Coolmath Games Never Shut Down

CoolMath Games

Coolmath Games is an online web portal that serves as a platform for Flash and HTML web browser games. Coolmath Games first went online in 1997. The site hosts only games that they believe are non-violent and educational.

Arumor that Coolmath Games, a go-to site for stimulation by school-matured children over the United States, is closing down fanned out quickly this week.

The site has for quite some time been a most loved among basic understudies as it gives a sheltered spot where they can get to instructive games and amusement both all through school.

Coolmath Games Never Shut Down

With a large number of clients from around the globe, fans are upset at the possibility of the site closing down. The worry is so serious, indeed, that an appeal has been begun on in order to stop the shutdown.

So far the request has accumulated in excess of 600,000 marks and is increasing all the more consistently.

So how precisely did the talk begin? Is Cool-math Games truly in threat of closing down ?

It is hazy when the gossip began, however the main dialogs on Reddit and around the web showed up around June 1. Publications have refered to February 16, 2020 as the date the site will supposedly close down.

The reason given for the shut down is that Adobe will be ceasing support for Flash in 2020.

Adobe has empowered the individuals who utilize Flash on their sites to start changing over to other more up to date configurations, for example, HTML5.

Numerous well known programs, for example, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari have just been blocking Flash as a matter of course, yet in 2020 all help will authoritatively end.

Coolmath Games Never Shut Down

In spite of the fact that some of Coolmath Games contributions are as yet utilizing Flash, there are various games that have just been changed over to HTML 5.

Furthermore, the site has made no notice of a future shutdown or ceasing support for its library of games.

Newsweek contacted in regards to the eventual fate of the site. A representative for the organization affirmed that the site isn’t closing down.

“We’ve seen that talk flying around as of late, however, there’s no fact to it,” said Chief Product Officer, Miles Kronby. “We’ve been completely centered around HTML5 Coolmath Games throughout recent years.

We’ve likewise changed over an enormous number of our more seasoned Flash games to HTML5, so individuals can continue playing them.”

Coolmath Games began in 1997 and has extended its offering over an assortment of website pages including, and

Each site centers around offering diverse instructive assets, for example, cerebrum preparing, rationale riddles and realities audit games just as instructional exercises and aides for learning propelled math subjects in variable based math, pre-analytics and then some.

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Coolmath Games list:

