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Epic Games, Inc. (once in the past Potomac Computer Systems and later Epic MegaGames, Inc.) is an American computer game and programming improvement organization situated in Cary, North Carolina. The organization was established by Tim Sweeney as Potomac Computer Systems in 1991, initially situated in his folks’ home in Potomac, Maryland. Following his first business computer game discharge, ZZT (1991), the organization wound up Epic MegaGames in mid 1992 and expedited Mark Rein, who is the organization’s VP to date. Moving their central station to Cary in 1999, the studio’s name was streamlined to Epic Games.

Epic Games builds up the Unreal Engine, a financially accessible game motor which additionally controls their inside created computer games, for example, Fortnite and the Unreal, Gears of War and Infinity Blade arrangement.

Epic Games claims computer game engineers Chair Entertainment and Psyonix, just as cloud-based programming designer Cloudgine, and works eponymous sub-studios in Seattle, England, Berlin, Yokohama and Seoul. While Sweeney remains the greater part investor, Tencent procured a 48.4% exceptional stake, comparing to 40% of all out Epic, in the organization in 2012, after Epic Games understood that the computer game industry was intensely creating towards the games as an administration model. Following the arrival of the well known Fortnite Battle Royale in 2017, the organization increased extra speculations that empowered to grow its Unreal Engine contributions, set up esport occasions around Fortnite, and dispatch the Epic Games Store. Starting at 2018, the organization has an expected US$15 billion valuation.

Memorable of Epic Games


Potomac Computer Systems (1991–1992)

Potomac Computer Systems was established by Tim Sweeney in 1991. At the time, Sweeney was concentrating mechanical building at the University of Maryland. Despite the fact that he lived in a dormitory situated in Potomac, Maryland, he regularly visited his folks, who lived in a similar town, where his PC, utilized for both work and recreation, was situated. Out of this area, Sweeney began Potomac Computer Systems as a PC counseling business, however later assumed that it would be an excessive amount of work he would need to place into keeping the business stable, and rejected the idea.

Subsequent to completing his game ZZT in October 1991, Sweeney selected to re-utilize the Potomac Computer Systems name to discharge the game to the public. It was distinctly with the unforeseen achievement of ZZT, caused in most part by the simple modifiability of the game utilizing Sweeney’s custom ZZT-oop programming language, that made Sweeney consider transforming Potomac Computer Systems into a computer game company. ZZT was sold through release load up frameworks, while all requests were satisfied by Sweeney’s dad, Paul Sweeney. The game sold a few thousand duplicates as of May 2009, and Paul Sweeney still inhabited the previous Potomac Computer Systems address at the time, satisfying all requests that in the end dropped via mail. The last duplicate of ZZT was transported by Paul Sweeney in November 2013.

Epic MegaGames (1992–1999)

In mid 1992, Sweeney got himself and his recently discovered computer game organization in a business where bigger studios, for example, Apogee Software and id Software, were overwhelming, and he needed to locate an increasingly genuine name for his. As such, Sweeney concocted “Epic MegaGames”, a name which fused “Epic” and “Mega” to make it sound like it spoke to a genuinely enormous organization, (for example, Apogee Software), in spite of the fact that he was its just employee. Sweeney before long experienced looking for a colleague, and in the long run made up for lost time with Mark Rein, who recently quit his place of employment at id Software and moved to Toronto, Ontario. Rein worked remotely from Toronto, and fundamentally took care of offers, showcasing and distributing bargains; business improvement that Sweeney found to have altogether added to the organization’s growth. Some time this season, the organization before long had 20 representatives comprising of developers, specialists, planners and composers. Among them was the 17-year old Cliff Bleszinski, who joined the organization subsequent to presenting his game Dare to Dream to Sweeney. The next year, they had more than 30 employees.

Memorable of Epic Games

In 1996, Epic MegaGames created a shareware isometric shooter called Fire Fight, created by Polish studio Chaos Works. It was distributed by Electronic Arts. By 1997, Epic MegaGames had 50 individuals working for them worldwide. In 1998, Epic MegaGames discharged Unreal, a 3D first-individual shooter co-created with Digital Extremes, which ventured into a progression of Unreal games. The organization likewise started to permit the center innovation, the Unreal Engine, to other game designers.

Epic Games (1999–present)

Incredible and PC gaming (1999–2006)

A statue of Unreal’s Malcolm at Epic Games’ central station

In February 1999, Epic MegaGames reported that they had moved their base camp to another area in Cary, North Carolina, and would from now on be known as basically Epic Games. Rein clarified that “Unbelievable was first made by engineers who were dispersed over the world, in the long run, the group met up to complete the game and that is the point at which the genuine enchantment began. The transition to North Carolina concentrates Epic, bringing the majority of the organization’s skilled engineers under one roof.” Furthermore, Sweeney expressed that the “Uber” some portion of the name was dropped in light of the fact that they never again needed to profess to be a major organization, just like the first expectation of the name when it was a one-man team. The subsequent game, Unreal Tournament, transported to basic approval the equivalent year, so, all things considered the studio had 13 employees.

