located on the toolbar then select schedule cleanup, that sits!

Top 10 Tips and Tricks of Hotmail - Complete Guide (2020)

4. Schedule Email Delivery: You can schedule the email delivery time; it helps you to save your time. Latter will stay in your email section for some amount of time when you click on the Send button. As you no need to set a reminder for an outlook mail to send it later.

5.Calendar Request Feature:Outlook Calendar feature allows you to organize a meeting with your clients or other people. You can send everyone a meeting request. The response you will get from them, the calendar will update at a time.

6. Sky Drive Feature: Well, the Sky Drive feature is for large files or attachments. integrated with Microsoft’s Sky Drive service. So, if you try to attach a large file to a mail, Outlook will upload your file attachment to the Sky Drive then it will send to the email recipient. And, you can control the Sky Drive feature by just clicking on the attachments link, located in the more email settings.

Top 10 Tips and Tricks of Hotmail - Complete Guide (2020)

7. Keyboard shortcuts feature:Outlook support various keyboard shortcuts. Mainly, if you are the Yahoo or Gmail experienced user, then you can also try Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts. You have to select keyboard shortcuts from the more email settings.

8. You can create backups!: As the same as the offline files backed up to the cloud storage, you can take regular backups of Hotmail emails. Many hackers try to steal people’s accounts, that’s why we advise you to take a backup of your mails into the local storage.

9. Try out flags or colors :It is such an interesting tip for you, as it can organize your email box. You can do these by just assigning various colors to your emails. For the most important emails, you can flag them that are generally associated with such tasks.

10. Notification adjustment:So, for incoming mails, you can set the notification setting. So it will give you an alert when the incoming mail comes when you are not on your Outlook mail tab.

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