1 Push- HTML5 – Logic
10×10- Strategy – HTML5
2048- Number – Logic – Strategy – Home – Number – HTML5
2048: Fibonacci- HTML5
3 Pandas- Logic
3 Pandas in Brazil- Logic
3 Pandas in Fantasy- Logic
3 Pandas: Night- Logic
31- Strategy – HTML5 – Number – Classic
4 in a Row- HTML5 – Classic – Strategy – Strategy
40xEscape- Logic
5 Similarities
5 Step Steve- HTML5 – Logic
5xMan- Home – Skill – Strategy
60 Second Burger Run- Skill – Memory – HTML5
60 Second Santa Run
8 Ball Pool- Home – HTML5 – Skill
99 Balls- Skill – HTML5 – Aiming
A Blocky Christmas
A Bonte Christmas
A Lonely Alpaca- Logic – HTML5
A Pirate and His Crates- HTML5 – Logic
A Sliding Thing- HTML5 – Logic
A Stroll in Space- Logic – Logic
A Walk in the Night- Logic – HTML5
Abandoned- Logic – Logic – HTML5
Abandoned 2: The Forest- Logic – HTML5
Abducktion- Science
Above Average Guy- Logic
Adventure Tom- HTML5 – Logic
Age of Wonder- Logic – Skill
Age of Wonder: The Lost Scrolls- Skill – Logic
Alarmy- Logic – HTML5
Alfi- Logic – HTML5
Alien Thief- Logic – Skill
Alien Transporter- Skill
Aliens Hurry Home
Aliens Hurry Home 2- Logic
Amidst the Sky- HTML5 – Skill
Amigo Coyote- Logic
Amigo Coyote 2: New York Party- Logic
Amigo Coyote 3- Logic
Amigo Coyote 4- Logic
Amigo Coyote 5- Logic
Amigo Coyote 6- Logic
Animail- Skill – HTML5
Animal Raceway
Animation Puzzle
Another Gentleman’s Adventure- HTML5 – Skill – Logic
Another Perspective- HTML5 – Logic
Antiban- HTML5 – Logic
Apple Worm- Logic – Logic – Home
Aquatic Rescue
Arcade Golf Neon- HTML5 – Skill
Arcandies- HTML5 – Logic
Archery World Tour- Home – Skill – HTML5
Arithmetic Game
Arrow Station- Skill – HTML5
Arrozoid- HTML5 – Skill
Ascend- HTML5 – Skill
Astroballz- Skill – HTML5
Atomic Puzzle 2
Aurie- HTML5 – Logic
Aurie+- Home – Logic – HTML5
Awesome Pirates- Skill
Awesome Planes- Skill
Awesome Tanks- Home – Skill – Strategy – Skill
Awesome Tanks 2- Home – Skill – Strategy
Ayo the Hero- Skill
Aztec Escape- Logic – HTML5
B Side- Logic – Number
B-Cubed- Logic – Home
Backgammon- Classic – HTML5
Ball in a Labyrinth
Ball Lines
Ballooner LP
Basket and Ball- Home – Skill – HTML5
Basketball Master 2- Home – Logic – HTML5 – Skill
Battle Fish- HTML5
Battlecoast- Skill – HTML5
Beach Reversi
Beach Soccer- Home – HTML5 – Skill
Bear on a Scooter- Skill – HTML5
BearBoy and the Cursor
Beastie Blocks- HTML5 – Strategy
Beaver Blocks
Beavus- Skill
Bee Honey
Big Blocks Battle
Big Ice Tower Tiny Square- Skill – HTML5
Big Time Butter Baron- Strategy
Big Tower Tiny Square- Skill – HTML5
Big Wash- Logic
Black- Logic – HTML5 – Logic
Black and White- HTML5 – Skill
Black vs. Blue- HTML5 – Logic – Logic
Blacksmith Lab- Number – Home
Blast the Mooks
BLcGR- Logic
Blightborne- HTML5 – Skill
Blob Thrower
Blob’s Story
Block Shift- Logic – HTML5
Block Shooter Frenzy- Skill
Block the Pig- Logic – Strategy – Home – Logic – HTML5
Block Toggle- HTML5 – Skill
Block Turns
Blockon- HTML5 – Logic
Blockoomz 2- Logic
Blocks 2- Logic
Blocky’s Escape- Logic
BLOCnog- Logic
Bloom Defender- Strategy
Bloons Pop 3
Bloons Tower Defense 3- Number – Home
Bloopers 2
Blops Plops- HTML5
Blosics 2- Logic – Skill – Strategy – Skill
Blosics 2 Level Pack- Logic – Skill – Strategy
Blosics 3- Logic – Skill – Strategy – Strategy
Bloxcalibur- Skill – HTML5
Bloxorz- Strategy – Logic – Home
Blue- Logic – HTML5
Blue Blox 2- HTML5
Blue Box- Logic – HTML5
Blue Turn- HTML5
BLYM- Skill
Bob the Robber- Home – Skill
Bob the Robber To Go- HTML5
Bolderline- Strategy
Bomb Runner- Skill
Bond Breaker- Skill – HTML5
Boo!- Logic – HTML5
Botiada- Logic
Bots Boom Bang- HTML5
Bounce Floor- Logic – HTML5
Bouncing Balls- Strategy – Skill – Home
Boxed- HTML5
Boxed 2- HTML5 – Logic
BRDG- HTML5 – Logic
Brick Breaker- HTML5 – Skill
Bricks Breaking- Strategy
Bricks Breaking 2
Bricks Breaking Hex
Bridge Crossing
Broken TV- HTML5 – Logic
Brother Bolha- HTML5 – Skill