The organization propelled the Make Something Unreal challenge in 2004, planning to remunerate computer game designers who make mods utilizing the Unreal game motor. Tripwire Interactive won US$80,000 in real money and PC equipment prizes through the span of the challenge in the principal challenge in 2004.

Memorable of Epic Games

Riggings of War and support gaming (2006–2012)

Around 2006, the PC computer game market was battling with copyright encroachment as programming robbery, and it wound up hard to make single-player games, components which had been a piece of Epic’s plan of action to that point. The organization chose to move center into creating around reassure frameworks, a move which Sweeney called the beginning of the third real cycle of the organization, “Epic 3.0”. In 2006, Epic discharged the Xbox 360 shooter Gears of War, which turned into a business accomplishment for the organization, netting about US$100 million off a US$12 million budget. A year later, the organization discharged Unreal Tournament 3 for PC and procured a larger part share in People Can Fly.

In 2008, Epic Games procured Utah based Chair Entertainment and discharged Gears of War 2 , selling more than 3,000,000 duplicates inside the main month of its release. Summer 2009 saw the dispatch of Chair Entertainment’s Shadow Complex, an undertaking game motivated by the Metroid series.

Epic Games discharged on September 1, 2010 Epic Citadel as a tech demo to exhibit the Unreal Engine 3 running on Apple iOS, inside Adobe Flash Player Stage3D and utilizing HTML5 WebGL advancements. It was additionally discharged for Android on January 29, 2013. Epic Games took a shot at an iOS game, Infinity Blade, which was discharged on December 9, 2010. The third game in the arrangement, Gears of War 3, turned out in 2011.

In 2011, Epic’s backup Titan Studios was dissolved. At the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards, Epic Games reported their new game Fortnite.

In June 2012, Epic reported that it is opening up another studio, Epic Baltimore, made up of individuals from 38 Studios’ Big Huge Games. Epic Baltimore was renamed to Impossible Studios in August 2012. However, the studio wound up shutting its entryways in February 2013.

Epic nearby People Can Fly made one final game in the Gears of War arrangement that filled in as a prequel to different games, Gears of War: Judgment, which was discharged in 2013. Now, Epic had thought about building up a fourth principle title for Gears of War, yet assessed that its spending limit would be in any event US$100 million. Additionally, they had proposed the possibility of a multiplayer-just form of Gears of War that highlighted improved adaptations of maps dependent on client input, like the idea driving Unreal Tournament, yet Microsoft rejected this thought. Epic perceived the issues of being held to the business destinations of a distributer, and started to move the organization again.

Memorable of Epic Games

Games as a Service and Tencent procurement (2012–2018)

Combined with their craving to move away from being obligated to a distributer, Epic Games saw that the computer game industry was moving to a games as an administration model (GaaS). Sweeney expressed “There was an expanding acknowledgment that the old model wasn’t working any longer and that the new model was looking progressively like the best approach to go.” In an endeavor to acquire GaaS experience, they made a concurrence with Chinese Tencent, who had a few games under their pennant (counting Riot Games’ League of Legends) working effectively as games as a service. In return for Tencent’s assistance, Tencent procured around 48.4% of Epic at that point issued share capital, comparing to 40% of complete Epic — comprehensive of both stock and representative investment opportunities, for $330 million in June 2012. Tencent Holdings has the privilege to assign chiefs to the leading body of Epic Games and subsequently considers a partner of the Group. However, Sweeney expressed that Tencent generally has next to no control on the innovative yield of Epic Games. Sweeney considered the incomplete procurement by Tencent as the beginning of “Epic 4.0”, the fourth real cycle of the organization, enabling the organization to be increasingly coordinated in the gaming marketplace.

Around this point, Epic had around 200 employees. Various prominent staff left the organization months after the Tencent arrangement was reported for different reasons. Some striking flights included:

  • Precipice Bleszinski, at that point the plan executive, reported he was leaving Epic Games in October 2012 following 20 years with the organization. His official reason was “It’s the ideal opportunity for a genuinely necessary break”. Bleszinski later expressed that he had progressed toward becoming “fatigued” about the gaming business in the number one spot up to Tencent’s contribution. After Tencent’s speculation, Bleszinski endeavored to renegotiate his agreement, however neglected to settle, making him consider retirement. He selected to quit coming into work, investing his energy at his shoreline house, in the end driving Sweeney to descend and show at least a bit of kindness to-heart talk with Bleszinski on the new bearing Epic was going, and requesting that he settle on a firm choice in regards to his promise to Epic. Bleszinski selected to compose his abdication letter the following day. After around two years, Bleszinski began Boss Key Productions in 2014.
  • President Mike Capps declared his retirement in December 2013, and refered to the reasons as the landing of an infant kid he was having with his significant other and his arrangements to be a stay-at-home dad. He in this way reported his takeoff of his warning job just as his association with the organization in March 2013.
  • Pole Fergusson, who had been a lead engineer for the Gears of War arrangement, left Epic in August 2012. Fergusson expressed that he had seen the heading that the Tencent obtaining would have taken the organization, and was not intrigued by the allowed to-play style of games yet rather needed to keep building up an “AAA, huge account, issue on everyone’s mind, huge effect game”. Fergusson quickly joined Irrational Games, possessed by 2K Games, to help total BioShock Infinite. While there, Fergusson conversed with 2K about possibly proceeding with the Gears of War arrangement, prompting talks between 2K Games, Epic, and Microsoft. Thus, Microsoft gained the rights to Gears of War on January 27, 2014, in the long run alloted those to Microsoft Game Studios; Fergusson moved to Black Tusk Studios, claimed by Microsoft Game Studios, to take on lead improvement for another Gears title, with the studio being rebranded as The Coalition. The primary game since the securing, Gears of War 4, was discharged in October 2016.
  • Adrian Chmielarz, the organizer of People Can Fly and who joined Epic when his studio was obtained before in 2012, chose to leave after Tencent’s procurement, expressing that he and other previous People Can Fly individuals did not accept the allowed to-play, games as an administration heading fit their very own vision or bearing they needed to go. Chmielarz and these others left Epic in late 2012 to frame The Astronauts.
  • Lee Perry, a lead originator on both Unreal and Gears of War arrangement, who felt that Epic has begun to become too huge to even think about maintaining a job as a whimsical game engineer. Combined with the studio’s requirement for greater administration to help the games as an administration model, Perry felt that their innovative opportunity would wind up constrained. He and five other senior individuals left Epic to shape another studio, Bitmonster.

Epic proceeded on its objective to convey games as an administration following these takeoffs. Fortnite was to fill in as their testbed for living games, however with the movements in staff, just as moving its motor from Unreal Engine 3 to 4, its discharge endured some difficulty. Epic began extra extends; the allowed to-play and network created Unreal Tournament, first declared in 2014, and the allowed to-play multiplayer online fight field game Paragon, propelled in 2016 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. Epic additionally discharged a remastered form of Shadow Complex for more current consoles and PCs in 2015, and their first raid into augmented reality with the arrival of Robo Recall for the Oculus Rift.

The venture mixture from Tencent enabled Epic Games to relicense the Unreal Engine 4 motor in March 2015 to be free for all clients to create with, with Epic taking 5% sovereignties on games created with the engine.

In June 2015, Epic consented to permit Epic Games Poland leave the organization and sold its offers in the studio; the studio returned to their previous name, People Can Fly. The Bulletstorm IP was held by People Can Fly who has since propelled a remastered variant called Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition on April 7, 2017, distributed by Gearbox Software.

Memorable of Epic Games

Fortnite achievement (2018–present)

By July 2017, Fortnite was at last in a state for open play. Epic propelled the title through a paid early get to at that point, with a full allowed to-play discharge expected in 2018. Following on the prominence of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a fight royale game discharged before in 2017, Epic built up a variation of Fortnite called Fortnite Battle Royale, which was discharged in September 2017 as an allowed to-play title crosswise over PC, support, and portable stages. Fortnite Battle Royale immediately increased a group of people, storing up more than 125 million players by May 2018 with appraisals of having earned over US$1 billion by July 2018 through microtransactions, including its fight pass framework. Epic Games, which had been esteemed at around US$825 million at the hour of Tencent’s securing, was evaluated to be worth US$4.5 billion in July 2018 due to Fortnite Battle Royale, and expected to outperform US$8.5 billion before the part of the arrangement anticipated development of the game. Player check kept on extending when Epic kicked off something new by persuading Sony to change its position on cross-stage play enabling players on any gadget to contend with one another in Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnite has moved about 250 million players as of March 2019.

Fornite’s business achievement empowered Epic to roll out a few improvements to its other item contributions. In July 2018, it diminished the 30% income cut that it took for resources sold on the Unreal Engine Marketplace from 30% to 12%. Epic propelled the Epic Games Store advanced customer facing facade to contend with administrations like Steam and, not just taking just a 12% slice of income contrasted with the business standard of 30%, yet in addition disposed of the 5% cut for games utilizing the Unreal motor sold by means of the storefront. However the organization additionally refocused its improvement endeavors to give more help to Unreal and Fortnite by completion support for Paragon[61] and Unreal Tournament.