Bubble Friends
Bubble Pop Adventures- HTML5 – Skill
Bubble Tanks Tower Defense
Build the Bridge- Logic – Strategy
Building Blocks
Building Demolisher- Logic – Logic – Strategy – Strategy – Home
Building Rush- Number
Building Rush 2- Number – Strategy
Bull Blast
Bump Bump Bump- Logic – HTML5 – Logic
Bunny Hop- HTML5 – Skill
Bunny Run- HTML5
Burrito Bison- Home – Skill – Number
Cactu-Sama- Logic – HTML5
Cactu-Sama 2- HTML5 – Logic
Calculate This!- Number – HTML5
Candy Jump- Home – HTML5 – Skill
Candy Pool- Skill – HTML5
Candy Ride- Logic – Skill
Candy Ride 2- Skill
Candy Word- Strategy – HTML5
Candy Wrapper- HTML5 – Skill
Cannon- Skill – HTML5
Cannon Basketball- Home – Skill – Logic – Logic – HTML5
Cannon Basketball 2- Home – Skill – Logic – HTML5
Cannon Basketball 3- Skill – Logic – Home – HTML5
Cannon Basketball 4- HTML5 – Skill – Logic
Captain Blox: Lost Coins- Skill
Car Ferry- Logic
Cargo Bridge
Cargo Bridge 2- Strategy
Cargo Bridge Xmas Level Pack
Carrot Crave
Carrot Quest- Logic – HTML5
Castle Defense
Castle Defense Upgraded
Cat Around Africa- Logic – Strategy
Cat Around Asia
Cat Around Europe
Cat Around the World
Cat in Japan- Logic
Cat Shmat
Catch the Candy- Skill – Logic – Logic – Home
Catch the Candy Halloween- Logic – Skill
Catch the Candy Mech- Logic – Skill – Home – HTML5
Catch the Candy Xmas- Skill – Logic
Caterpillar Crossing- Logic – HTML5
Cave Family- Logic
Chain Sums- Logic – HTML5 – Number
Chainy Chisai Medieval
Chalky 2
Checkers- Classic – Strategy – Home – HTML5
Cheese Quest- HTML5
Cheese Route- HTML5 – Logic
Chef Slash- HTML5
Chess- Classic – Strategy – Strategy – Home
Chinese Checkers- Classic
Chinese New Year Mahjong- Classic
Chip Family- HTML5 – Logic
Choppy Orc- Skill – Logic – HTML5
Christmas Cat
Christmas Friends
Christmas Pop
Chronotron- Logic – Strategy
Circle Flow- HTML5
CircloO- Skill – Logic – Skill – HTML5 – Home
CircloO 2- HTML5 – Skill – Logic
Circuit- Logic – Abstract Puzzles – HTML5
Cities of Babylon- HTML5 – Logic
Civiballs- Strategy – Logic – Home
Civiballs 2- Strategy – Logic
Civiballs: Christmas Edition
Classic Mahjongg- Classic
Clear and Present Santa
Click Battle Madness- Strategy
Click the Bolt
Clicker Heroes- Strategy – Home
Clickplay Time- Logic
Clickplay Time 2- Logic
Clickplay Time 3- Logic
Clickplay Time 4- Logic
Clickplay Time 5- Logic
Clover Flower
Clueless Crossword
Coco Monkey- HTML5 – Logic – Skill
Coffee Mahjong- Classic
Coffee Shop
Coin Weighting
Colliderix Level Pack- Logic
Color 21- Number
Color Balls
Color Joy- Logic
Color Joy 2- Logic
Color Memory- HTML5
Color Move 2- HTML5 – Logic
Color Trap
Color World
Color World Origins
Colorballs- Logic
Colorful Penguins
Coloruid- Logic – HTML5
Coloruid 2- Logic – HTML5
Colorush- Logic – HTML5
Colour Rush- Skill – HTML5
Combo Crusader- HTML5
Completed Paths- Logic – HTML5
Compulse- Logic
Conjugate- Skill – Memory – HTML5
Connect- HTML5 – Logic
Connect Me Factory
Connect the Dots- HTML5
Connect the Gems- HTML5 – Strategy
Connect the Roads- HTML5 – Logic
Construct It- Logic
Construction Fall- Skill
Cookie Chomp- HTML5
Cootie’s Life
Copter Rescue- Skill – HTML5
Copter Royale- Strategy – HTML5
Copycat- Strategy
Count Cubes
Count Downula- HTML5 – Logic
Crazy Digger- Skill – Strategy
Crazy Digger 2- Skill – Strategy
Crazy Digger 2 Level Pack
Crazy Eights- Home – HTML5 – Strategy – Classic
Crazy Taxi M-12- Skill – Number
Creepy Waka- Logic
Crest Breakout
Critter Cargo
Cross the Gap- Logic – HTML5
Crossy Cat- HTML5 – Skill
Cub n Pup- HTML5 – Logic
Cube Flip- Home – Logic – HTML5
Cube Mission- HTML5 – Skill
Cubeform- HTML5 – Skill
Cubes Frenzy- Logic
Cup of Tea Mahjong- Classic
Cut- Strategy – Logic
Cut the Buttons- HTML5 – Logic
Cyber Tank- HTML5 – Logic
Cyber Tank 2- HTML5 – Logic
Cyclop Physics
Cyclop Physics Level Pack- Logic

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