Memorable of Epic Games

The monetary accomplishment of Fortnite brought extra speculation into Epic Games. Epic Games was one of eleven organizations chosen to be a piece of the Disney Accelerator program in 2017, giving Epic value speculation and access to a portion of Disney’s officials, and potential chance to work with Disney later on. Disney had chosen both Epic and aXiomatic as potential leads in the developing esports arena. Epic reported in October 2018 that it had obtained US$1.25 billion in speculation from seven firms: KKR, ICONIQ Capital, Smash Ventures, aXiomatic, Vulcan Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and Lightspeed Venture Partners. The organizations join Tencent, Disney, and Endeavor as minority investors in Epic, which is as yet constrained by Sweeney. With the speculation, Epic Games was assessed to have an about US$15 billion valuation in October 2018.

Other than extending support for Fortnite and the Epic Games Store, these speculations enabled Epic to obtain extra firms. In January 2018, it was declared that Epic had procured Cloudgine, an engineer of cloud-based gaming software. The organization likewise reported the securing of Kamu, a firm that offered enemy of cheat programming, in October 2018. A year later, in January 2019, Epic gained 3Lateral and Agog Labs. 3Lateral is known for its “computerized human” manifestations, utilizing a blend of advanced innovation, movement catch, and different devices to make photograph practical human subjects progressively. Epic intends to add a portion of 3Lateral’s highlights to the Unreal Engine. Agog had created SkookumScript, a stage for scripting occasions in computer games; on declaration of this securing, Agog expressed they will stop improvement of SkookumScript to work more on Unreal Engine scripting support.

Memorable of Epic Games

Epic’s has utilized its fortune to help its items. In January 2019, after a contest among Improbable and Unity Technologies over changes to the worthy employments of the Unity game motor, Epic declared it was cooperating with Improbable to dispatch a US$25 million store to help bring designers they accept influenced by these progressions towards arrangements that are increasingly open and would have less administration compatibilities. Epic propelled a US$100 million prize pool in February 2019 for Fortnite-related esports exercises that it intends to keep running from 2019 onward. To extend its esports activities, Epic Games procured Nate Nanzer from Blizzard Entertainment and their chief of the Overwatch League in May 2019. At the 2019 Game Developers Conference, Epic reported it was propelling a US$100 million MegaGrants activity, enabling anybody to apply for up to US$500,000 in financing to help game advancement utilizing the Unreal Engine or for any venture, regardless of whether not legitimately games-related, that would profit the Unreal Engine. One of the main major subsidized elements under this was the Blender Foundation in July 2019, having gotten US$1.2 million from the MegaGrants financing, to assist them with improving and professionalize their Blender devices for 3D craftsmanship creation.

Memorable of Epic Games

Epic procured Psyonix, the engineer of Rocket League, in May 2019. Epic and Psyonix have had a previous history, as Psyonix was initially established a couple of miles from Epic’s central station and had helped bolster Epic’s Unreal Tournament. Epic procured the Twinmotion perception apparatus utilized in structural structure in May 2019 from Abvent, and which they intend to extend and consolidate into their Unreal Engine offerings.

Epic Games was given the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Special Award in June 2019 for its past and proceeding with advancements for the Unreal Engine.


Video games

Epic Games is referred to for games, for example, ZZT created by organizer Tim Sweeney, different shareware titles including Jazz Jackrabbit and Epic Pinball, the Unreal computer game arrangement, which is utilized as a grandstand for its Unreal Engine, the Gears of War arrangement which is presently claimed by The Coalition and Microsoft Game Studios, Infinity Blade, Shadow Complex, Bulletstorm, and Fortnite.

Incredible Engine

Epic is the owner of four fruitful game motors in the computer game industry. Each Unreal Engine has a total list of capabilities of graphical rendering, sound preparing, and material science that can be generally adjusted to fit the particular needs of a game engineer that does not have any desire to code its own motor without any preparation. The four motors Epic has made are the Unreal Engine 1, Unreal Engine 2 (counting its 2.5 and 2.X discharges), Unreal Engine 3, and Unreal Engine 4. Epic additionally offers help to the Unreal commercial center, a computerized retail facade for makers to offer Unreal resources for different engineers.

Memorable of Epic Games

Epic Games Store

Epic reported its very own Epic Games Store, an open computerized customer facing facade for games, on December 4, 2018, which propelled a couple of days after the fact with The Game Awards 2018 introduction. Contrasting from Valve’s Steam customer facing facade, which takes 30% of incomes (30/70 income sharing understanding) from the closeout of a game, the Epic Game Store will take 12%, just as previous the 5% for games created in the Unreal Engine, envisioning that these lower income sharing understandings will attract designers to it.

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